Love-------Does he/she like you?
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Love-------Does he/she like you?

Take this quiz to find out if he/she likes you as a girlfriend/boyfriend. Have fun!

Question 1:   Does he/she stare at you a lot?
I don't know
Yes! He/she has a freaking staring problem!

Question 2:   Does he/she make eye contact when he/she talks to you or listens to you?
His eyes don't seem to leave the pavement
Heck yeah! He sure does!
I've never noticed

Question 3:   Does he/she listen to you?
No. He's/her mind seems to be in Lala-land!
No! He/she talks too freaking much to let me talk!
Yes, always!

Question 4:   Does he/she pass you notes, poetry, or love letters?
Sigh, yeah!
Not usually
He/she can't even write at least one freaking note!
No, darn it!

Question 5:   Does he/she have your phone number?
I don't know.
Of course!
No, 'cause I have it! LOL! ..........(silence)

Question 6:   Has he/she asked you out?
Oh, heck yeah!
I'm still waiting....
I've waited so long and still no date!
Just once....

Question 7:   Has he/she told you he/she likes you?
Sigh...oh, yeah!
In writing only...does that count?

Question 8:   Does he/she respect you?
Sometimes...when he/she's not stubborn!
No...he's a bad boy!
...I guess....

Question 9:   Does he/she enjoy being with you?
I think so
All the time!

Question 10:   What does he/she like about you? Be honest!
My beauty
I don't know
Everything! Even the air I breathe in!
My personality
My brain

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