Does He Like Me? (For Ages 10 to 13)

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This quiz is for girls who are wondering if their crush likes them back. This is for 5th to 8th graders only.

  • 1
    Does he make you happy in any way?
    Does he make you happy in any way?
  • 2
    Does he seem happy when you talk to him?
  • 3
    If you got paired up to work on a project together in class, what would he do?

  • 4
    Do his friends make a big deal when you guys talk?
  • 5
    You know him much better than I do, so do you think he likes you?
  • 6
    Have you ever noticed him staring at you?

  • 7
    Has he ever tried flirting with you? (Touching your hand or hair, talking about how you're cute, stuff like that?)
  • 8
    Have you heard that he has a crush on someone in the past two months?
  • 9
    How long have you two known each other?
  • 10
    When you make eye contact, how long does it last?

  • 11
    What is his reaction when you talk to other guys?
  • 12
    Last question! Are you guys friends?

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168 days ago
So basically, I like this boy named sam, he can be VERY mean, im in the 6th grade, and ive known him since 3rd. i developed feeling for him in the 4th grade virtual. Hes nice to me, and today he sat next to me twice on group stations. he hit my shoulder like three times to tell me about smh
483 days ago
honestly i hate him but i think he likes me
487 days ago
Hi, guys. I’m in desperate need of advice. I’m awful at ‘feelings’ and telling people how I feel. That’s why people are so surprised if one of my stupid friends tells them that I like like them, whether it be true or not. I like this one boy, but he doubts it. I want to tell him on the very last day of school, but I don’t know what to say. Here, lemme give you some info on this kid;

He’s in insane nerd, like the king of the nerds

He some how manages to be very cute as well

He’s never dated, or even for all I know, liked someone

He’s a sweetheart. He likes animals, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He once tried to stop me from killing a tick on our friends chair.

I’m so scared, guys. I know y’all are gonna just say, ‘Just tell him, it’s silly. Rip off the bandaid.’ Well, it’s not that simple. Just get back to me ASAP.
546 days ago
Ok so, I'm back...He doesn't have a girlfriend, he confessed. But niow he keeps talking to me and wants to play with me at breaktime. So sweet, yet so strange. He also remembers everything about me, my birthday, my weight, etc.....Doo you guys think he likes me or just likes me as a friend??
548 days ago
So, there is this "boy" Lets call him Ace. Ace is a new student who was in Rancho learning before he transferred to our class in January. He's best friend my worst enemy, but that's not important. So one day he asked me to be his valentines and I said sure...(AHHHH) On the valentines day he gave me chocolate! ONly ME! anyways everyone thinks we are dating and everything shipping us A LOT. EVERYONE was shipping everyone thought we were dating even if we said we werent. Even my enemy says we are dating! Also, we once touched hands(becasue he was trying to tease me) and HE BLUSHED and looked at me. Then the teacher assgned for meto sit right next to him. He always joked around and laugh that we almost got in trouble once. Now I told everyone I already have a boyfriend(a mistake?), and I asked him if he had a girlfriend he said yes. And everyone asked questions. She is a seventh grader. I thought this was fishy but said nothing, even tho I kind of like him. His friend/my friend then told me he was pretending and he didn't have one. Now I took this test and: You guys have great chances! If you're ready, go for it and tell him! I'm pretty sure he likes you back! Congratulations, this is a great place to be! I'm decieding to tell him that I don't have a boyfreind and ask him if he actually has a girlfreind. What do you guys think??????? PLs help
552 days ago
Guess if we are in love 💘
We always blush when we see each other
Our friends always pick on us
We always stare at each other
We get each other gifts often
We have flirted a bit
We touch hands and we looks each other and start to blush
We always go on dates
552 days ago
My bf actually yaystsyayyyat
563 days ago
So If u scroll down you’ll see someone called sup, that was me 2 months ago and I still did the test for the same guy and in between that time my friend and him broke up and recently got back together( I’m super happy for them I ship them and don’t have a crush on him) the test says that “this is a great time to ask “
But yesterday, something happened. So he got a bit upset coz his friend betrayed him and my friend whose with him tried to make him feel better. None of my friends were having a good day and my friend group always draw when we feel bored or upset. So we were all drawing having a laugh and eventually he thought it would be a good idea to do Charlie charlie, u know the one where u all hold hands and say “charlie Charlie are u there, something ….” So yeh we were doing that and there were for of us ( all my other friends were on the field “ it was me, my bestie,my good friend (who’s going out with him) , and him. So I was next to him and my friend so I held his hand😐 and he sat next to my bestie and me so he didn’t get hold hands with his girlfriend and now I feel guilty.sad.
573 days ago
Mine said my crush likes me say yay everybody.
582 days ago
So I like this guy and he isn’t friend, like he is a boy and so we’re not like besties, but he’s 13 and I’m 12 and our brothers are 10 and friends. We are both oldest children and we mostly just hang out with our brothers but sometimes we hang out like if the brothers go off and we’re almost the same age so… I used to have a “crush” on him for a long time but I was like 7 so… but I told everybody and it stuck even though we don’t hang out that much. So now less teasing, I still like him but more legit. My best friends know I like him but my brother was constantly teasing and he’s toned it down finally after 5 years like, anyone with lil bros? Anyway we hung out at their house today and he is maturing, he’s pretty smart and nice and cute and stuff, to me at least. But I always have a hard time looking him in the eye or at him at all because… idk. My bro told him I liked him one time and I said I didn’t and he was fine he said “ what? Do you really?” And I said no cuz duh. But today, his brother said “ wanna know who _____ has a crush in? Esther!” Btw I am not Esther. I do not know her and I think she lives in another state and is a family friend. SOOOO… his reaction was… ignoring it. Good or bad? Anyway I do actually like him but does he like me? The quiz said I was a friend but the answers were not exact to my situation. Also when I arrived at his house today he said “holy cow did you take another growth mushroom!?” Like wait what? See cute? So he also said I would walk fasted than him I and I said it was because I was taller and he said no it was because my legs were longer . Which means the same thing but whatever. And I am very tall and have long legs but most people just say “wow you’re tall” and not “hey you grew so much, your legs are so long!!!”
593 days ago
I'm surprised you had to take this quiz! If he doesn't already know, definitely tell him you like him, because I'm positive you guys have a long future together. Congratulations! That is 1000% correct!
594 days ago
I'm am FRIEND-ZONED, this makes sense.
597 days ago
It says you have great chances for my test results!!! Yay! OMG I can't stop thinking about him he is so cute and I feel like he likes me because he is always looking at me and then signaling his friend a love sign and after he point at me!!!!!
599 days ago
Hey girly 123 it is Ok if he like u or not u still pretty no matter what
600 days ago
oops- the comment i wrote below glitched and put 2 comments lol ignore that
600 days ago
so I and my crush met each other a few months ago, he is in like 4/7 of my classes (I'm in 7th grade btw so is he). he is always looking at me, and he smiles and jokes when we talk but I'm not so sure if he likes me a lot maybe he just likes me a bit so I took this quiz and it said "You guys have great chances! If you're ready, go for it and tell him! I'm pretty sure he likes you back! Congratulations, this is a great place to be!" -yeah I took a few other quizzes and they said the same thing so idkk
601 days ago
i fricking friend zoned! ughhhhhh! noooooooo!
609 days ago
yay he likes me!!!!!! :)
612 days ago
It says he likes me!! :)
617 days ago
LoL I am friend-zoned but that's okie bc I don't have feelings for him like that. I only took this quiz bc I had a feeling he might like me. We are only friends, and I kinda just hope it stays that way. I mean, besties wouldn't hurt either but more then that, too quick RN lol.😂