Does he like me? High School Girls Edition

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This is a simple quiz so you can FINALLY know if that cute boy in your class is interested. Why trust me and my knowledge? Well...I've dealt with a couple of these situations in my past. Understand this is a quiz for our more shy girls who maybe don't know their crush very well.

  • 1
    He creates opportunities to be around you in a more subtle way.
  • 2
    He gets nervous around you.
    E.g. He drops his belongings, spills things on himself, stutters, begins to fidget with his fingers or things around him.
  • 3
    He glances at you a lot.

  • 4
    He 'accidentally' touches you or your things.
    e.g. Grazes his hand against yours, sits in your seat, touches your supplies.
  • 5
    He SPECIFICALLY stutters when speaking to you.
  • 6
    He mirrors your movement(unconsciously copying your actions) e.g. if you begin to fidget with a pencil, he will do the same.

  • 7
    Your presence silences him. e.g. when you get around, he's all of a sudden quiet.
  • 8
    He's extra polite—and I mean EXTRA. e.g. offers you things, helps when you drop something, holds doors for you.
  • 9
    He has your socials or number.
  • 10
    He gets jealous when you talk to other guys. e.g. suddenly becomes attentive when you're talking to another guy.

  • 11
    His friends make comments about you or laugh when you come around.
  • 12
    He listens intently. e.g. if you're in a group and you're talking, he's intently focused on you.
  • 13
    He becomes friends with your friends.
  • 14
    He likes all your posts on social media.
  • 15
    He's sometimes loud and tries to make jokes around you. e.g. exaggerated stories, corny jokes, etc.
  • 16
    Why do you like him?

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227 days ago
This test needs an extra comment today
340 days ago
Girl:Am i pretty?
Boy :no
Girl :do you wanna be with me forever
Boy :No
Girl :will you cry if I walked away?
Boy :No

The girl walks away,Tears running down her face as the boy grabs her arm

Boy you're not pretty, ur beautiful I dont want to be with u forever. I don't want to be with u forever I need to be with u forever I would not cry if you walked away I would die will u stay with me?

Girl =yes

:) luv U!