Got a Crush???
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Got a Crush???

Everbody has a crush, but can u tell if they like you?

Question 1:You are at school, and the bell rings, does he/she
Keep talking
Quickly leave
Wave to some other friends and leave slowly

Question 2:During lunch hour, he/she see's you with a member of the opposite sex does he/she
Come over quickly and asks you if you did your homework.
Keep looking at you as if wishing that was him.
glance at you once, finishes his conversation, then slowly walks over and joins the conversation.

Question 3:When you meet at a game
He/she makes sure to say hi.
See's you buying food and offers to pay.
Say's hi when you pass him/her

Question 4:You are in soem after school club, and he/she finds out, he/she
Joins a while later because he/she has nothing better to do.
Says cool and thats it.
Joins A.S.A.P.

Question 5:After school he/she
Calls you to ask about 'homework'
doesnt do anything
talks to you at your locker/in the hall

Question 6:The dance is coming up and he/she
Doesn't say anything.
Asks you as soon as he finds out.
Nothing till the dance when he asks you to dance.

Question 7:Has he/she ever
Asked you out in some way, shape or form.
Flirted with you.
None of the above.

Question 8:Does he/she ever
Seem to stalk you?
Avoid you?
Just say 'hi' when you pass?

Question 9:Does he/she ever
Get his/her friends to ask if you like him/her?
None of these.
Be really mean to you?

Question 10:WHen he/she is in a room doing something, and you walk in he/she
Doesn't even notice you.
Glance at you, than continue doing what he/she was doing.
Stop what he/she's doing till you leave.

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