Does he like you?
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Does he like you?

Ok, so you've met this great guy...but does he like you? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:When you see your guy in the hall, what does he do?
laughs and keeps walking
keeps walking without looking at you
Smile and wave

Question 2:So, you're eating lunch when you spot your crush. What is he doing?
flirting with a group of girls at the table next to his
glancing your way
Heading your way--he's coming to say hi!

Question 3:Why would Mr. Right call you?
just to say hi
to get the homework he missed in class that day
to see if your best friend is available

Question 4:How many classes do you have together?
only a couple
a few
almost all of them!

Question 5:You just got your hair cut and a really cool tanktop. What does he say?
'Ewww....what happened to you?'
'Hey, you look nice!'

Question 6:The only reason he would come to your house is...:
to see your brother
uh...he would never come to my house...
to see you, of course!

Question 7:What does he think of your best friend?
he doesn't know who any of my friend are...
he thinks she's hot
she's okay

Question 8:Do you two have a lot in common?
some stuff
hardly anything in common...
Duh! We're almost the same person!

Question 9:It's your birthday---What does your guy do?
he doesn't act like he knows--he probably forgot
he doesn't know it's my bday
He smiles and says 'happy birthday'

Question 10:Where would he take you on a date?
to the movies
to a friend's house
no where!

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