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Does your crush like you back? (Ladies only!)

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Hey ladies! Like me, your probably wondering, “do they like me back? Is he to shy to tell me? Does he hate me?” If so, this will tell you! It may be like a repeat of the ones you’ve played before, so bear with me!

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    K, so this may be weird, but how old are you? (Not a stalker I swear I just need this to see if your in school or not)

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273 days ago
Okay, I got he likes me and I swear I almost cried! he is so hot and funny!
279 days ago
He keeps looking at me. But all the guys constantly stare at me. So many boys ask me out. HELP ME. HOW DO I GET HIM TO KNOW I LIKE HIM AND NOT A NOTHER BOY.
My result:
I think he is your soul mate!

You two were meant to be! Tell him! Don’t be shy! If you are shy, like me, blush when he’s around, be brave, and talk yo his friends about it. Tell them you like him! They will get the word around! You are funny, smart, nice, and cute, too! Don’t let anyone get you down! Whatever you’ve been doing to get him to like you, is working! Go deeper! Be more flirty! Enjoy life! He’ll ask you out for sure!
368 days ago
Ugh idk 😫 he might like another girl (or my friend but hopefully not) but it seems like he sometimes looks at me and quickly looks away when I look at him but ughhhhh I am really really not f*ing sure if he likes me back… but honestly I don’t think so
461 days ago
honestly, I lost interest in him over quarantine, and in middle school, almost all the girls like him well everyone except me so I am speechless if this is actually a real rip to me bc ill be switching schools
He probably likes you!

Keep doing what your doing, girl! It’s working! Whether it’s flirting your butt off, being friends, or looking sharp, whatever you are doing is making him like you more and more! Don’t be worried about being cool, a bit of emotion is good. Show him you like him! Blush a bit when you are around him, text him using cute emojis, and look your best! Keep being you
525 days ago
Omg the guy I like is so hot, athletic, and funny. But he got suspended the 4th day of school for 5 days ;-;. butttttttt i stare at him alot and he stares at me alot. but he says he has a girlfriend sooooo yea ;c
884 days ago
I don’t even know what i am even doing to attract his attention it would be much easier when we were in school maybe i talk about his interests with him.
1130 days ago
so we go to YG together n I dont normally feel like people like me but we really clicked our first time meeting (a month ago) and a week after meeting, a mutual friend started asking if I liked anyone and said that she knew something but she couldn't tell me and while I already started crushing on him I didn't wanna say that cause I just met him n she wouldn't tell me unless I said if I liked someone with the statement "its not relevant unless you do" n now its Christmas break so I haven't seen her to make her tell me but I think it was that he likes me. (btw scored that we are soulmates on this quiz).
1205 days ago
Dear “IDK what to do.” ,
I think he’s just not getting the vibes right now, sadly. He sounds like a great guy, and TBH, I’m kinda just like you. But what I do know is that he is getting your feels. I think he knows how you feel, but it’s just him deciding whether he likes you or not. This is a stressful time, (I know how you feel) and if he doesn’t care for you that’s his loss. You sound like a caring, wonderful person, and you should not change yourself for a person. If you tell me more details here, I’ll gladly make my predictions. Thanks for commenting! Tell me how things go!

- Gracie
1205 days ago
Dear “HELP ME!!! PLS”
He likes you, keep that in mind. But if you are making the decision whether to ask him out or not, make it carefully. Dating someone younger than you may cause a bit of bullying (it does at my school). But think of it this way- bullies are just people who have strong opinions about you. It doesn’t matter what they say, it’s about what he says! Sure, he may be mocking you a bit, but that’s what boys do. I wouldn’t worry about that. You too sound like you have a bunch in common, and asking him out would be a great step! If you want, keep your relationship secretive. Don’t tell your friends about it. If they don’t know that you are going out, it will cause much less of a hassle. Feel free to comment what happens next! (Please do, this is getting good) 😂

- Gracie
1206 days ago
he's stopped calling me my, "nickname," becos i told him to stop cos it was getting annoyed ( this was before i started liking him) and now we get barely any time to talk or play with each other i am so sad. and he is like pretty athletic and good-looking ( i mainly like him cos of his eyes and sense of humour and his talent in music and netball, like he's not scared about getting humilated while not being a jerk) and i am like i am not skinny (which is good, never do that to your body for someone's attention) but like i am nut really athletic, i am ok in all areas really like yeah
1210 days ago
He is a year younger than me and we play sports together in school (it's like we compete against other schools together) i am the team captain, and he is really good and we tease and mock each other all the time. He says my name in a VERY thick french accent even though his normal voice is COMPLETELY different. He has complimented several times about me being a good leader and player. He smiles at me when he walks past most of the time and says my name loudly a few times in public.when we are training, he is usually partners with me and always teases playfully and makes me laugh a lot. Once i fell over and grazed my leg when i was GA and he was GD and i still played but asked if i could play goal shooter instead of goal attack because you run less and when he saw me swap he swap to goal keeper for the other team so he could defend me. He would look at my leg and ask if i was ok and when i said i was fine in a bored tone, he started playfully chasing me to make me feel happy. he is really sweet but once in a game he saw a player from the other team and told me that she apparently had a crush on him because he knew someone who knew her. I was defending her and she talked about him a lot during the game. While he was intercepting the ball, he accidentally tripped over his player and she had to go off and he looked guilty so i said it wasnt his fault and asked if he was ok. he looked at me sadly and nodded. That half he played well but didnt look as happy. during the break i told him that the girl who apparently had a crush on him, definitely did and he nodded glumly and after that we played and every time during the game that he would look at me it was as if he was trying to tell me something. I kept asking if he was ok because he he fell over twice in the game (no graze just a trip) he would say i am fine and tell me to play in a normal but not joyful tone like usual. Afterwards he might tease me a little but he just lay down during the second game (we didnt have two games that week) it was hot so i assumed it was heatstroke but i dont know if it was me and that girl. when we were walking to the bus to drive us back home, we played a bit when i was trying to get the captain's book from the box that he was carrying cos we were both helping out. He would look at me and he almost acted normal again. But then he might zone out in tiredness later on while he was sitting down with his friend waiting for the bus. He would look at me and we'd keep eye contact multiple times on the bus and trying to catch each other's gaze as there were people in the way. I dont know what to do. I am leaving the school at the end of the year, i only have 2-3 months and he is a year younger and i am not going to the local high school. I have REALLY STRONG feelings for him but i dont know how he feels. Also our sport against school has ended so we might meet up to play if the teacher lets us but other than that we'll just past each other during break and stuff. Plus he's always with his friends and me too.
1218 days ago
Omg y’all thanks 4 the comments!!!! So thankful!
1224 days ago
These are my results:
He probably likes you!

Keep doing what your doing, girl! It’s working! Whether it’s flirting your butt off, being friends, or looking sharp, whatever you are doing is making him like you more and more! Don’t be worried about being cool, a bit of emotion is good. Show him you like him! Blush a bit when your around him, text him using cute emojis, and look your best! Keep being you!

Thank you!! This was such a good test ❤❤
1225 days ago
waaaaaaa he hates meeeeyh wahahahah
1225 days ago
so apparently I like myself lollollo
1225 days ago
You got:
Can’t Tell Right Now

💋 💩
1225 days ago
Ok I followed what this test told me and omg it worked im so happy and freaked out