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How to tell if a Christian Guy likes you? Quiz

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Do you have a crush at church that you would like to know if he is really interested in you or he/she is genuinely kind & friendly, sees you as one of the staff/sister/brother & has no other decision but to love his/her brother like christ loved the world?

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you both serve... is it compulsory for you to be around each other... you both decide to be among the group or each other?
  • 3
    Does he know you, what relationship do you share?

  • 4
    Do you really like this person? if so what are your intentions?
  • 5
    Do you think they feel the same, a little interested or not at all!
  • 6
    Do you make some kind of currently contact & what kind?

  • 7
    How often are you around each other?
  • 8
    How do you feel about her/him...
  • 9
    What happens if you two walk past each other?
  • 10
    Does he/she ever look or stare at you during church?

  • 11
    Have they ever walked up to you before or after church?
  • 12
    Does s/he ever goes out of her/his way to see you, for example outside of school/work/church or however
  • 13
    How old are they?
  • 14
    Is he in a relationship
  • 15
    Do you think s/he has a crush on somebody else?

Comments (16)


162 days ago
this is cool. Well perceptions that some one likes you can be hard to deal with but these quiz are helpful.
395 days ago
I like this ten year old boy I’m 21 so I have to wait like some 10 years I like him but he seems gay and I’m into the gays I support lbgtq because I have a lbgtq friend my friends support me and say we would look amazing together he has no hair he wears this cute shorts and a nice personality I think we should get married once he’s 20 I would be 31 and he would be 20!!! I honestly can’t imagine a world without my loving brother you know what they say keep the family close🤞🏻😹😂🤣#familylove#keepthefamily🍷🍷🍷🍷
490 days ago
I really like this one guy in my church he's shy and I'm shy and the farthest we have gotten is like two words awkwardly spoken to each other. But I do look at him A LOT hoping he's looking at me and most of the time he is. ♥️♥️♥️ But I'm not really sure if he's looking at me to see if I'm looking at him again😁 (in a negative way) or if he's looking to see if I'm looking at him🥰 (in a positive way). Idk if he really does like me he mom is so sweet and his sister is like my best friend. Weird right!?! But I'll wait and see who the Lord wants to put in my life. I know anything I try to make happen is not going to turn out as well as something God' going to make happen.
552 days ago
I think my crush at church likes me too..bc several times I've caught him staring at me..usually when we're having our music practice..I sing and he plays the keyboard...but whats confusing is that,,when his around or church he talks to me only if theres a need to ask for ...but than he texts me everyday of the week n sends me heart emojies..but it is clear to me that he likes me too...i just dont know who is going to break the ice
598 days ago
It said he’s showing more signs that he’s trying not be be obvious...well great :/
652 days ago
I feel like he does and doesn't like me. It's so unclear. Sometimes he gives me signs that he probably likes me, but since covid, we've grown further apart. 😭🥺💔
706 days ago
Lol me and my crush kinda just became friends a few days ago but my dumb self had to catch feelings-
716 days ago
I think she likes me. She stares at me A LOT in church and class.
824 days ago
Is. Good to test us. So nothing much to talk about here. And we are friends and he has also told me he likes me before but I didn't say anything.
837 days ago
We missed and dis said we just friends
1020 days ago
I think he likes me and like he stares at me all the time and when we make eye contact we hold it for a few minutes and it’s like AAAAAA 🥺🥺🥺
1068 days ago
Yup, I go to Grace Babtist. And I totally like him, and possibly vice versa. 🤨
1133 days ago
i think he likes me. he came to my house and i opend the door and he was like. "ohhhhh hi. how are you. thats great to hear. im perfect.this is for you." he handed me a bag. and i said me or my family. "your family sorry." he walked away. and he always stares at me. do you think he likes me.
1181 days ago
hi so it says he doesnt but i think he does honestly he stares at me and he is th only one who ever noices if i change dresses or a necklace or even a inch of my hair. (im sure others notice but he only says stuff) i really like him but im not sure bc hes a mormon and so am i!!! mormons dont date till 16 do you think its still possible he might like me???
1282 days ago
My church crush is like my all time crush he’s really nice and we both play a type of hockey. He’s also REALLY cute and sporty. He’s friends with my brother and I think we both like each other. We had this confrontation at Golfland and his little brothers called out to me here’s your bf -blank- here’s your bf. we ended up hanging out with them and his little brothers asked if I like him and I said yes. He went over to him and said did u hear that -blank-!!! Did u hear that she likes you!! Later in the week I told my older brother, he was friends with him, and he didn't think he likes me he said that he has a gf already!! Now I don’t know if he likes me!! It’s really confusing bc he stares at me All the time
1639 days ago
well i’ve already noticed for several weeks that my crush in church likes me, but i think this test actually confirmed it!!😄🤩