Should You Keep Trying with Your Crush?

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To see whether your crush would be interested in you, and/or if you should keep acting the way you do towards him/her, try this test! It will also tell you whether he/she would possibly be worth all your effort.

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    Do they ever gaze at you?
    Do they ever gaze at you?

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399 days ago
So. My friend know about my crush and she's a bit close friend with my crush but she never told him about me I know.. but...🥺 She told my bff and make her promise that not to tell me..when she asked my crush about his crush he said her name she asked 3-4 times then he said he's just joking she said this to my bff. I get to know this from my bff yes.. my bff promised her but she can't hide something like this to she told me..😢 but I like him for 6th grade and I don't know what to do...
One time I try to ask my that friend about that secret that she told me bff but she said she forget I know she does not want to make me sad too but I know about it already... They don't even feel awkward around each other..
It's a little funny that me and my crush never talk to each other but still are in same class I remember him saying my name two times one in 7grade and other in 9th.. you would be thinking how can I be so sure but I am.. now I so confused what to do I sometimes think that he know that I look at him😳 one time I just for a min looked at his eyes and he too. My heart start beating like it gonna be pop out... We Brock our eye contact in that minute only
Help me with something please IAM so confused I'm just not being able to give up on him but I think I have too.. what can I do :( and sometimes I think that he is trying to get my attention 🥺 he-he's just I can't speak to him I'm so shy around him..
I want some help.. from y'all...
1487 days ago
Quiz is likely directed more at girls but I took it and got “You’re going pretty well. I’d say keep going! There’s a chance they are interested! Just be careful because there’s still a chance they’re not.”

Unfortunately I know what the answer should be. Room for improvement on this quiz.
1551 days ago
Great quiz

Wish he feels the same way like i do
2199 days ago
Actually, now that I think about it, it's starting to go up. Still, otherwise, no...😐😐😐😞😞😞😢😢😢😭😭😭
2199 days ago
I have been trying for almost over a year. I probably didn't answer it accurately, or this test isn't accurate.
2201 days ago
Okay I'm totally going for it then! Thanks! Great quiz!