Does She Like Me? (LGBTQ Quiz)

There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? I can't read your mind, but it'd be pretty weird if you didn't! Ha ha. And I can't read hers, either - so I created this quiz to help you find out for yourself what she's probably thinking! Try it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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5 days ago
hey, "help please (99359)" - just say hi and smile :) and don't try to overthink it because that's probably what's making you scared...good luck!
7 days ago
I like this girl let’s call her feather so feather be starring at me from time to time and me and her always run into each other and we’re in high school I be want to start a conversation with her but I get too scared to even say one word to her she knows I exist and I know she exists but anytime we’re next to each other we get quiet and she had a gf before but now she’s single any advice????
20 days ago
So, 2 of my friends were dating each other, but then they broke up. I like one of them. That person hugged my last week and I hugged here on the bus yesterday. She put her arm around me and her head on my shoulder. We flirt sometimes in school. I'm happy!
20 days ago
She is really weird around Me idk why and im so Obsessed with her so im wanted to know
22 days ago
Story time!
Oki. So I was friends with this girl who by the way had done mean things to me before. Let's call her Liar. So I really liked Liar and when I told her I liked her she said she liked me too and believe me, I was so happy. A few months into the relationship, Liar came up and told me that she never liked girls and it was a joke. That whole time... She never liked me. She lied. Anyway. I lost full trust in liar. She had already hurt me in the past before. Liar had this friend which we will call awesome. Awesome found out and stopped being friends with liar too. I took the quiz and awesome loves me!
28 days ago
Ummmm, so everyone in my friend group is apart of the Lgbtq+ and I started dating this girl, Im just gonna call her Nicole, we've been dating for almost a month. I lowkey like this one girl lets just call her Ashley, I feel like she likes me, she loves hugging me she hits me if I dont, she likes staring at me and gigling. This quiz says she does but just today we were talking with my friends and Gf, Me and my gf we're discussing about having an open relationship and we used Ashley as an example and said that I can date only if she likes me to. Ashley responded with "Oh don't worry I like u". My Gf and friend weren't sure if they heard her right and said, do you like (my name) which she responded with maybe. I confessed that I like her first before Nicole. Idk how to break up with my gf since I like Ashley more. Ashley breaks up with people if she feels like they act like friends, so do we have an open Relationship with my gf or just break up
Btw I go to a christian school and Im under 13, sheeeeesh(tf why is this happening to me.
I dont wanna date 2 people at the same time.
but anyways this isnt a story about my life so byeeeeeeeee
Need advice
37 days ago
Um I saw people saying stuff and I thought I should say my thing but um so I wanted to find a test for girls who are transgender but I found this so yeah but I met this girl last year and if you are reading this some people may not like the way I met her but I met her last year when I was playing roblox so I dont know what she looks like how she sounds or where she lives I only know what I called her in the game and her age and she is a year younger then me but I am in 5 th which tells you I ain't that old but I just know I met her in a wolf game and then the day I met her a hour later she said she thinks she has a crush on me and I never really knew what to do so sometimes I act like we were dating but I dont know if she wanted to and this is my first time dating a girl I dated once when I was in 1st grade and that went all the way to 1st to half of 3rd grade but I mean. I guess that is my story.
45 days ago
Okay, I was reading through the comments, how everybody was so open, and I decided to share my story.

It all started in year two [grade 1]. She joined our school later in the year, and she seemed pretty lonely. Another girl, who later became one of our friends too, and I showed her around the school. Look, I'm gonna call her Ari. So, from the very start I liked her.

Now, we are both 11 years of age, and about to enter year 7 [6th grade]. Around everyone else she claims to be bi, but tells me she is lesbian. I told her I was aromantic [no need for a romantic relationship] and she seemed kind of disapointed. Ari is sort of an extrovert. I'm an introvert, and she is determined to change that.

She's held my hand in public before, and she always hugs me yet she says she hates hugs. But she also kind of shows intrest in other girls.

Can someone tell me whats going on?? Sorry for the long comment, have a fantastic day/night! (^-^)
48 days ago
so i asked her to hoco and she said yes!! but i think she might think i meant as friends, but who knows... so now we are gonna color coordinate our outfits and maybe go shopping together so we can see what matches and she seems really excited. also she notices really small details about me and and remembers things i tell her. and she's bi so she definitely COULD like me !! so i think she likes me too and so does everyone i've told but i'm scared to ask since we are friends and in the same friend group and it could make things weird...
50 days ago
Hello here is my link for my fan page (2.0) you can copy and paste it into the search bar if you want to use it.
54 days ago
ah sorry im dumb *held
please dont attack me lol
54 days ago
she is my best friend i don't want to destroy anything but we hold hands a week ago and idk if she knows what that mean to me (she's also pan so i think it's possible but idk
58 days ago
I hope this test is accurate because she is straight and I don't think she ''like likes'' me
and it says she does. she also knows I'm gay but doesn't know like her. I'm telling her I like her on my birthday and I'm scared she will stop being my friend and think I'm weird. anyway, you didn't ask for my life story so sorry I guess I just needed to vent. bye byeeeeeundefined
64 days ago

(That is the link btw)
64 days ago
Hi people! I have developed a Fanfiction page (so you can go there if you want) Hopefully it comes soon!
66 days ago
I'm a guy. I'm def not gay idk how I got here...
68 days ago
If you like them don't tell them jus yet but try to get a friend or someone you trust to keep a secret to see if she likes girls
69 days ago
I like someone, but idk if she likes me back. I'm pretty sure she does, but I can't be positive. and i'm not out yet, (neither is she, if she is gay), so how am I supposed to do this? how can I tell a possibly straight girl that I am gay AND like her when I haven't even had the courage to come out yet??? Please help me.
75 days ago
So i have this straight girl that is always starring at me but i know she has a boyfriend and even when she's with her boyfriend she be starring at me and i don't know what to do she had even took a video with my on Snap chat then her boyfriend got mad and she constantly asks me if i have a gf what am i suppose to do??
75 days ago
Hi! I just want to say hopefully my quiz will be on here soon🤞