Does your crush really like you?
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Does your crush really like you?

Question 1:   How often does your crush stare at you?
Not very often
Most of the time
All the time!

Question 2:   What do your crush's eyes look like when they look at you?
She doesn't look at me!
Freaked out!

Question 3:   What is your crush's reaction to you saying "hi" to them?
She ignores me!
She smiles but doesn't say anything
They say "hi" back
She starts talking to you
She tells you to go suck sick through a wet sock!

Question 4:   What is your crush most likely to say to you?
Hi, how are you
Wanna go out sometime
She wouldn't talk to me!
I dunno

Question 5:   Has your crush ever written you a love letter or something like that?
Nope. Never
Once, a long time ago
All the freakin time!
She's written me a threatening one!
A couple of times, but they might have been teasing me

Question 6:   Has your crush ever said she likes you?
Once, a long time ago
All the freakin time!
She's said that she hates me!
A few of her friends have told me

Question 7:   Does your crush express any feelings towards you?
She sticks her middle finger up at me all the time!
She smiles sweetly most of the time
The occasional smile
She makes loving faces at me and blows kisses

Question 8:   Has your crush ever given you a present?
A knuckle sandwich!
Her phone number!
A card marked with her lips
A very expensive something!

Question 9:   How often is your crush around you?
Very rarely
Quite a lot
She tries SO hard to avoid me!
She gets one of her friends to spy on me!
Nearly every waking moment!

Question 10:   How would you sum up how your crush reacts around you?
She doesn't usually react at all
She often makes attempts to floor me!
She acts very strangely...............
She always comes over to flirt with me
She smiles sweetly and often says "hi"

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