Does He Like Me? (For Middle School Girls)

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Do you like this guy, but you don't know if he likes you back? Or is someone giving you mixed signals and you're just curious?
Or do you think that someone you hate has a crush on you?
Or is it that you have a crush - even if you aren't sure - on a boy and you think he just likes you as a good friend?
Take this "Does He Like Me" Quiz to find out!
Disclaimer: this quiz may not be 100% accurate since I am not the boy you are taking this quiz on (I'm a girl ;) ).

  • 1
    Would you say that you are friends with this guy?
  • 2
    How often do you talk to him?
  • 3
    Follow-up question:
    Where does he look when he talks to you?

  • 4
    I know just about every "Does He Like Me" quiz has this question, but do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 5
    What does he do when you catch him staring?
  • 6
    When you talk, who starts the conversation?

  • 7
    Do you have his social media/number?
  • 8
    Do his friends like you (as a friend)?
  • 9
    Do his friends ever tease him about you two being together?
  • 10
    Do YOU like HIM?

  • 11
    Do you think HE likes YOU? (your feelings have a high chance fo being correct!)
  • 12
    Almost done!
    Does it seem he takes whatever chance he can get to sit/stand/be by you?
  • 13
    Does he ever tease you? (Ex. take your stuff, imitate you, etc.)
  • 14
    Here's a scenario:
    You walk into class and it hasn't started yet. He's talking to his friends right by where you sit. What does he do?
  • 15
    LAST QUESTION! In the previous situation, what would YOU do? (situation: You walk into class and it hasn't started yet. He's talking to his friends right by where you sit.)

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80 days ago
Yayyy Jack the Giant Stalker likes meeee!!!!! He kissed me in Westphalia before i was crowned and i know he likes meeeee!!!😁
142 days ago
It says he is confused about his feelings, which is highly possible bcs he's gay 💔 i miss him so much
242 days ago
He llooovvvesssssss mmeee
317 days ago
He doesn't like me😭😢
1099 days ago
Ash likes me!
It won’t let me post says needs to be nineteen characters long so I’m gonna write random stuff
1611 days ago
yaaay peter doesn’t like me lol i don’t like him either and it would be weird if he did