Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Surprisingly Accurate Quiz!)

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Here is an uncannily accurate test to see if your crush feels the same about you. (Suitable for teenagers ages 12-17.)

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    Let’s start simple: Are you friends/close?

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36 days ago
This is a accurate test I did this to see what I got because I have a girlfriend...and it said I should Definatly ask them whatever you got is probably true
45 days ago
it says that he might like me but I'm not sure we know each other from school but my friend introduced us I'm not sure but can the mixed signs be good?
50 days ago
"Yes, I’m pretty sure he does. Maybe he’s too shy to confess, or he’s not sure if you feel the same. Keep on doing what you’re doing and he may get the hint. You might even have to ask him out yourself!"

To be honest I was expecting that, cause I got him complementing me lots of times and I had that feeling and this result cheered me up. I just wish we were closer friends and lived closer... That's all.
59 days ago
@anonymous bestieeee I got the same
60 days ago
So umm... he said no. His best friend took my phone and texted him and saied "i like u" and he said no lol. What i learned is 2 things 1. if you have to take a quiz then he probably doesn't like you😂 and 2. the best way to take rejection is simple, just face it. You can't change it. Also, thank him. remember this "if 99% of people think you aren't attractive, that means 70,000,000 people do"
64 days ago
“ I think he might! He’s definitely got you in his thoughts. He’s also probably trying to get his head around the fact he might have a crush on you too. Keep on being you girl, and in no time, he’ll be realising he likes you too!”

Fr it literally might be true bc let’s call him D. So D has been recently been acting a lil weird for himself. Whenever I pass by he does this face:☺️+😟
And his friends are always trying to tell me smth when I’m near and he tells them to 🚔. And I confessed 2 1/2 months prior(September 23). I rlly hope it’s true!
68 days ago
Ok so this guy, let's call him... jake. So jake is sending me so many mixed signals but I have liked him for 4 weeks now. he always smiles at me and texts me a lot but sometimes he doesn't reply to me. One time, jake bent over the back of his chair and smiled at me and bopped me in the forehead. He also saves my pictures. HOWEVER, sometimes he barely talks to me, and I asked his friends if he liked me and his friend... ken... said "I don't think so," but the friends' brother.... jack...was telling me that ken said at the mall "Jake and Lyla have a fat crush on each other," but I'm so stuck because i have asked everyone including him but he said he didn't like super-fast and awkwardly and my friends keep telling me he is lying, and I am back to square 1. I even overheard him, and his friends playing the classic stupid smash or pass and one of his friends asked him about me and he said maybe then ignored the question. I'm trying to decide if i should ask him out or if he even likes me ;) Help!

reply if you know what i should do! If i ask him out I will make sure to update this!
77 days ago
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88 days ago
I got Hmm, he may like you, but he may just be a nice person who finds you a close friend... maybe if you drop a few hints, he might get the message. He might also be in denial of his feelings, and if that’s the case, show him what he’s missing! Good luck girl! :>
94 days ago

thanks so much for your advice, not sure if he actually likes someone or not, but I think I may be close to finding out :) thanks again!
94 days ago

Maybe you should confirm that he likes someone else, maybe get him to open up to you. Or maybe get a friend to ask him. If he does like that person maybe he either did like you at one point or likes you as well, but chances are if he really does like someone else he might not like you :(
If he does like someone else I would say wait a while until he's over them or something like that, make a move when he's not on somebody else.
101 days ago
@Anonymous Girl

IM LITERALLY IN THE SAME POSITION AS YOU. we just started texting like a week ago but ive liked him for maybe 4 months now. only 4 of my friends and my sister knows. hes a really great guy and we've had really great conversations like every question I have he puts back to me and hes even asked me a few questions. we've talked face to face before multiple times in the last 3 weeks too, and we've really bonded over sport and general school stuff because he's in my class. we share the same opinions on a lot of things and i even got moved next to him once because i was talking LMAO. but the thing is, there was a rumour going around for the last few days about him liking one of my other friends (when i heard i was SO SAD) so i dont know what to do!!!!!???? because i really think hes a great guy and theres a chance HE MIGHT LIKE ME because weve been texting for the past week. but i dont know if i should continue being his friend if he likes someone else!? send help
104 days ago
No problem! That is kinda weird if some say he does know and he hasn't said anything yet. Maybe he's just waiting for the right moment?
107 days ago
Hey Help?
Thank you so much for your advice! Yeah I feel like he may like me but not too sure if he does. But if he did tell his friends he likes me and his friends know I like him too (almost our whole grade knows T_T) then why hasn't his friends told me? I have tried asking his friends if my crush likes me but I can't trust them. They said he might but I'm not too sure if they are telling the truth or not. Even though I can't date yet, I don't think we will be able to be friends because we have never talked to each other and I am so nervous around him. A few people have told me that he knows I like him and I think he does know. So if he knows then why isn't he telling me that he likes me too if he did. So maybe he doesn't?
Anyways thanks alot for your help! :D
107 days ago
Hope that helped :)
107 days ago
Ok Anonymous Girl, what I would say to do is 1. of what you say he seems like he likes you bc especially if he smiled when one of his friends said that he loved you. He probably told his friend and they were trying to ship you! I'm on the same page with you I'm not allowed to date either but what I would do is eventually ask him or get a friend to find out if he likes you and maybe when both of you are allowed to date do. You guys can both still like flirt and like each other and both know just be "friends" until you are allowed to date.
108 days ago
What the quiz said: I think he might! He’s definitely got you in his thoughts. He’s also probably trying to get his head around the fact he might have a crush on you too. Keep on being you girl, and in no time, he’ll be realizing he likes you too!

I think he may like me but I also think maybe not. He's given mixed signals so it is quite confusing. His friends know I like him and have tried helping me but I'm not sure if I trust them. My crush has been looking at me a few times but I'm not sure if its because he knows I like him or just because he likes me too. I'm pretty sure he does know I like him though because he has always caught me staring at him. Alot of people know I like him and some people have even shipped us together. I'm sure someone must have told him if he didn't figure it out himself.

There was a time recently where one of his friends yelled in the school bus that he loves me and then my crush started smiling and saying 'stop'. He didn't say 'no' or 'thats a lie'. So i feel like he may like me too but idk.

But I have 1 problem, if it turns out he does like me, I am not allowed to date so I don't know what to do. I do really like him so I don't wanna lose my opportunity with him. Any advice on what to do?

I have had many dreams of him and I don't know if thats a sign or not. There was also once this time where I had hiccups and there is a saying that if you have hiccups, whoever's name when said stops the hiccups, means they are thinking about you. So then my parents started saying random names and it wasn't stopping then when they said my crush's name my hiccups stopped. Then they started talking about someone else then my hiccups started again, then when they said my crush's name again my hiccups stopped! I was so shocked wondering if my crush was actually thinking about me or not? What if he was!

I also once had this awkward moment with him at school where I was walking up to the canteen and my crush was walking down to the basketball court. I couldn't see him walking down because the corner of the demountable room was covering the other side so I couldn't see him, and I don't think he saw me either. So we were walking and almost walked into each other! Then he moved to the left and I did too because I didn't know he was going to. Then I moved to the right and walked off. It was so awkward and I wonder how my crush felt.

Thank you so much for reading this and PLEASE give any advice or reply to this post, Thank You!! :D
108 days ago
Shawty I think so. He really seems like he does but that's just what I think
109 days ago
ok ok I know this is gonna be long, but someone please give me some advice. so my best friends moved and we lost contact for about a year. well I texted her almost a year ago and we all good now. we game together alot and she introduced me to alot of her friends from there via gaming. me and this one boy, (we'll call him mike) got to be pretty close friends. I played with him for around 6 hrs every day (I know I know, not healthy) and for the most part it was just us two. he even introduced me to his best friends. (we'll call them Luke and Ethan) I got to be pretty close with ethan, and me and luke are totally cool. I started crushing on him awhile back and I thought he felt the same. I mean there was constant flirting and it seemed like he was hinting. One night me and ethan were playing and he said "hey I'm gonna tell you something, but u cant tell mike I told you." I was just like "umm... ok?" and he goes "So at practice tonight (they play basketball) me and mike were talkin abt how single we are right? and i asked if he likes anyone and he says he thinks ur hot." so of course I was sure he liked me, but a couple months go by of nothing happening, then one night me and him were talking and he told me he likes someone else. now were good friends so I told him he should go for it, no girl is gonna turn him down. another month goes by and he never said another word abt her. then a couple of weeks ago he said "hey, I want u to know I don't like her anymore. I sorta like someone else." this time he didn't tell who. then a couple nights ago I was playing with him and ethan and they were like "why are you single? I feel like you should already have a bf." I said "honestly there are no date-able guys around here" and mike goes "hey!! I'm a date-able guy!!" I was like "I said around here!! or around my age!!" (hes a little younger, and lives a state over) anyways he said "I'm around ur age!!" we joke around alot so I was like "What u wanna be my boyfriend?" and zero hesitation my guy says "sure! i can't think of anything better to do." I just kinda laughed and was like "yeah ok man." but now that i think about was he joking? I still sorta like him but I'm overthinking everything. he was also a little upset bc me and ethan played together all day and he didn't get home to get on until abt 30 min before I had to go. (this was also the first time I'd been on for more then 10 min in abt a month) he was practically begging me to stay on with him but i couldn't. he also tells me he loves me every time I talk to him, but we also both tell ethan and luke we love them so it's not a huge deal. he did tell that the first time I told him I loved him was the best day of his life :) I really need ssome outside input lol. someone tell me if he likes me please?
109 days ago
Hi. I need some help. Boys are confusing. There is one guy who I really like. We say good morning and good night to each other and we text basically every day. He has done the "down and up" eye thingy twice now, and we hug every now and then. He teases me a lot but specifically told me he just does it bc I laugh and stuff but he so confusing. We see each other bout every week. He's super sweet and kind. I've told him he was sweet too and he actually replied like I know. Didn't freak nothing. I sometimes call him cute too rarely tho. He's got mixed signals like sometimes it seems like a chance he does like me and sometimes it's confusing. Help?? Advice?? Does he actually like me or no??