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Does your crush know you like him/her? Quiz

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Have you wondered if your crush knows you like him? Take this test to find out

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    Do they whisper to their friends when you walk by them?

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92 days ago
yeah, im pretty quiet about my crush on him and i would literally die if he found out. But sometimes he catches me looking at him during class, really embarrassing. ToT
222 days ago
So he sadly didn’t confess me but I think he knows I like him I really don’t know what to think anymore but I think he knows I like him because of theses rude girls I told that I shouldn’t have trust bissally told him but I’m trying my hardest to get him to like me and I’m trying to confess but I’m just to nervous

Please wish me luck again because I’m really think I’m ready to confess I’m just to nervous
224 days ago
So I like this boy in my class I feel like he likes me back and tried confessing me but he was to nervous and didn’t end up doing it but this was actually yesterday and that’s why I’m taking this quiz but I feel like I’m going to actually end up at school today and he will try again today I will keep you guys up to update

Wish me luck
260 days ago
Simple-girl I also have a crush on a boy at church and he looks at me almost frequently. on March 6, Sunday when i walked in the church i saw him he saw me and he tried hiding himself behind his sister. I am 14 and he is probably 16. I hope. Anyways, I was the type of girl who like 4 boys at the same time and I struggled between and and another boy who went to the same church too. but afterawhile of seeing my crush I stuck to him and know I am immune to the other boys looking at me.

The question is who do you care for the most? Does your other crush like you? If he does then you have to pray for help because it was through prayer that helped me. Knowing that your church crush likes you back would make me stick with that one.

And who is cuter? I go for really good looking boys. And my crush, for me, is drop-dead gorgeous!

I have a crush on this boy for almost 2 years now, so I know what it's like.
266 days ago

"The They are starting to get the hints and may be suspicious of your crush. If you want them to know drop of a few more hints."

Today there was church. I saw my crush there. He kept on looking at me, whenever I wasn't looking at him. I had a crush on him about a year ago. I gave up and got another crush. But now, there's just a feeling inside of me that I still like him. I looked at him a final time during church. This time he was looking directly at me. He turned toward his friend, whispered in his ear, and looked at me. I freaked out! I still have a crush on my other one. But it's weird with the idea of "2 Crushes". I definitely like my crush more than the boy from church.
Can someone please help me though? I need advice!
271 days ago
honestly i hope my quiz results are wrong because if the dude i like knows our brotherhood could be broken- ack
353 days ago
Ik he know bc my sister told him
389 days ago
How DOES HE HAVE NO IDEA?!?!?! IM SOOO CONFUSED? I literally told him a while back , maybe he has no idea cause i told him im over him. I CANT BELIEVE IT WORKED😶
391 days ago
AHHH MY CRUSH KNOWSSSS (I told her that I had a crush, and her first guess was herself)
695 days ago
SAME spirit of fear I also never flirted with my crush cause I am too shy to :(
800 days ago
Nooooo, my crush knows :(
There goes 4 years of trying to keep it a secret-
1359 days ago
Once you flirt with your crush blah blah blah

True or false.
But i don’t flirt with my crush
1505 days ago
Are you a girl or boy
1518 days ago
I love omarya
1763 days ago
True or False... Why ?