Does My Crush Like Me? Test

Ever wanted someone like, really bad? Ever wanted to make a move, but were too embarrassed, thinking, "This person probably doesn't even LIKE me, let alone love me"? Find out for sure! Take this crush test to learn if you and your crush would be worth a try.

  • 1
    How often do you & your crush talk?
    How often do you & your crush talk?
  • 2
    When you two do talk, what's it like?
  • 3
    Has your crush ever flirted with other people while you were around?

  • 4
    Is your crush currently in a relationship?
  • 5
    Do you & your crush joke around a lot?
  • 6
    Has your crush ever complimented the way you look? Like calling you hot, sexy or pretty?

  • 7
    Has your crush ever pressured you to change or to do something against your will, just to fulfill his/her needs?
  • 8
    Imagine you catch your crush staring at you. What would be his/her reaction to being caught?
  • 9
    You're in class and your crush walks in late. There's an empty seat next to you & another next to one his/her acquaintances. Which of you would your crush choose to sit next to?
  • 10
    Do you think your crush knows you exist?

  • 11
    In a word, how would your crush describe you?
  • 12
    Finally - have you & your crush ever had a "moment"?

Comments (279)


982 days ago
Cute test i 100% like my crush.
984 days ago
Hello guys so cuteeeeeee 123456
985 days ago
i love my crush sooooooo much!
988 days ago
I really love Andrew and he likes me back, but he checks out other girls. I tried this test for fun. I don't actually believe this trash though.
989 days ago
I love him so much but I’m in a different relationship that I hate. In the one I hate, he doesn’t care about me at all, all he will do with me is tell me a joke in the morning. But with the other guy, I played with him every day before this virus, and he flirted with me a lot.
990 days ago
i like him he don't like me tho i might make a move on him once this virus goes away!
990 days ago
991 days ago
I don't like him, I love him!
991 days ago
I can't get anybody's attention
992 days ago
992 days ago
((maroon)I’m never going to be able to see him again
992 days ago
My crush Richard is shy thats why I like him.
1001 days ago
well that was fun to try
1002 days ago
I wish I found "true love" my real crush is with a dumb girl named Lashantie! But ant the same time I also like another I have like 6 DIFFERENT CRUSHES
1003 days ago
So I told my crush that I I like him and he said me to but idk if he is being honest with me or he just said that to not break my heart he live far away from me
1009 days ago
He never likes me but I like him😅 😱😨
1009 days ago
She look at me alot.
1010 days ago
I dont know but I had a crush on him since the first day of school!
1010 days ago
she loves Me
1012 days ago
I really don’t know I she likes me