Does he/she like you as much as you like him/her?

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This is crush test...if you really have a crush...prove it here..
Find out does you crush like you or not or if you don't talk to him/her much but you still like him/her...good luck!

  • 1
    Do you think he likes you? It is very important for starting this quiz...
  • 2
    What do you think about him/her?
  • 3
    Have you had any dreams or do you think about him/her all day or all night on...?

  • 4
    Are you into him/her?
  • 5
    Why do you like him/her?
  • 6
    If you meet...what do you talk about?

  • 7
    How often do you talk?
  • 8
    How old are you?
  • 9
    Does he/she look at you and smile every time? And then he/she turns around when you caught him/her red-handed?
  • 10
    How does he/she sees you?

  • 11
    Does he/she try to stick around with you?
  • 12
    Does he/she talk about you?
  • 13
    Has he/she ever mistreated you?
  • 14
    Are your friends pairing him/her with another person? Does he/she likes it?
  • 15
    Has he/she ever asked you out? Or he/she likes you company?
    Has he/she ever asked you out? Or he/she likes you company?

Comments (24)


12 days ago
ha! it said we were going to have a hapily ever after... honey i've been waiting 2 years knowing he likes me but he has a "girlfriend." she was my friend but i knew she liked him so i backed off. turns out he liked me but thought i didn't like him. they have had an off and on relashionship. i am so confused bc he supposedly likes me. ahhhhhhhh
120 days ago
i found out that he only wants to be friends
283 days ago
OMG! Well he might be trying to make you jealous. Otherwise, just leave him and move on.
315 days ago
It says he likes me a lot and we will have happily ever after, but I don't really know because he likes this girl and she likes him, and whenever I am around them I get hurt in the inside. Every one says they don't go well together and they encourage me to wait a little longer too. I have liked him for 3 years and it is killing me, my best friend says it will blow over, but whenever I stop liking him, my feelings always come up or I have been hiding an excuse that I don't like him. I have tried to tell him how I feel, but I am afraid that our friendship will end! I just really want to be by him and be someone he can lean on. If my crush gets this I want you to understand that you mean a lot to me and I hope that someday we can be more than just friends. To Ash. I like you. From Izellah
318 days ago
It says he likes me very much and soon it will be a happily ever after! I hope its true! I told my crush I like him, he seems happy but won't tell me if he likes me back. He is still really sweet and defends me! He teases me but not in a mean way, I also catch him looking at me. Please let this be true! Imnscarednof rejection. Lol😂
556 days ago
my crush LOVES ME
613 days ago
it says he likes me! i hope thats true...
774 days ago
There we go, he is a year senior from me. It has been about a year. i liked him somewhat. then a couple of days ago he had a game match. I saw him playing, his team spirit, he didn't cared for one two goals, instead he laughed on it. But when he came to his own, it was like awesome! how he threw the ball and the power and when he jumped. How perfect he was i realized. And that was not the only reason i like him but because he notices me. Stares without any fear and smiles. That has won my heart. But you know what, when i was passing by he misused a word for me and my BFFs with whom i am known all over the school. He is in 8th. I am in 7th. lovely, isn't it?
790 days ago
Oof i only see him in homeroom and newspaper club but i think he might like me cause he always sits/stands really close to me and acts all playful and teasing. Also he's a total nerd which is cool too lol

Theres this other girl too tho and they mess around too (not in that way lmao) and i also remember that once people were talking about her having a bf in 7th grade (shes in 8th and the dude's in 7th) but my friend wont tell me who it was, also apparently she broke up with that dude so idk if that was him or some other random kid lol who knows
824 days ago
Has he loves me and soon we will be happy if your reading I like you Micheal
842 days ago
dude that was harsh lol
870 days ago
so he apparently like me but he doesn't realize it... What? I'm confused.

I like this boy(obviously) and I want to tell him but I don't have the guts, one of my friends told me he likes me but that was like 3 weeks ago so I need help😂 What should I do?
1051 days ago
I feel terrible when me and my nearly best friend boy broke up and our friendship shattered like glass. I really worry about him. This quiz says that he likes me, but it's deep within the heart. I am afraid that he will never talk to me anymore. So I cannot interact with him at all. I really need help o bring back our friendship back again.
1058 days ago
he likes me back yes maybe i will tell him... but how someone halp me.... i need advise on how to tell him....

I REALLY LIKE HIM: he teases me, pulls my hair, talks to me whenever we get the chance, and he has hugged me a few times. also, in my opinion he's kinda cute, but i guess no one else thinks that. also his whole class (he's one year older than me) apparently knows i like him. oh and one of his close friends tells us, or the air, that he can see how we'd be good for each other. HELP ME
1093 days ago
And @purplemuffin I’m sure he does like u but be careful cos if it’s just a cute friendship then u don’t wanna ruin it bbs x
1093 days ago
@bluekitkat of course u keep talking girl! That rumour 😻 is no competition (no offence 2 her)! I’m sure one day he’ll be ur bae 😘🔥
1109 days ago
So I like this guy and we have known each other for 5 or 6 months and we met in gym class. We sit next to each other and talk every single day. We always look at each other and just randomly smile, but I don't know If he like me back. I have him high fives and we have chased each other around the gym before when we play games. Do you guys think he like me??
1132 days ago
Hey @idunnoifiwannagivethisinfo mixed signals like what? I can try and give some advice
1141 days ago
Hi. I've liked this guy for like a year now, but we're both pretty shy so we don't talk too much. Talking to people I don't have a crush on is hard enough for me. We are both on the swim team, so I've talked to him at our meets and practices, as well as a few other times. I've asked him for small favors, which he always does. In the halls I often catch him staring at me, and we usually make eye contact. I was pretty sure he didn't have a girlfriend, but there were rumors.

Then today I saw the girl from the rumors cuddling with him in the hall. My friend and I walked by, and he just kept glancing over at us. It was uncomfortable.

I'm pretty sure he can't like me, am I right? Should I continue trying to talk to him? Any advice on what to do?
1157 days ago
So... i dunno. apparently he likes me, but im getting mixed signals too... is that good? hes super smart, cute, and sporty. How could i not like him, as a book nerd? oh, and also Desperate4LUV, how do you think a guy who barely talks to anyone could confess to me? i will be checking for a response, so plzplzplz answer i would be in heaven if we both confessed. Thanks! :)