Does She Like Me? (LGBTQ Quiz)

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There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? I can't read your mind, but it'd be pretty weird if you didn't! Ha ha. And I can't read hers, either - so I created this quiz to help you find out for yourself what she's probably thinking! Try it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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3 days ago
So right now, I am so confused. I took this quiz for the like the third time because I like this girl. My result is always differant. But I haven't seen her for a long time because of social distaning, and sometimes I question if I actually push myself to like her and make me like her.
I am still trying to find out my sexuality, and now I like my best friend who is a male. I am so confused, what should I do.
3 days ago
Is not coming out to your parents lying???
4 days ago
TO MANATEE, i think you wait till you meet her in person because you can really see a person change once you see them face to face and she acts the same as she acted when you talked to her on facetime then you should try asking her out but uhh yea just my advice
4 days ago
so there's this girl named kailyn, and i really like her and i also know she likes girls and iv'e been liking her for a while but she has a boyfriend and people keep telling me that he doesn't treat his gf's right but i don't know if she is just my really god friend or she likes me back and sometimes i feel as if she tries to tease me purpoesly but idk i don't wanna ruin our friendship but yea i guess ill just keep wishing i knew what she thought
4 days ago
so there's this girls i like named natalie, but i don't know if shes straight or gay but i think she is and it really confusing . I mean we talk and play around but like i just don't know it would have been different if she wasn't fem but uhhh.... yea i have that to deal with i guess.
6 days ago
There’s this girl Nora and I love her so much, but I’ve never seen her in person bc we go to virtual school and when we hang out its over FaceTime. Should I wait until we meet in person to ask her out? Asking her out at all just makes me so scared, so should I ask her out at all? I think she might like me, and I know she likes girls, but I don’t know if she just wants to be friends. Does anyone in this comment section have any advice for me? I just want to freaking kiss her
10 days ago
I don't even know if she likes me because its my rlly good friends cousin and we only rlly text but my friend said she finds me hot and probably likes me so idk
11 days ago
One of my guy friends was recently talking about transgender people, of course I defended the trans rights and he said that I'm gay the exact same second (Wich I am )and he also said that my best friend is my gf (the girl I have a crush on )of course I asked him by for he think that and he said:" I saw how you were looking at her". So this guy just outed me and confessed to my crush. She was kinda embarrassed but not evenas close as I was. She thinks of me just as a friend. She supports the lgbtq+ but she is kind of uncomfortable with gay people around her, I can't even explain that. She thought he was joking and that's it . I feel like I need to tell her cause people are already noticing it. What should I do?
13 days ago
i think she likes me because she always is complementing me and she knows i'm lesbian like today she said that she like my hair but my hair is really knotted and messyand looks really bad and i also don't like her because i barley know her
24 days ago
What Blue said makes sense, but I do need to warn you that it's not always that simple. In order for that to work, they have to experience aesthetic attraction. And not everyone does. I'm asexual, but even if I wasn't, I just don't experience aesthetic attraction, and I don't find anyone "cute" When people have asked me do you think so-and-so is cute, I'm just like, "oh, I don't find anyone cute" but I do still fall in love. So if she doesn't answer in an easy way, don't get discouraged. I mean, I always find a way around coming out as gay, but chances are if the person is avoiding the topic, then they're not straight. Side note: I know you said you feel weird asking, but honestly, if she's your best friend, you could probably just be like, "hey, I was just wondering, have you ever thought about what your sexuality is?" and she'll probably answer. You could also start by coming out yourself and then she'll likely do the same if she's not straight. I hope this helps!
26 days ago
Zoe if u see this then your should just joke around and ask her things like “ooo~ do you think this guy/girl is cute?!” like jokingly and then be like “Wait I’ve never asked you if you like guys/girls lmao. I can’t believe we’ve never discussed this. Spill the tea” Ofc u can change it to fit what your personality is more like. You basically just want to bring it up naturally or make it kinda ‘clique’ when people ask who’s their crush or who they think looks good. It’s a classic conversation that everyone has joked about at least once or someone has asked yourself. Go for it!
26 days ago
I love my best friend and I'm gay but I don't know if she's straight or not and I feel weird asking. HELP ME!!
27 days ago
Sooooo she likes me. Heh thats cool
But do I really like her ?...
30 days ago
Yeah. I am giving up cuz I’m just tired of it. I mean my family doesn’t even support me being bi, so what’s the point? I am tired of wanting what I can’t have. I’m out at my school too. I get bullied for liking girls and stuff, so I’m just giving up.
31 days ago
I CAN'T go for it because I still need her because we're working on writing a musical togetherrrrrr
31 days ago
I was looking at how Help was saying that she wanted to make her birthday special, and I was like, I so get that. I'm in love with my best friend, and for the last three years, I've always done special things for her birthday. (It's exactly a week after Valentine's, so we tend to celebrate both on like the 17/18 of February.) The first time, I did it because I wanted to be, like, romantic or something? IDK what my thought process was honestly. But then it started being just something nice I would do for her because I care about her. So maybe you could just celebrate with her and tell her you love her at least platonically, because whether or not she likes you, having someone care about you on your birthday is really important and special.
31 days ago
No you can’t give up! I won’t allow it
31 days ago
I am just giving up ig. No longer going to try. Cheer season is over, we don’t have the same class periods, we aren’t in the same hallway, so we never see each other. Valentines Day is her birthday and I wanted to make it special for her, if she were mine, but I can’t now. I’m giving up.
33 days ago
Yeah same except my fave is Ochako lol
34 days ago
although i am scared but if she says yes she likes me back i am going for it...(what i mean is kiss her) I am lesbian and it is obious because i blush whenever my favorite charater from MHA shows i blush (Mina)