Does The Shy Guy Like You? **UPDATED** (for girls)

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Hey there! I’ve designed this test based off personal experience and will update it based off my experiences! Coming from a teenage girl currently crushing on a shy guy, I hope this test helps you determine whether or not your shy crush likes you 😉


Just a heads up before you take this quiz, if you haven’t talked to your crush yet/haven’t made any conversation, then this test isn’t designed for you...😢 Some questions on here require information on whether or not you’ve talked to him & how the conversations have went. I’m considering creating a quiz that can help the girls you haven’t talk to their crush yet so keep a look out 🤗

  • 1
    Do you ever see him staring at you & sneaking glances often? (Or has a friend ever told you that he’s staring at you?)
  • 2
    Have you ever noticed him get jealous when you talk to other guys (even if it’s a guy friend & he knows)?

    For example, you run into an old friend of yours (it’s a guy friend). You’re crush see’s you two talking & catching up. Does he get jealous? (He’ll probably either stare at you guys and watch, he won’t be happy, you’ll just tell lol or he’ll just leave the situation)
  • 3
    Does he ever try to get your attention, try to impress you or start a conversation (even if you guys are walking past each other & he says “hey” or “what’s up?”)

  • 4
    I know this may be a little strange, but does he ever “ignore” you or not talk to you?
    (Like not all the time, only occasionally)

    This could mean he’s shy and doesn’t know what to say. If he is still around you, then he isn’t avoiding you, he’s probably just worried that he’ll say the wrong thing.
  • 5
    When you guys are talking, does he ever tease you?
  • 6
    Have you told his friends/people he knows that you like him? What was their response? What do they do?

  • 7
    Has he ever given you a compliment?
  • 8
    I know this one only happens in certain situations, but has he started wearing cologne or dressed nice when he knows he’ll see you?

    (My crush started wearing cologne and fixing his hair)
  • 9
    Simple question, but it matters:

    When you guys talk, how does it go? Who initiates the conversations?
  • 10
    When your crush sees you (like when you walk into a room he’s already in) what does he do?

  • 11
    Have you noticed your crush coping you? For example, he see’s you doing something new (let’s say you both play the same sport and you start working on a new drill) then a few days later, you see him doing the same thing!

    (But make sure you know he’s coping it from you, not someone else lol)
  • 12
    Does he ever just smile at you or when your talking, does he smile at you & his eyes light up? (Aka he seems genuinely excited to see you/talk to you)

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115 days ago
So I like this boy named Mack. He has been my friend for a while and we always bowl together or I’d come over to him and watch him bowl. He’s very friendly and he’d smile and wave when he sees me. I am going to talk with him and maybe show him some signs that I like him when I see him on Friday because that is when I am going to see him next.

The problem is that I am shy when it comes to love, however, I am not a shy person😂

I am going to come out of my shell on Friday though, I believe that I can do it!
1120 days ago
Hey @Firebreath! That’s so cool! I’ll try it out right now! Lol 😂 Thanks for sharing!!

1143 days ago
Hey @countrygirl!! I’m so sorry for the delay! But I can say pretty confidently that this boy definitely likes you. He shows all the signs and I can tell just by what you wrote that he likes hanging out with you. I say if you feel the same then go for it! I hope everything works out & once again I’m super sorry for my absence!

Xoxo, Lexi ❤️
1229 days ago
(sorry this'll be long)Hey guys, I commented a while ago hope you don't mind me coming back here and chatting.
The move was good. I seem to be settling in to my new school pretty well. My room is still full of unpacked boxes. Anyways, there's this dude in my class, Kaleb. He seems like he likes me. (Which is weird cause I've only been at this school 5 days. He keeps staring at me, showing off, and seems to always be in the same place as me. We only have gym class together cause he's in a different home room. We've been doing track and field in gym. I'm the fastest girl in my class. I've only ever gotten first when I did races with girls and when I did a 200 metre race with boys I got second to a really fast guy named Owen. I also did 60 metre with boys. The first 60 I did I got third to Owen and then Kaleb and on my second 60 I got second to Kaleb. When I did my first race with Kaleb we were standing near each other at the starting point and when he noticed I was there he said "oh no, I'm so gonna lose." I smiled and shrugged. When we got to the end and I had third and he got second (we were really close to being tied) he said that I was really fast. I was standing behind him when we were lining up to go inside and even though he was talking to his friends he kept looking at me, and right in my eyes. Even when I was standing by my locker he went up to his friend Luke (who's locker is right by mine) Kaleb said, "look at our handshake!" I looked over and he just high fived Luke. I chuckled and looked back towards my locker. I herd smacking and looked back to see them doing a very intercit handshake. He smirked. I was reading a book and it had a list of like, 95 ways to tell if someone likes you. One of the important signs was if their friend seems to be looking at you or seeming to be "checking you out" Luke has been looking at me a lot in class and talking to me every once and a while. I call Kaleb unicorn because the first time I met him/raced him he had the front if his hair in an elastic so it looked like he was a unicorn. He laughes and blushes whenever I call him that. On Wednesday I raced Kaleb like, 3 times 1 on 1 for 60 metres to try and beat him. I haven't yet. I keep telling him "I'm gonna beat you! I know it!" We were walking back from gym class together and he said"so what happened to beating me eh?!" and laughed(in a nice way) I just laughed back and said," it's gotta happen eventually!" then he smiled a lot. What's your guy's opinion on the situation? Thanks in advance. ❤️

PS you know how I call him unicorn? Well I also call him narwhal sometimes. We were doing long jump together and he was right before me. He ran down the track but when he got to the sand pit (as a joke) he jumped, flopped around in mid air and just bellyflopped in the sand it was hilarious. When I went right after him I was running by and yelled, "forget unicorn you're a narwhal now!" and we both laughed.
1237 days ago

Hey there! I’d be happy to help you 😁 The information you provided is a little vague, so if you could explain more about your relationship with this boy & some things he does (like his body language) that would be great! I don’t want to determine whether or not this guy likes you based on this information and be wrong, that would😘😓 For example, tell me what you guys talk about & how he acts around you...these are key things to look at to determine if someone likes you or not. I’ll wait for your reply! ❤️

Xoxo Lexi
1240 days ago
someone help me!!!! plz it says that he likes me but idk...I really want to ask him out but im shy and scared that he dissent like me back...he seems she around girls but idk really. if he liked me wouldn't he just ask me? plz plz plz some one give me some advice. ill tell u more bout him. ok so he is in one of my classes and we talk a good amount. we don't really talk outside of class tho. mostly bc each chance I get I tense up and don't say anything(or say something stupid) anyways I really really like him and want him to like me back. someone plz help. =C
1240 days ago

Yesssss! Love those songs lol I’m a huge fan of Britt! ❤️

1246 days ago
#songsaboutmycrush I've got two Christian song that remind me of him: "Gold" by Britt Nicole; and "Hold us Together" by Matt Maher.
1250 days ago

Yay! Congrats! Hope it goes well for you guys! 😁❤️

XOXO Lexi ❤️
1251 days ago
I lOvE a BoY nAmEd LeVi He LiKeS mE bAcK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1251 days ago
You’re very welcome! 😁❤️
1252 days ago
ok, tysm for the advice!
1252 days ago
Hey all!

I wanted to give you some signs that a shy guy would give off if he’s interested in you! Hope these help you!

1. He stares & glances at you often - Shy guys often are scared to walk up and start having a conversation with you because they don’t want to say the wrong thing. If you ever catch him staring at you (and he does it often) that is a pretty sure fire sign that he likes you. What I like to remember is, if a guy isn’t into you, they aren’t going to pay any attention to you, so if you see a guy (constantly) looking at you, it probably means you’re on his mind and he likes you!

2. HE’S NOT AVOIDING YOU!!! - Okay, that was a little strong lol But seriously, I know you could be stressed that he isn’t talking to you, but if he is still getting around you and being in the same area as you, he definitely isn’t avoiding you, he’s just shy! I’ve noticed my crush comes around me a lot and does some things with me, but doesn’t always talk. If he wanted to avoid me, he wouldn’t even come around me! See? Lol

3. He says little things to make you laugh - *blushes* This one happens to me often lol Most guys in general like making their crush laugh & smile. So, with that said, if he likes you, he will definitely make an effort to make you laugh. Most of the time, my crush is actually funny but if he seems nervous, and you can tell he’s trying, just give him a little smile/laugh. It’ll make him feel good :) Guys, especially shy ones, can get stressed with a girl they like, so try to ease their mind a little lol

I hope these tips help you! If you have any other questions and recommendations, please let me know! Thanks to everyone for taking my quiz and commenting! ❤️❤️

XOXO Lexi ❤️
1252 days ago
Hey @someone!

To me, it sounds like this guy does like you! Yay! 😁 I can see how this is a tough situation though. I think that if he asks you out, you should say yes. In my opinion, true friends would ask if it’s ok to date someone they know you like, since you said she wouldn’t do that, I’m not too sure that she is a true friend. In her defense though, I don’t personally know her & I'm not in your situation, but I say if he asks you out, say yes.

I hope everything goes well for you! Please ask if you have any more questions 🤗

XOXO Lexi ❤️
1253 days ago
ok, i need some advice
i have a crush on this guy, let's call him c. idk if he likes me or not. i have 2 classes with him, 1st period and 5th period. in 1st period, he always asks me to help him with his homework and to compare answers with him. idk why he does that, he's super smart and he normally always gets the right answer. once, when we were transferring from 4th period to 5th period (our 4th period classes are right next to each other) he chased me from 4th to 5th and when he caught up to me he hugged me from behind. when we sat next to each other in 5th, his arm would always be on my desk, brushing up against mine. sometimes i would get annoyed at him and i would move my desk away from mine, he would use his long legs to pull my desk back towards him and then he'd lean on me. the thing is, one of my closest friends also has a crush on him. if he likes me and asks me out, idk what to do. i don't want to ruin my friendship with her, and i don't want to say no to him if he even asks me out. do y'all think he likes me and if he asks me out, what should i say? (btw i know my friend would say yes to him if he asked her out and she wouldn't ask me if she could date him)
1254 days ago
Thanks for commenting everyone! Good choices for your songs! If you guys have any questions about your crush please let me know & I’ll try to help! Glad you guys are enjoying the quiz!

XOXO Lexi ❤️
1255 days ago
“i hate u i love u” by gnash and olivia o’brien
1255 days ago
Whoops! I accidentally pressed add comment. Anyways
3. This song is literally called Crush it's by Madeline Merlo. This song unlike the others is perfect. It's about two teens who like each other but are unsure about their relationship. It's also a really fun song to sing.
1255 days ago
I took this quiz because almost all the other ones I took were hard to answer and my crush is kinda shy. (not really but a little bit.) I got,

"Ooohhh, this guy may have some eyes for you lol 😂 It’s a little unclear, but he could just be super shy too. Based on this test though, there’s definitely a chance he likes you! Always remember to be yourself! ❤️"

I actually have three songs that would describe us. All for different reasons.(hope that's ok)
1. Breathe by Taylor Swift. This is one of her earlier country songs. It's really good. Technically it is about two lovers who just broke up but I really focused on the chorus and the second verse. The verse says, Music starts playing like the end of a sad movie, It's the kind of ending you don't really want to see, Cause its tragedy and it'll only bring you down, Now I don't know what to be without you around. This is significant because I'm moving very soon.It shows that I'll never see him again and I can't change that. The chorus(I'm really into music(playing and listening)) says, And i can't breathe without you but I have to, breathe without you but I have

2. Teardrops on my guitar (yup another country song by Taylor Swift) Again this isn't exactly like my relationship with my crush but it has many factors of it. Technically it's about a girl who likes this guy and they are friends, the guy starts dating another girl and then boom this song was written. 😂 The guy I like isn't dating anyone and we're technically not "friends" but we don't hate each other and we talk sometimes an laugh together.At the start of each chorus they have written something the guy did and then what the girl fealt. For example, Drew looks at me I fake a smile so he won't see, Drew talks to me I laugh cause he's so dang funny, Drew walks by me can he tell that I can't breathe
1255 days ago
I got "Ooohhh, this guy may have some eyes for you lol 😂 It’s a little unclear, but he could just be super shy too. Based on this test though, there’s definitely a chance he likes you! Always remember to be yourself! ❤️"
Cool!! I guess I mean I don't really think he likes me but this is a good quiz!! Ty!!
The song that reminds me of my crush is probably "Watch" by Billie Eillish. It was hard for me to pick a song cuz not a lot of songs relate to a 13 year old, lol!! It's just some of the lyrics like "if we were meant to be, we would have been by now. See what you wanna see but all I see is him right now!!" 😢 oof I'm forever alone!