Does My Lesbian/Bi Friend Like Me? Quiz for Girls Only

Do you have a lesbian or bi friend you think might fancy you? Or, do you like a lesbian or bi friend and want to find out if she likes you back? It's not as uncommon as you might think! Take this totally accurate quiz now and find out what you need to know!

  • 1
    First off, how well does she know you?
    First off, how well does she know you?
  • 2
    Do you have a lot in common?
  • 3
    Does she go out of her way to talk to you?

  • 4
    Have you heard her friends say anything about her liking you?
  • 5
    Do you hang out together, just the two of you?
  • 6
    Halfway there! Does she dress differently when you hang out? E.g., makeup, hair done, etc?

  • 7
    Do you make physical contact with each other?
  • 8
    Is she in a relationship?
  • 9
    Do you know her sexual orientation?
  • 10
    Almost there! Has she spoken to you about her dream date or anything like that?

  • 11
    Do you want a serious relationship? Are you prepared to make a move?
  • 12
    You knew this question was coming: Do you think she likes you? (I saved the best for last, lol!)

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4 days ago
There is this girl I've been friends with for YEARS, but just a few months ago I figured out I have a crush on her and that I'm bi. We're always kinda goofing around, and I'm worried I'm making it too obvious I like her. I didn't think she likes me, but this quiz says she does, so...
Issy, if you somehow see this, I really really really like you 😊
(Also I'm loving all the stories in the comments!)
18 days ago
I thought my were lesbian so I take this quiz and she just want to be friends ^v^
97 days ago
Happy pride ❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️😜
97 days ago
This is so unlike me to comment on these things, especially since these tests and quizes are mainly stereotypes, but I gotta say, reading Kailynn's comment from 12 days really helps me reflect on how I feel about this girl who I have crushed on before.
So, this girl's name is Ellee, and she's a year older than me. I met her when I was a Freshman and she was a Sophomore. And I did like her, and I went as far as to plan special dates and such for just the two of us...I mean, I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER TRYING TO FIND A ROMANTIC SPOT WITH CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!
Sorry about the all-caps, lol. Anywho, though, I found that we weren't going anywhere. Like, I found that her phone was always on "Do Not Disturb" so it was completely anonymous and unpredictable when she would respond, and sort of a few other things.
As someone who thrives off of a deep, understanding, emotional connection with my lover/Significant Other, I really wanted our friendship to blossom into something more.
I didn't think she wanted to go forward anymore, so, I told her that I was no longer interested in her, and she said she understood, because, Ellee is probably one of the sweetest human beings you will ever come to meet! She's beautiful, sweet, courageous, strong, generous, and she's an amazing artist, too!
She sketches, and sometimes I walk into classes that she was previously in, and her sketches and art is displayed about the whiteboard, and I take a while to sit there and admire every detail. Every line and such, and she has such a unique style of sketching. She's a more Anime/Animation sort of artist, but it's so cool, and the colors she chooses have me wishing to see more.
But, when I told her that I no longer liked her anymore, I soon got together with this other guy (for I am considered Pansexual, but I don't like labels, so I refuse to put a specific kind/type of sexuality on myself) and she saw us, and it hurt me. It hurt me so much. I betrayed her or something. We didn't talk for a while after that, but I still felt myself, my gaze, lingering whenever she walked by, or came into a classroom.
If you skip to a couple months later, however, I broke up with my boyfriend, and she and I are talking now. We are both so Lesbian and proud. Lol. But I don't have the guts to even tell her any of this. I would hate to be inconsiderate of her feelings, but sometimes I feel as though she would understand. I'm not a player. I'm anything but.
I am actually really selfless and scared of closeness with people outside the few people who I actually genuinely love/care about.
I respect Ellee, but what the Hell do I do now that I've figured out how much I still like her?
110 days ago
I know she won't see this nor anyone that I know in real life so I'll just say everything in my head. I'm not sure what my feelings are for you myself, but I think sharing this will help me. Whenever I see you smile, I feel myself feel better no matter the mood and I want to do anything to protect that smile from being destroyed. When we had a fight freshman year and I saw you crying for graduation night I wanted nothing more than to hold you in my arms and never let go. When we were having a sleepover at your house and you went outside to the cages where your dogs were I stood behind you. It felt almost like a kdrama because of how beautiful you looked with the sun. Even though the sun was the brightest thing in my view, I couldn't take my eyes off you. This year, I forced myself to like a guy and it worked for a bit, but whenever I told you about my feelings for him or anything I almost felt guilty, as if I betrayed you. Whenever I do anything incredibly stupid you don't laugh like everyone else or agree with my actions, you worry about me and scold my actions. Did you know that I'm incredibly picky with food? I barely eat anything, but whenever you give me any food I eat it no matter how disgusting it looks or tastes to me. I knew I hated coffee, but I tried it again just for you. Even though this test says you do like me, I know that it isn't true, and that made me feel more hurt than any pain before. When you were with the 🐤piest guy ever I tried everything in my power to keep you away from him. It broke me when after we fought you guys went back together. I want you to be happy and I want you to be loved more than anything. I won't lie, your taste in men are horrible and I know I can treat you better than them. I also know I'm not a man nor am I as good looking as one. I hate even the idea of them holding you in their arms rather than me. Maybe I'm just overprotective, or maybe I really do love you. Whatever the case is, you're the most precious person in my life. Reading this it sounds so cliché, like a confession straight out of a romance novel, but this is how I truly feel. The only regret I have is not being able to tell you all of this to your face. I love you, Marleen. As your best friend and your secret crush.
256 days ago
So It says she has a crush on you like i said to her who is your crush and she said she won't tell me maybe bc if she says someone else she might be worried that I might move on and lately she has been hanging out with A LOT so yeah I was curious so that's why I came here I say I love her PLS MOLLIE WE WOULD MAKE A GOOD COUPLE PLss NAMEs RHYME MOLLiE AND HOLLY (dumb 🌻)
300 days ago
im not sure if she likes me or not she is hinting she plays with my hair she wanted me to hug here and she layed her head on me once she showed me her bra the part that clips on she told me that the new wensday kisses and she looks at me when im not looking btw i love her im apart of LGBTQ and im in 5th grd
324 days ago
Sam, this website says you like me, and I know you're taking this test as we call. If you really do like me, please tell me, I love you.
328 days ago
Ok I’m not sure if my friend is lesbian or not but we used to be really close friends and now we don’t talk (Beth if you see this I am talking about you)
334 days ago
my best friend in love with me she has girlfriend she got jealous of my new friend she is sweet but why she Jealous ??.
335 days ago
I really like my best friend, I have known her for about three years now. She hints every once in a while but has mentioned acting the same way around her other friends. Lately, she's been more intrigued by our conversations. I'm so unsure right now, my god.
402 days ago
Hey, you are i do like you and the test thingy said that you really like me and im all aghhhh so plz help me cuz im an awkward rat :'))))

i love you, breh.
409 days ago
There’s this girl who I really like and I kept getting mixed signals from, but we are good friends too and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I asked her abt her sexuality but she said it was a spectrum and avoided the question. i was scared about telling her i liked her because she said it was her worst nightmare for a friend to like her. eventually I told her I liked her and said I hoped it wouldn’t ruin our friendship and her reaction was “ok, it wouldn’t ruin anything between us and this is different, this isnt what i meant about people liking me“ and now she’s acting like it never happened. What does this mean? Does she like me?
424 days ago
Love me back plzz
-Lily ❤
425 days ago
HELP TELL MEEEE WHAT TO DO and my parents don't support LGBTQ+ but loves the people...... IDK WHAT TO DO 😞
425 days ago
I asked her if she had a crush on anyone and she pulled off to the side and said I have a crush on you and I loved it but didn't know how to tell her 😅 So I'm planning on telling her when we are a alone... This test was the best and thanks for the results 👍☺️
430 days ago
ok so like she’s my queer best friend, and every quiz and every person I’ve asked thinks she likes me back! I really might ask her eeee!
462 days ago
There's this girl I've know for years. I met her when we were like 9 at a cross country thing. We were at different schools and we got into a screaming match of team spirit and then that very evening I saw her at a practice for a sports team we just happened to both be on. Recently, we've gotten a lot closer and our friends have started joking about us being wives and such. I'm not sure how to feel about it and I don't think anything could ever actually happen between us for various reasons. Ex: I have fears about entering a relationship because of how my last one ended, I have fears about ruining this wonderful friendship, she's probably straight, if things end badly it'll cause problems for our work since we're working on this big project together, ect. There's also the fact that I am the most oblivious person on the 😘 planet and we're both awkward as hell when it come to this 😘 so I doubt either of us would be bold enough to make a move if there was something there.

I don't really know why I'm writing this here. I've been venting like this on my own in a private journal, mostly because I don't want to actually face whatever this is and telling it to anyone I really know would be really admitting it. This and my journaling is just screaming into the void. If anyone does have some kind of advice for whatever I just wrote I'd apreciate it a lot lol.
487 days ago
I like her soooo much and i think shes likes me too but i doubt everything. it also doesn't help that i have two crushes atm, i want to be with both of them. My friends think he likes me and i'm pretty sure she likes me so i have no idea what to do. someone help plz ;-;
523 days ago
OK, so she's a sweet girl the first black girl crush, only bc I'm black. Well, Imma go ask her now wish me luck :) (OOF im so nervous thanks though!)