Does he like you? (Girls only, please!)

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Answer these questions, and I'll give you my honest to goodness opinion of whether or not your crush likes you!
I'll do my best to give y'all insightful input. I know it's really annoying and hard to know if someone likes you. I'm in the midst of a crush myself, and personally, hearing someone else's input instead of a long, factual answer is much more helpful in my opinion.

  • 1
    So, how long have you known him?
  • 2
    Okay. Where did you meet him? Or, if you haven't formally met yet, where did you first lay eyes upon him?
    (All questions worth same # of points)
  • 3
    Cool. Have you two ever spoken? Either face-to-face, or over text?

  • 4
    Alright. Does he ever smile at you? How? How often?
  • 5
    How often do you see him?
  • 6
    What is his personality?
    (All questions are worth the same)

  • 7
    Do you two have similar interests? Hobbies, movies, etc?
  • 8
    Have you guys spent any time together in general? Parties, weddings, church get-together, lunch, class, etc?
  • 9
    Have you ever spent time alone? (As in just the two of you without other people around.)
  • 10
    Who usually initiates the conversation?

  • 11
    Which of the following have happened to you, before? (If none, choose 'other' or one that best describes your situation.)
  • 12
    Have you ever made contact of any kind?
  • 13
    Describe your relationship with him?
  • 14
    Does he talk to other girls, or have a girlfriend?
  • 15
    And finally, what is your favorite thing about him? (Won't affect points, I'm just curious:3.)

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717 days ago
BTW this quiz said there was a fairly good chance he likes me. It does all add up, but the problem is that it’s inconsistent. Most days I think, how could he NOT like me the way he acts? And then there will be one day where I think, omg I am so dumb, he definitely only likes me as a friend if that. Everyone thinks we’d be cute together, he defends me, he treats me well, but sometimes it’s just like none of the stuff between us ever happened. Helpful facts: I’ve liked him for a year now, he’s almost 14 and I’m 13, he’s like 4 inches taller than me, we hang out sometimes, but just in groups, he seems to enjoy it. Anyways, if I could get some input that would be AMAZING. I’m desperate and honestly, I’d do anything at this point. I keep second guessing myself and I need help. Thank you!

P.S. I know, I know - I’m obsessed. I’ve been told multiple times lol XD
718 days ago
HI guys! So I have a HUGE crush on this guy at my school, and he flirts with me all the time (we had a convo about kissing and spin the bottle and how he would play with me, he once came up behind me and put his arms around me, etc.), and his friends say he kind of likes me, and that he would go out with me if I asked him out in person. Theyre always pushing him towards me when we hang out and stuff. But tbh idk if he would say yes to going out with me... Also, does he even really like me or does he just think im pretty? Ugh. I REALLY like him guys, what do I do?? Also even if he does like me Im so scared to ask him out even tho everyone says he’d say yes. Help please!!
775 days ago
Hi, Myleigh. So, I keep kind of feel this situation because this is exactly what my crush is like, only I’m the shy one and crush is always in a group of guy friends. My advice would be to maybe find a time to go talk to him alone. If your friends are your friends, I don’t think they would ridicule you by going and talking to him for a little bit. It would probably feel great for both you and him if you both like each other, or even if it’s only him. That’s just my one cent advice though. I hope it works out whatever you decide to do. :)
775 days ago
It's hard!I mean,like,ugh!
775 days ago
He likes me but can't tell me I'm always with friend group and he's SUPER SHY.Any advice pls?

788 days ago
Help D: I think he likes me but i dont rlly like him??? I might Iike him IDKKKK arghh this soo hard pls helpp
792 days ago
((blue)nWhen your crush is a fictional anime game character (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
794 days ago
This makes me so happy seeing y’all help each other! Glad you guys found my quiz! Here to help whenever you need me :D
794 days ago
Crystal- thanks! I hope everything goes well with you too!
794 days ago
Hanna- No problem! I hope everything is well!
794 days ago
Crystal- I don't have anything to text him about, but if i did I would. Thanks for the help. 😊
795 days ago
He most likely likes you! Maybe keep talking to him more and text him everyday (If you have his number) and maybe snag in a few hints lol
795 days ago
I forgot to tell one more story. On New Year's Eve our youth group had an all nighter (his mom is the one of the leaders). And we were playing a murder mystery game, and I died. So when you die you fall on the floor and when someone yells "murderer in the dark" you get up and go to where the lamp is. Well I went to get up and Kevin ce over with his friend and they wouldn't let me walk, so they carried me. And then his friend kinda dropped me and Kevin set me down slowly.

Then in the morning we were getting ready to go home and Kevin says "yeah I stayed up all night" jokingly. And I said back "no you didn't" and he looks at me and goes "shhh" and smiles.
795 days ago
I keep on forgetting to change my name but that last comment was me.
795 days ago
Crystal- Ok so my crush (we're gonna call him Kevin) and I met when we were 5. He was my neighbor. I started liking him when I was 7. In 6th grade we did track together. I'm homeschooled and always have been. And he's public schooled. A couple months ago my friend asked him if he liked me and his response was "as a friend for sure but more then that not so much." And then he didn't talk to me for a while. But then recently he's been talking to me more and the other day at youth group I saw him looking at me so I looked at him and we stared at each other for like 2 seconds, but then He looked away. He has called me hanna banana, and other nicknames. and has complemented me a few times. One time we went sledding and were getting ready to go home and he asked me if I wanted to sled down with him and his friend. (I was already gonna sled down one last time but instead I sledded with him.) he smiles at me a lot and sits next to me at youth group sometimes. He's 13 and I'm 14 (his birthday is 5 months after mine) but he's over a foot taller then me. So advice pls. ❤️☺️
795 days ago
Hanna- Of course! What's your question
795 days ago
WOOOHOOOO! FRIEND, I THINK THERE'S A CERTAIN GUY THAT HAS A MAJOR CRUSH ON YOU! Look at who got a perfect score. YOU DID: DDDDD! I'm so glad for you, stranger! These things are hard to read, but not in your case! My advice to you:

GO FOR IT ALREADY! Clearly, this guy thinks you're one special gal! No sense in waiting or putting off telling him your feelings if he's over there going crazy over you, too! Go for it! I sense a boyfriend in your near future. You rock, girl!: P!

I wish you the best of luck, fellow friend! Don't forget to comment on your crush story if you feel comfortable doing so. I won't force you, though ;).
795 days ago
Crystal- I need help with my crush if you ever have time. ❤️
795 days ago
Hanna- Thank you!
795 days ago
Crystal- yeah any time! I'm gonna be on this quiz at least once a day if you need help anymore. 😊