Does My Crush Love Me, Too?

We normally know how we feel about a special someone, and how strongly we feel. What is much harder to know for certain is how your crush might feel about you. Have you been trying (and trying!) to guess? How frustrating! Well, good news - this question can be answered by taking this simple quiz!:)

  • 1
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
  • 2
    You know your crushes friends:
  • 3
    People make jokes about you two being a couple:

  • 4
    During the day, your crush comes to talk to you:
  • 5
    Your crush knows your friends:
  • 6
    When you and your crush talk, he/she normally:

  • 7
    You and your crush have known each other:
  • 8
    Your crush compliments you:
  • 9
    Your crush will go out of his/her way to do something for you:
  • 10
    Your crush and you get along:

Comments (83)


27 days ago
Got 80%... its a pretty good sign! Plus he just asked me to go get ice cream with him so YAYYYYYYY
32 days ago
aaaah can't believe this totally in SHOCK 😝😜🤪🙃😉😁
37 days ago
My crush bit his lips while speaking to me,was teasing me, smirks all the time at me, laughs when I laugh , we get in trouble for speaking to much to eachother, and pointed out that I need to trust him to be in a relationship but in a cute way that made us laugh,he is a wonderful guy,and I love him more than anything (sorry mum😂)
68 days ago
Idkk i want my crush to love me back
119 days ago
119 days ago
She stares a lot at me I’ve known her a few weeks now she smiles at me she not rude to me
She flirts at me
A lot
Some day a lot some days not that much
Her name is summer I’m gabriele
153 days ago
I got 60% and my crush and I are good friends and all but I am not really sure if he likes me because there is this other girl who is kind of my friend and he kind of teases her too and both of them kind of of tease each other but I don't think he stares at her. I am not sure
214 days ago
i got 60 % but its becase were like really good friends I ope she wants more she is bi i hope she likes girls cuz i am----never mind
246 days ago
yay 70% we have the same class together and i call him sheep cause hi hair is fluffy i think it will turn out well I'll tell you more tomorrow! bye
261 days ago
Oh and btw one time in like second grade all my friends but me were like kinda sitting in a circle staring at him and then the moment they noticed I existed they were like HI WHAT’S UP YOOOO NOTHINGS GOING ON RIGHT
261 days ago
So umm I got her likes me but idk BC hes basically my best friend so I don’t think it works in that case but I rlly wish I could just tell him

So we text every day he calls me like 3 times a day lol he’s super cute in an untraditional way he does this thing that some people would define as flirting and I just kinda am addicted to him haha he’s also rlly smart sweet cute and caring and kinda cuckoo sometimes (and I’m like the craziest person you’ve ever met according to my girl BFF ) we’re both 11 we both go to the same school but we don’t have classes together I’m friended to him in like every social thing ever and yeah he constantly calls me a princess also so EEKK
278 days ago
My crush’s friends hate my guts accept for like 3 of them, most of his friends are mean to me, but he is so funny silly and goofy, and soooooo cute.
About my crush:

Name: Chase Lordi

Age: we are both 11

Best friend: Peter Sapienza (hates my guts)

Hair: light brown, kinda reddish, short, used to go just above shoulders

Other facts: looks super cute in a baseball cap, has a little brown dot on his left cheek, kinda like a beauty mark but not really, super silly, in fourth grade to make me laugh he would pretend to hide behind a pencil and then peek out and pretend to be scared, also to make me laugh, he pronounces bill and ted, bill and Fred, Bill and ten, and bill and Sven, it’s adorable and so funny.
287 days ago
Soooo,......what if someones crush is shy so he/she doesn't want to talk to the person who is crushing on them but he/she is actually also crushing on them?
311 days ago
I got 40% but I don’t he likes me but he might I honestly don’t wannna know but I do
312 days ago
I got 5o %
This is honestly sorta weird bc this is like all the others legit every one of the crush quizzes have the does he ever stare or something
404 days ago
40%... He always flirts with me and he tries to impress me though...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh what have I been kidding myself with?
449 days ago
Oh thats nice, Everyone knows I like him at my school. There is NO WAY he likes me back-
495 days ago
586 days ago
I've done like a billion quizzes trying to get an answer, but it's usually 40-60 percent which just makes me even more confused. And even when it says that he likes me, it might not be true because he's really nice and sweet in general. And we're really good friends so I don't know if he likes me or he's just being friendly. People ship us sometimes, but they also used to ship me with my BFF who was more like a brother to me, so I don't think that's super accurate.
Ugh! I just want to marry this guy already!!!!
591 days ago
I have 60% and it is scary 😱