Do I Like Him/Her? (Online)

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Do you talk to a girl/boy online a great deal? Do you like this person, or is it nothing? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Do you talk to this person often?

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23 days ago
I saw the first few comments n I was more than excited to read the whole story guys 😂
204 days ago
328 days ago

The drama in the chats below 😭

@Mary and @Micheal . You guys made my day 😂
1299 days ago
hoi there! (whoever is reading this) i do have Online Boyfriend annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd im not even sure if i know whats love cuz, i think about him alot or idk he havent been online for a few weeks now, he told his phone got taken away so yea, i havent even got any sleep ;-; (at least i tried to) but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, bye potatoes :D
1645 days ago
"It's okay not to know" BUT THAT'S WHAT I CAME HERE FOR?!
1802 days ago
i am confusion??!! why would anyone date online in the first place??
1804 days ago
...this is why you don't date online.
1807 days ago
Fine, bye Micheal l thought you were a nice person, and btw l did like you even before l knew you were a boy, l was going to ask ou out but you asked sugar sweet so l backed off, and l did really wanted to be friends, l am not mad l just wish we could be more. Sorry l hope you like me a little bit:(
1808 days ago
Do you even love me????
1808 days ago
I don't love you and I'm never getting on this quiz ever again
1808 days ago
Micheal babe plz l love you!!!!!!!!
1808 days ago
You.know how you love your parents and etc... but dont wont to kiss them, thats what its like, and l lovenyou more!
1808 days ago
Micheal babe dont leave me!!? I love you!!!
1808 days ago
Yeah okay tell me something about yourself?
1808 days ago
1808 days ago
Yeah Ive got to go shortly tho
1808 days ago
Micheal you here? You want to talk?
1808 days ago
Savvanah isn't my name it's micheal and I'm a boy
1808 days ago
Okaaaay.. I'm confused on who's a boy or girl, I think I'll go now
1808 days ago
I am ok guys I'm really a boy sorry for lying