Does He/She Have a Crush On You?
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Does He/She Have a Crush On You?

Question 1:When you walk by them, how do they react?
They ignore me
They smile and say hi
They smile

Question 2:Do they get shy or nervous around you?
Not at all
Yeah, they get shy
Not really, maybe sometimes

Question 3:Have you ever complimented their clothes, hair, etc. And if yes how did they respond?
No I've never complimented them
I complimented, they said 'thanks' and complimented something back
I complimented, they said 'thanks'

Question 4:When you first met them, where they very nice and approachable?
Yeah, totally
No, not really
I think so

Question 5:If they usually don't start the conversation first, do you think that's because they're shy?
It could be, I'm not sure
Yes, that's exactly what it seems

Question 6:Have you ever had physical contact and in what way?
Once, purely accidental
Yes, they touched my hand (smiling) while passing by me

Question 7:Do you find them looking/starring at you?
I don’t think so
Yeah, a couple of times I think

Question 8:Do you (sometimes)feel that you both know how you feel about eachother but never actually told one another?
Yeah, many times
Not really, maybe

Question 9:Do they smile alot when they see you?
Yeah they do
Umm...i think so...wait, not really

Question 10:Do you sometimes feel like you just wanna tell 'em how you feel but the only thing holding you back is your 'shyness'?
I don't know, maybe...

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