Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Surprisingly Accurate Quiz!)

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Here is an uncannily accurate test to see if your crush feels the same about you. (Suitable for teenagers ages 12-17.)

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    Let’s start simple: Are you friends/close?

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322 days ago
Ok so I’m in sixth grade and I honestly kinda think dating is stupid in middle school bc nobody actually talks to each other most the time but I would definitely make an exception for my crush. We have had electives (art, pe, engineering) for the same class in the last two quarters of school and he jokes around a lot but he does it with his friends too tho. This quarter we have PE together and we play knockout a lot in PE and we always go to the same basket. We’re both so competitive but he’s much better than me. In the line we talk sometimes and I always watch him shoot. I never know how to act around him tho. He’s so cute and his hair is amazing and he play the SAXOPHONE ok don’t tell me that sounds hot. Anyways we have bad toast her too in 8th period and he sits right behind me and sometimes I look back at him and he’s looking at me. I’m getting so many mixed signals so if somebody can like pleaseee tell me what 2 do!!!
327 days ago
this is ACCURATE!!! my crush asked me out
356 days ago
theres this guy in my science class and he always tries to make me laugh and we flirt all the time but.... he has a gf they never talk but still. HELP ME
358 days ago
hope this works i really hope it does
367 days ago
This feels awkward especially since my shipping friend is literally watching over my shoulder
370 days ago
i hate how it says he. my crush is a girl
375 days ago
He super nice and when I’m mad at him he tries to get me to forgive him.
381 days ago
His friends hate and insult me but he stands up for me
382 days ago
Could someone estimate if he likes me or not?
382 days ago
We play video games together
382 days ago
he keeps giving me mixed signals and he already told me his crush and he got rejected. so do think it’s possible? he still talks to the girl who rejected him.
392 days ago
Oh no, i dont think he likes me anymore 😢 he doesn’t come out to thee break sometimes, so I always hope he comes out to the break. One day when I went out he was smiling to me! But back to this topic. Our teacher said we are doing a project abt social media etc. and me and my best friend was in a group. There is some other boy sitting next to her, and my crush got to do the project with him. So they sat beside where I was sitting, and since he jokes around ALOT he was searching up memes and stuff like that. My friend saw what they where doing and told me. She said that it was sus. Then the other boy said, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT SUS MEANS? she googled it and found out. Then she searched some other stuff, and I did too, cuz it was for our project. Then my nightmare comes where I felt like crying. The crush said, you are soo cringe, I didn’t k if he meant it or if it was a joke. So a lil later I do something he usually does, and boom he said stop it. In a lil annoyed way. I felt like I was dead. I was soo sad. But a few days later I caught him looking at me even more then before! I couldn’t resist looking at him so I did it a bit too. He looks into my eyes and then looks away, pretending he didn’t look at me. Then I look away and look back. Then he was looking at me again! He sits on the other side of the classroom ( he sits on a table with three. Him and two others) the one who likes me thought I was looking at him cuz he sits with me crush and looks at me all the time. Today he was smiling while looking at me. Probs cuz he thinks I like him. My friend sits with him too, but she doesn’t rlly do anything to him or has interest in him. Now I think my bff has a crush on him too. Which is not goood. She is the popular one in the class. My him and her where walking from gym class and we where talking. She rlly enjoyed. But I don’t think he will go for her cuz, he was keep walking and switching sides to where I was walking to come beside me! After a while I just walked beside him, and I felt sooooo good. After that when we went inside, he started a conversation with only me, face to face!!!! I was keep smiling, I rlly hope he does something. All this happened after we sat beside each other for almost a month, he was keep making me laugh all the time., but the teacher moved us away bc we didn’t concentrate so much, and a lil later all this happened. I have mixed feelings, will he or will he not?? helpppp
396 days ago
Btw, i rlly need advice and answers. We both joke a lot. But the thing is I don’t have a phone XD. I can’t text him or anything. Will anything happen with us then? I kinda feel like we get along and that we are friends. I am just SOOOOO worried i will end up like his earlier gfs. And i rlly hope my friends wont tease me and bully me if we get together. I rlly don’t want my hopes up. And one friend was wondering if Aries and pices is a good match, cuz she is pices and she likes an Aries. Or does it rlly matter? I have read that zodiacs are nothing. and i think someone in my class likes me tho. I caught him looking at me in the class a lot lately. And he was flirting with me out in the break. The sad thing is that I don’t like him. I rlly don’t want to hurt his feelings, so i pretend idk what he does or anything. How long do i keep up like this. It’s like i am in a dilemma. Plus i like another too. Aaaaaaaaaa. But i rlly wanna go for the one I’m writing abt, but idk when or what to do. I RLLY NEED HELP AND ADVICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PLS READ
397 days ago
And my friend said he is flirting, he likes u! And I was thinking abt this since then
397 days ago
Guys, I hope ur crush hasn’t seen all this here :D. Anyways I got this: I think he might! He’s definitely got you in his thoughts. He’s also probably trying to get his head around the fact he might have a crush on you too. Keep on being you girl, and in no time, he’ll be realising he likes you too!

Do u guys think? I mean he jokes around ALOT and my friend said after a break, when we where standing face to face that he was flirting with me. (But I did not know how ppl flirt soo, but we both like to joke a lot too. So he was kinda flirting like that. I think. I still don’t know how or when ppl flirt with me!)and we where looking at each other for a few sec before I went to my locker. And some other day me and my friend had a hat on and pulled it down to our face so we couldn’t see anything. We where leading each other to someone in our class and we had to guess who it was. We had to touch them obviously to find out. I was kinda scared so I was putting my hand closer slowly. And I was scared it was him. What happens is that my friend screams and I take the hat off. I looked at the person who they lead me to, and I was like, seriously?! She then said a few sec later that he tried to hold my hand. But they did not know I liked him cuz I never told them. Then my friend was keep saying “ you and him fit together” I kinda hide when she says that and then I smile lol. I rlly hope someth8ng happens. But the same time I am soo scared. Cuz he had some gfs before and one of them ended up by that he HATED her. And there I actually mean hate. One other said she was his servant. But I rlly think he has feelings for me. HELP MEH!!
433 days ago
Ok so today I was in 4th period and our teacher gave us a 10 minute break. I went outside and was talking to my friends for a while while sitting on the railing of the classroom deck. when I noticed him coming towards me... When he got closer he put a hand on either side of the railing around me and looked me in the eyes. Then he said breaks almost over get to class in a joking way(he said it ONLY to ME), so I laughed and said ok. and I was gonna get down but he was kind of trapping me(in a cute way) so I couldn't get off. He was still looking at me too! Then he quickly let go of his grip on one of the sides of the railing and let me by. as I was getting down I leaned on his shoulder for support and kind of brushed by him as I walked away. I could see the reflection on one of the windows in front of me and he was looking back watching me walk away with a kind of smirk on his face!!! This isn't the only time stuff like this has happened but I'm still super confused on his feeling for me!!! what should I do???!!!
437 days ago
So idk if he likes me but he made a "joke" to me a couple weeks ago after we played red light green light and he said all my friends betrayed me in red light green light and i said im still your friend tho and he said oh so you like me and i said yeaaa. A week ago he had to go and i kinda gestured a hug and he went to give me a side hug but i went all out giving him a big bearish hug and he said oh so you still like me and i said yea of course.What does he mean by thissss. weve been friends for a couple months but were pretty good friends and he has shown signs like he didnt want to play a certain type of chess called vote chess but he still played it but i was the only one playing so idk if he was being a friend and playing bc i was lonley or he likes me. HELLP PLZZZ
444 days ago
I got he has me in his thoughts but like he said he had a girlfriend but his sister said he didn't so I'm just soo confused rn
457 days ago

"I'm pretty sure he does. But he is too shy to confess"

That's totally him! I really hope this is actually 100% accurate! 😱
466 days ago
It said he does and I am really happy because we have known each other for a while and one thing to know he really does is the other day he went to my group of friend and said my name and then “others” and we were really close in elementary school and we are in middle school now so yay I hope he confesses before Christmas Break