Does that one guy like me?

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Do you like this one guy? Does he always stare at you? Does he like talking to you? Maybe its a crush. Maybe its a ex. Maybe you don't like him at all! Maybe its just a random guy! Whatever the case, in case none of the answers apply to you, every question has an "other" selection.

  • 1
    Let's begin: do you actually like him?
  • 2
    I know every love test ever made asks you this, but does he stare at you?
  • 3
    Does he talk to you?

  • 4
    If you told him you liked him, which of these would he most likely say?
  • 5
    Does he laugh at you?
  • 6
    How long have you known each other?

  • 7
    Why do you like him?
  • 8
    How many years are you apart?
  • 9
    Almost done.. If you're sad, would he care?
  • 10
    What do you talk about?

  • 11
    Do you have the same interests?
  • 12
    Last One: what do YOU think? Do you think he likes you?

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207 days ago
@I like someone,
Just go for it! Don’t be afraid of rejection, because you’re a bad b**ch and you can bounce back! If he stares at you and laughs at your jokes, there’s a good chance that even if he doesn’t fully like you, he’ll give you a chance. Pls take my advice and good luck!
207 days ago
I did this twice, for two people, and I got the same answer both times. One of them I sit next to and he’s really annoying but he’s still one of my good friends. I used to have a crush on him. He’s really fun and silly and we have little hilarious fights all the time. All my friends think he and I belong together.
The other one I used to sit across from him, and I would always catch him staring at me. Kinda weird butttttt….. he’s also really annoying but also one of my friends. I ALSO used to have a crush on him. Geez
Help me plsssss
222 days ago
Does anyone have tips for confessing?
222 days ago
AHHHH! This is so embarrassing. I'm in love with a bad boyyy. But he actually cares about me and everything. He's always staring at me even if we are across the class and smiles and he'll also laugh at all my jokes :) i hope he does like me. His name is carter and i might confess soon!
234 days ago
I can hear the wedding bells ringing! He is head over heals in love with you!

Yessirr! He kissed me the other day so I hope so lol.
249 days ago
So there's this guy.. I know literally how every story starts lol. Basically, we met at this college thing. We started talking and I got his snap. Ever since then we've been talking back and forth sending fall-faced snaps. Great signs I knoww. Recently I asked him if he wanted to hang out and we did the other day. It was literally amazing; I had such a blast. We went out to eat somewhere and then just walked and talked around the mall. We weren't into the shopping, however, just making fun of the store names and joking with each other. He's very cute but more than that he's considerate and very funny. He's not awkward and keeps going with the conversation when it seems to stop. He also kept looking into my eyes. Like literally we were sitting there eating and I was just looking at him and he was gazing right back at me. He has the prettiest blue eyes; I felt like I could melt. I also gave him two hugs, one when I saw him and another when we were leaving and during one when we were leaving he seemed to linger for slightly longer. Also, we took a picture and he put his arm around my waist and slightly pulled me to him. Gave me butterflies. After this "date" (hopefully it was that), we've been talking about getting together sometime. He teased that I could teach him tennis and I said he could teach me running so we'll see what happens. We also like rival colleges and we're both planning on wearing their gear when we see each other next. I'm really hoping this guy likes me, as more than just a friend. Any thoughts, pieces of clarification, or words of advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
251 days ago
He likes you a little bit. Or, he used to like you but is losing interest. Hurry, girl! You need to talk to him more so he gets to know you better! He'll be taken soon! 👋

Well I guess that’s good
382 days ago
I would give you advice 🎧🩰, but you wrote that comment 65 days ago so I doubt you will even read this unless you are really weird.
447 days ago
Omg ! The modt annoying boy in my class LOVES me and I HATE him! I don’t know what 2 do! Pls help me!
636 days ago
He might or he might not like you. Talk to him more so he gets to know you better! It will work out I promise. The only way to know if to tell him. But if you're too nervous, then write him a note. Or make your best friend do it! Hey, worked for me! ☺☺ hee-hee okay bye 👋
My friends find my crush hilarious 😭 😫 😩
666 days ago
YES! HE HATES ME! I LIKE HIS OTHER FRIEND! Which prob hates me too but eh whatever
755 days ago
i think this boy likes me and i had a crush on someone else i have no chance with. this guy i think might actually like me, but idk about him and idk what to do!
936 days ago
1009 days ago
Hey Arianna, do you happen to know a person named Rylynn?