Does he really love you, or is he using you?

You have a guy and you really like him - but sometimes, his behavior gives you a sneaking suspicion that something isn't quite right. Find out if he's using you, or if he really does love you.

Question 1:When he's with both you and his friends, whom does he pay more attention to?
His friends
Neither - he's really quiet

Question 2:How often does he call you?
Every day
A few times a week

Question 3:Does he ever flirt with you?
All The time
Sometimes, but not often

Question 4:When you're on the phone with him, do you talk to him more, or to his friends?
His friends - he's really shy
Him (duh)
The same

Question 5:Has he ever cheated on you?
Once, but it was a misunderstanding
Never - he isn't like that
I'm not sure

Question 6:How many times have you gone out with him?
Two times - he forgave me and I forgave him
More than three times - I love him so much! He is too hot!

Question 7:How often does he give you gifts?
All the time - he is so generous!
Not too often - he isn't very good at that mushy stuff
Never - he doesn't believe in doing that

Question 8:How much do YOU think he really loves you?
A LOT - I know it!
I'm not sure
I don't think he does

Question 9:How much do YOU think you love him?
I know I love him A LOT
I use him
I'd rather be his friend

Question 10:Does he send signals that make you think he wants you to do something you don't want to do?
Whenever he gets the chance
Not really

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