Does My Online Crush Like Me Back? Quiz

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There are loads of crush quizzes, but few are for online crushes. That makes it hard to get an accurate result. That changes now with my quiz! Disclaimer: This might not be 100 percent accurate for everyone who takes it.

  • 1
    How do you feel about the person?
  • 2
    How do your conversations happen?
  • 3
    How long do your conversations last?

  • 4
    What are your conversations about?

  • 5
    How often do you see each other (both online and in real life)? 

  • 6
    How much do you know about one another? (You shouldn’t share too much information online, anyway!)

  • 7
    How do your conversations go?
  • 8
    How does he usually respond to you?
  • 9
    How many interests do you share? (Games, books, maybe even a wedding spot ;)
  • 10
    Finally, how much interest have they expressed in you?

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83 days ago
a a. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a. No nonononnonononnonononooooo
83 days ago
just sad rn cuz he said its awkward to talk with me no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
83 days ago
dom dom dom dom yes yes yes yes yes yes im heart broken yes yes yes yes yes he liked my classmates no no no no no no ono no ski ski ski ski dom dom dom yes yes
191 days ago
oml,I have never done one of these quizzes and been online while somebody else was online at the same point!Anyways,I get you @Helpless chickand I think you should confess to him yourself,after all the boys always have to do the asking-
191 days ago
"They probably like you. There is some extreme chemistry, but it might be that you two are great friends and only friends. This is a low possibility though, and when the time is ready, you should confess! "

I've known this guy who's only a few months older than me for about a year or two and he's( supposedly )confessed that he's into me and I'm into him too although he apparently has a few other crushes.
I feel like he's lying and is just trying to make me feel better although I feel miserable and invisible inside like I don't exist to him.
He knows the city I live in-since we both coincidentally love in the same area of Japan.
If you read this,I'm sorry but I'm trying to move on and look at life away from the screen,hope you understand and If you do truly like me back then ask me while you can~
271 days ago
I’ve been friends with this guy through our online games for a couple months now, but I developed a crush recently when I found out there’s only a one day age difference even though he acts quite immature. We live on other sides of the world so are often online when the other person is asleep. We also both want to talk outside of the game but we don’t have any of the same messaging apps. I know a couple things about him (country he lives in, real name (he doesn’t know mine though), and date of birth) I think he might like me but I’m not really sure.
334 days ago
I kinda like my internet friend, we been friends for only 2 months, but we are really close. We never shared on how we look or voice, we share our feelings and interests and we have alot in common, but i dont think he likes me. Also ik his age, but he doesnt know mine and i will never confess to them cuz theyre 6 years older than me :(. But though they do act like a kid just that theyre mature. And im not gonna tell them my age because i dont want them to see me just as a kid. I told one internet friend my age (she is the same age as this person) and she kinda stopped talking to me so thats why im scared to tell them. Also that friend that i talked about in the start knows how mentally ill i am and all that doesnt sound like an 11 year old would have. And yes ik that we can be only friends, i wish i was born earlier and the same age as them.
355 days ago
So I'm 16 and he's 15 (I'm a year and a half older) and we met on roblox about 3 and a half or so years ago. We text, call, play games together practically every day and make jokes and stuff abt dating but I'm almost positive he's joking. I do kinda like him but I feel weird about it. He's younger than me and I feel it's weird to like someone that much younger?? He makes stupid and offensive jokes but knows when to be serious and when to take me seriously. Idk, we've never talked abt it other than a joke and my "flirting" is absolutely awful. We have talked about meeting and what we'll do when we meet and we both have said we want to be friends for a long time. Am I weird?? Is our age gap a problem? Am I a pedo??? I don't even know why I ended up liking him 😭
387 days ago
i like a boy called sam
433 days ago
Me (18) and him (17) know each other since we were 13-14. we used to date at that age as a roleplay. My mother didn't approve him thinking he was a 60 year old man. We are 1 year apart, I lost connection with him until January of 2022, I felt so happy. I do know his full name, and his face since we were kids. He changed a awfully a lot, he had dyed hair, and does more cool things. We did reunite in Minecraft, and we met on Animal Jam. I do have a boyfriend that I've been with for almost 3 years, and my boyfriend did admit he cheated on me by kissing this girl's cheek. My crush got so mad, wrote paragraphs (he never act like that) he probably sees me as his sister by being very protective. I tried to push my feelings away cause I don't think he sees the same way. I cried every night cause I miss him very much cause I think texting him again will invade his space, and intervene with his life. He does love a girl he started talking to, . I wanna be his best friend, and help him get that girl. I am very shy, but I want him to be very happy. I don't want him hurt, he went through so much when I was forced to abandon him by my mother. On the minecraft SMP, I tried to help him by building camp sites, and etcFOR HIM TO READ ONLYHey if you see this comment, I'm sorry. I don't think you don't see the same like I do. I get it, I'm sorry I hurt you really bad in the past. I cried for months when I was forced to abandon/break up with you. I went through extreme depression, I even almost give up my own life. Man I want you to be happy, I don't want you feel uncomfortable/embarassed. Also man don't get too angry over my relationship problems, is that what friends supposed to do? I'm feeling depressed, and lonely since I didn't text you 1 or 2 weeks ago.Fossiliious isn't my real username. It's a different username. I'm sorry you went through all of this because of me. I 🦄 HURT YOU, IM A BAD FRIEND, I HURTED YOU SO BAD IM 🦄 SORRY MY MOTHER WOULDNT LET ME TEXT YOU.I LOVE YOU BUT YOU DONT LOVE ME BACK. GO FIND YOUR PERFECT GUY/GIRL DUDE.IM SUCH A BAD FRIEND / EX GF I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE FOR YOU CUZ I WAS ALONE. IM SUCH A 🦄🦄FRIEND IM SORRY I LOVE YOU. I AM THINKING OF LOSING MY LIFE AGAIN
472 days ago
So I like this boy. I saw him on tictok a few months ago. I've liked him ever since I think he's cute and what not. His tictoks are always funny. I decided to text him the other day. I told two of my close friends there response were not great to be honest. One thought he looked like he'd be mean in real life🙁 The other got the vibe he was selfish. Anyway a few days ago it was Valentines I couldn't help my self I sent an insta message. He answered!! Then he followed me back. I've been talking with him for a couple of days. But the conversation has been all about him. He knows nothing about me he's never seen my face or nothing. I asked him if he found it weird to text a person he knows nothing about. He said he's grand with it. I'm about eight months younger then him. Most of my friends are older. Today I asked if its OK for me too send a voice message he said yes. So I'll do that tommro. I hope he's nice. I hope my friends are wrong. Now he might just be under the weather he said he was sick! Any advice I'll take please!!!

I'm very weird and I do say weird things. And he's putting up with me!! IDK it just feels like there something nice about it. I'm always so careful I would never ever message but I got a good vibe. I think he gets a good vibe from me too. All the girls he follows on insta that follow him are really pretty he's never seen my face😬
479 days ago
I got a crush on this guy from discord his name is Isaiah (he's 14)
485 days ago
Ok so...I've developed this crush on a guy I met on Discord (he's 15) and I was in denial for quite a while until recently. I can't help myself. He is in the same school organization as me (it's online) and to be honest, I have NEVER seen his face, NEVER heard his voice, but still have a crush on him. He obviously doesn't like me back though but I'm okay with that because I don't mind being friends. He mostly just drops short responses when we chat like "lol." If I ask him about more important stuff though he might or might not give a lengthy answer, but usually it's just quick replies. Anyway, just thought I'd share and if he sees this (highly unlikely) then pls don't freak out XD
509 days ago
ok so idk why i did this he accedently said he loved me today, like we were talking and he said he feel love for me but doesn’t want to say it yet cuz it’s too early (a little over a month) but he says i’m perfect for him and i’m all this and that constanly compliments me and we fit eachother. i really like him we’ve been dating for like 4 days, he lives so far tho
580 days ago
660 days ago