Does My Crush Love Me, Too? 🥰

Are you constantly daydreaming about your crush, but not sure if they feel the same way? Do you find yourself analyzing their every move, wondering if it's a sign of their affection towards you?
Well, it's time to put your detective skills to the test and find out if your crush is secretly crushing on you too!

This quiz will ask you a series of questions designed to help you determine if your crush is interested in you romantically, so get ready to answer some questions, and let's find out if your crush is the one for you! 💖

  • 1
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
  • 2
    You know your crushes friends:
  • 3
    People make jokes about you two being a couple:

  • 4
    During the day, your crush comes to talk to you:
  • 5
    Your crush knows your friends:
  • 6
    When you and your crush talk, he/she normally:

  • 7
    You and your crush have known each other:
  • 8
    Your crush compliments you:
  • 9
    Your crush will go out of his/her way to do something for you:
  • 10
    Your crush and you get along:

Comments (91)


1670 days ago
im hoping she will like me back cus i got 70, she is the best person i know
1712 days ago
Ayyy 70 she always stares at me but i never thouht she liked me
1730 days ago
I got 80% that he likes me but the thing is he’s my best friend so I think us being close is just because were best friends.
1784 days ago
once me and my crush who's name is brandon went on a dater together and almost kissed but there is this very mean girl who would do anything to hang out with him and she flirts with him a lot .There have been a lot of times when he tries to say something romantic to me like to go out together but mackenzie the mean girl always butts in!

what shall do???
1786 days ago
Well, I got 50% AND! I also did a different test and got the same result. My crush is super funny, even though he makes comments DURING the lesson I still think that he's funny. But, I'm WAAAAY too scared to ask him to date, my friend told him that I like him and she told me that he was blushing while she showed him the text I sent her and... He apparently smiled too which makes me smile, my friend and my crush are BFFs but, she likes my other friend sooooo... My friend thinks that he likes me back but, I don't think so... My friends are going to try to get us together and my other friend (not the one who my friend has a crush on) and I, are going to try to get her and my other friend together. 😊
1812 days ago
30% chance we will be dating by now. Is that good?
1824 days ago
OMGGGGG, Me and my crush went to a few parties together, he also asked me to the dance. I like him he likes me, but he also likes this freaking mean as girl. WHAT DO I DO???He also stares at me ;)
1845 days ago
when i first came to this school this year, the first person that i looked at was my crush...
Then i started to fall in love... I dunno why but i have a feeling that he likes me like (a lot) bc in class everyday he touches my face and kisses me on the fore head... and i asked him why he does that and his reply was ( just because).. And then every day after school he gives me a piggy back XD ! and i know him really well whether i only came this yr bc he's my next door neighbour. So we ride to school everyday together XDDDDDDDDDD.
Another thing his friends say that he has a big fat crush on me. So i asked my crush if he liked me and he said............... yes XD
Then it became awkward so i left...
and his friends told me that he is going to ask me out XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
BTW his name is Moses Stromvall O'Brien
1879 days ago
We known each other since kindergarten!!!! And we gat along as well as well can be!!! He’s super funny, and, I even look like him A LOT!!! I so happy about my results!!!!! 😁😁😁😊😊😊
1897 days ago
I have my classmates -- we used to be seatmates but I'm now on his right-lower back. I'm a new students and most of my friends are close to him (girl bestfriends) , his my is rafael. His friends--that are actually my friends too but don't actually hang out together , told me that he already know that I like him. And when my friends tease him (about me) like "rafael i dare you to say hi to hana" something like that she always disagree like "NO WAY". I'm a kpoper and most of the time when we talk our topic is kpop and he tease my bias SUGA, he always mention and bash him while talking to me 😭😭

Can that also be a sign or nah?
1900 days ago
I like this boy name Filip and he stares at me a lot and we get along very well but his friends say he likes me but he says he likes someone else
1911 days ago
I love him his name is Riley and he has a girlfriend but they just got together but he still likes me and when I go up to him he stops talking and then talks to me please tell he loves me back so he can dump his girlfriend and stay with me for ever
1928 days ago
Does my crush love me
There was a time my pen fell down he stopped it with is leg and for me
He isbalways staring at me that he is always looking where ever i go but he Luke another person 😔
1929 days ago
his name is Camden Bradley.but I also have another crush.
1929 days ago
I have a crush but someone else in my class confessed her love. I honestly don't know why we aren't dating just like the quiz said.
1936 days ago
Marie do u go to a school in the uk
1938 days ago
My friends crush(we're already good friends), and I were playing kiss kill marry. Each time my name came up he called me by my nickname and said I choose her! 😳
1938 days ago
When I'm with my friend who's a fan of Hamilton she hums the song Helpless.
1980 days ago
i know my crush likes me but i am falling in love with him and he is planning to ask me out soon but still. I want him to like me more than i like him
1980 days ago
Wheelp, i think my crush loves me. There's a bunch of reasons:
+ When i was sitting on the table to get afternoon snack, he came to me and put his hand on my hand :O
+ He always hugs me or put his arms around my shoulders.
+ We always send letters in class.
+ He sometimes calls me by my nickname :D
+ When the Student Monitor Vote in on, he voted me first!
+ I was talking to our teacher then he came and asked: 'Whats goin on?!'''
+ He wore caps one day, i asked him if i could borrow one, he gave me!
Sadly,.... the teacher moved him to another seat when he sat next to me! I HATE THE TEACHEERRR. WELL, i dont care. My friends always encourage me to confession of love to him hehe :D