❤️ Does your Crush Like You? (Quiz) ❤️

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Reader! Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you back? Me too! This quiz can tell you if your crush probably likes you, if they don't quite see you that way.

Remember, this is just a quiz and might not be 100% accurate!

  • 1
    How well do you know your crush?
  • 2
    Do you like the same things as your crush?
  • 3
    How often do you hang out?

  • 4
    Does your crush act differently around you? (As far as you know)?
  • 5
    Can you see them getting to know you better?
  • 6
    How long have you known them?

  • 7
    When you hang out, who asks?
  • 8
    Do they enjoy your company?
  • 9
    Do they ever seem uncomfortable with you?
  • 10
    And Lastly, was this quiz useful so far? (Doesn't effect your score!:) )?

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692 days ago
It is very likely they like you as more than a friend! You result is really good, so I can definitely see you and them! So go for it! They probably see you as something more than a friend! ❤️
Aha, lol, I know they do, girl. They sure do seem different around me. It’s nice to know that!
694 days ago
Lol, Im gonna say I'm not actually depressed rn and I'm aalso not a lesbian. Can you guys pz help.
694 days ago
I took this quiz and it said,“I can definitely see you and him in the future,” and I totes agree. Thx 4 this quiz
696 days ago
I'm kinda sad cos I like this girl at my footy and her name is Ava. I'm bi and I think she's straight, I also think she doesn't like me at all so I'm sadder now but idk bc I'm struggling rn and this diesn't help.