Does My Crush Love Me, Too? 🥰

Are you constantly daydreaming about your crush, but not sure if they feel the same way? Do you find yourself analyzing their every move, wondering if it's a sign of their affection towards you?
Well, it's time to put your detective skills to the test and find out if your crush is secretly crushing on you too!

This quiz will ask you a series of questions designed to help you determine if your crush is interested in you romantically, so get ready to answer some questions, and let's find out if your crush is the one for you! 💖

  • 1
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
  • 2
    You know your crushes friends:
  • 3
    People make jokes about you two being a couple:

  • 4
    During the day, your crush comes to talk to you:
  • 5
    Your crush knows your friends:
  • 6
    When you and your crush talk, he/she normally:

  • 7
    You and your crush have known each other:
  • 8
    Your crush compliments you:
  • 9
    Your crush will go out of his/her way to do something for you:
  • 10
    Your crush and you get along:

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1115 days ago
Soooo,......what if someones crush is shy so he/she doesn't want to talk to the person who is crushing on them but he/she is actually also crushing on them?
1138 days ago
I got 40% but I don’t he likes me but he might I honestly don’t wannna know but I do
1140 days ago
I got 5o %
This is honestly sorta weird bc this is like all the others legit every one of the crush quizzes have the does he ever stare or something
1232 days ago
40%... He always flirts with me and he tries to impress me though...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh what have I been kidding myself with?
1276 days ago
Oh thats nice, Everyone knows I like him at my school. There is NO WAY he likes me back-
1323 days ago
1414 days ago
I've done like a billion quizzes trying to get an answer, but it's usually 40-60 percent which just makes me even more confused. And even when it says that he likes me, it might not be true because he's really nice and sweet in general. And we're really good friends so I don't know if he likes me or he's just being friendly. People ship us sometimes, but they also used to ship me with my BFF who was more like a brother to me, so I don't think that's super accurate.
Ugh! I just want to marry this guy already!!!!
1419 days ago
I have 60% and it is scary 😱
1421 days ago
Does not really work. It just give you a random percent. I got 90%, then 20%, then 60%. It is all a LIE!!!!!
1421 days ago
1434 days ago
hecc 50% bless me ;-;
1434 days ago
I got 60%! I'm not so sure we will date because my friend is in the way, she likes him too T-T. My other friend told my crush that my friend liked him and he was blushing!!! Since I figured out she likes him, I've been keeping away that I like him. I don't think it'll work out...
1498 days ago
1587 days ago
I’m taking this test even thought that I have boyfriend what I know loves me but he’s aggressive and hotheaded so this didn’t end up too well Xd
1595 days ago
My crush and I had really special moments like eye contact , i fought him staring at me , almost love but recently i made a fake account to chat with him and when i asked him about his crush he told another girl so was he lying to me about the girl or those special moments were just moments
1604 days ago
Still bissexual and my crush isn't never going to work
1641 days ago
It was good
1645 days ago
My crush told me he likes me and we talk all the time and we say I love yous and stuff but we aren't dating and he's always talking to other girls and stuff and he's really weird. I don't know. He treats me like a sister :(
1655 days ago
Also ive liked him since 4th grade and almost into 8th grade
1655 days ago
My crush is just the best! He is sooooo cute and his name is Anthony Lara, and he looks at me when he has the good veiw. Im pretty sure he likes me! Also its a 93-99% on all the quizes i take that he likes me, accualy into me