Does He Like Me, Or Is It In My Head?

So, you've been crushing on someone special, huh? We've all been there! But don't worry, we've got your back. This quiz is like having your very own love guru, here to help you decode all those subtle signals and get a sneak peek into your crush's heart.

Will you discover he's a master of "the chase," keeping you guessing at every turn? Or could it be that he's already head over heels for you, and you just didn't know it? Time to find out!

Get ready to spill the tea on your shared interactions, and together, we'll unravel the secrets of your crush's true feelings. It's going to be sooo much fun, and you won't have to navigate it alone!
Let's get started!

  • 1
    Do you guys talk?

  • 2
    If you talk, who initiates the conversation?

  • 3
    Do you know whether he has a girlfriend?

  • 4
    Some guys are shy. Has he given you any hints so that YOU can make a move?
  • 5
    Have you met any of his friends?

  • 6
    How long have you guys known each other?

  • 7
    Do you know his number/social media info?
  • 8
    So, if you text, has he ever left you on read? (If you don’t text each other, answer based on what you think he’d do.)
  • 9
    Has a friend ever told you he’s into you?
  • 10
    Last, but not least, it is said that one should trust their instinct. What does yours say to you?

Comments (5)


4 days ago
I hate having a crush on a boy in a different state like its killing me if he lived in my town i would probably have a bf and i just recently moved so he'd be my only friend
37 days ago
Ahhh someone help I think I have a crush on my guy best friend and me,him and this other girl are like a trio but we are all like best friends but I don't want to ruin anything also uh um his gf is my ex best friend... So I need help pls like idfk what to do anymore
44 days ago
so, this guy who i like told me he liked me and it was a really meaningful conversation too. he claimed he would date me and i said i would love to go on a date with him, and then he didn't try to plan anything, and then only talked to me about work for 2 MONTHS. also barely talking to me at all. i would have contacted him but every time i call he is just suddenly arrogant even though usually he randomly calls me all the time?? but one time we held hands for like 2-3 hours- also he is generally really flirty with me as well and i've definitely shown that i'm very comfortable with it and i told him i'd flirt back if i could lol
i've also realized just a couple days ago that i'm genderfluid although i knew i had been questioning my gender for months and this may cause an even bigger problem as he may not like people of all the genders i switch between. he always comments on how hot guys are but it may be a joke. he generally gives off bi/pan vibes so i might be fine on that-
tldr: guy says and acts like he likes me, becomes suddenly distant, i'm genderfluid and he may only like girls as well
45 days ago
Bry, girl, this boy seems to really like you! If you like him too, I would say, go for it. Good luck!
46 days ago
So, i like this guy and i just noticed a few weeks back. So one time i gave him yogurt and a few days later after making up my mind i talked to him and he told me he was constantly wondering why i gave him the yogurt since we had never talked. From then on we just talked every day and we recently exchanged contacts, he once told me to dream about him and since we have a light talent show next weekend he helped me pick the song i will sing and after me singing it to him as he requested, he told me it became his favorite song right then. It was REWRITE THE STARS By Zendaya and he said it was like as if i was singing it to him. Since he rarely talks to girls, everyone in our class thinks we are dating since we talk to each other a lot. I am still wondering whether he likes me though.