Does My Crush Love Me, Too? 🥰

Are you constantly daydreaming about your crush, but not sure if they feel the same way? Do you find yourself analyzing their every move, wondering if it's a sign of their affection towards you?
Well, it's time to put your detective skills to the test and find out if your crush is secretly crushing on you too!

This quiz will ask you a series of questions designed to help you determine if your crush is interested in you romantically, so get ready to answer some questions, and let's find out if your crush is the one for you! 💖

  • 1
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
    When you casually look back at your crush, he/she is:
  • 2
    You know your crushes friends:
  • 3
    People make jokes about you two being a couple:

  • 4
    During the day, your crush comes to talk to you:
  • 5
    Your crush knows your friends:
  • 6
    When you and your crush talk, he/she normally:

  • 7
    You and your crush have known each other:
  • 8
    Your crush compliments you:
  • 9
    Your crush will go out of his/her way to do something for you:
  • 10
    Your crush and you get along:

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2095 days ago
I hope their right but it will be sooooo weird if my Crush and my bff finds out that I like him......
2102 days ago
My crush and I kissed two times but I haven't told anyone and neither has he but the truth is my friends don't like him but I love him and he loves me
2103 days ago
My crush and I get along ,actually it was just recently that we started talking a lot more . He's told me that he likes me multiple times; but he also likes my two best friends, He's is actually kinda dating one right now . They all know that i like him , but its just complicated.Just so that I don't get in my friend's way ; i try to tell myself i don't like him , but I'M IN LOVE with him and I don't know what to do.Sometimes in class we glance at each other '' I stare'' and he smiles at me. He is really cute and funny , but sometimes ignores me and FLIRTS with my BEST friends and makes me JEALOUS.
2109 days ago
I have been hearing him likes me but i still don't know about it
2132 days ago
2133 days ago
I dont know if this test is real, my friends have asked him if he likes me back and his responce is "kind-of". Last year my friend asked him if he liked me at all,..(and ive known his sence fourth grade) so he said hes liked me since fourth grade!! And that was in sith grade, Im in seventh now. Last year he asked me we dated for four months! Halloween, to Christmas!! Then he told me he liked another girl...dumped me....(And i know...what a jerky move to dump me before christmas?!) THEN told me that he dosnt like this "other girl" anymore, and all my friends, and his, say were meant for each other, were gonna get mairied, all this 💗. Today, my other friend was all, "sooo, you and leelee huh? You guys dated?" And his responce was "Yeah, and i kind if regret it." I dont even know what to believe anymore!!😥
2156 days ago
I was taking this test just for fun beacouse i told my crush i like him and he said that he likes me too but for now we are just very close friends
2318 days ago
Omg he likes me! I don't like him though. We both get along really well though!
2598 days ago
My crush is my friend but i love him so much,what should i do? should i tell him directly or just ignore him?
2727 days ago
I love my crush and I have a feeling he likes me. Well I have two crushes but I can't explain about what happened to the first one. So now I like this guy. And we'll, first of all. He is my friends brother. And I had a weird dream about him that made me a bit uncomfortable. He asked to marry me (I am still too young for that) and then I said yes. Before our wedding I was crying and I didn't want to get married. He had a creepy look on his face. And you know how you say "I do". I just screamed "NO!" And ran out of the place.
2820 days ago
Iam in love with my crush and something tell me that he love me but he is to shy to say and am tired but i cant stop lov