Does he/she like me?

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If you are here, you are probably wondering if your crush or anyone else likes you. It can be anyone who you think may have a crush on you, but please don't take this quiz too seriously. I made this for fun and with my experiences!

  • 1
    So, let's start with a common one!
    Does he/she often stare at you?
  • 2
    Now, when he/she stares at you and you notice it, what does he/she do?
  • 3
    So, who starts the conversation between you two?

  • 4
    What do YOU think about it, does he/she like you? Take a moment to think about it if you're not sure!
    (this WON'T affect your score.)
  • 5
    Does he/she protects you? For example: You are in a fight and he/she protects you. Did something like that ever happen?
    (if you're not/not often in fights, then something similar.)
  • 6
    Is he/she answering your text messages often or are you often texting? (If you don't have his/her number, then in a conversation, is he/she really listening and not just saying "mhm", "sure" and actually seems interested?)

  • 7
    Who starts TEXTING? if you don't have his/her number, just tap on the 3rd.
  • 8
    Almost there! Why did you take this quiz? It's obvious that you thought he/she might like you, but think a bit deeper.
  • 9
    Do his/her friends act weird around you? Like saying strange stuff?
  • 10
    Did you like this test? I hope so!
    Now, the last question!
    Did he/she change for you? Did he/she act different around you or changed him/her self?

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