Does She Like Me? LGBT Quiz For Girls

There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? I can't read your mind, but it'd be pretty weird if you didn't! Ha ha. And I can't read hers, either - so I created this quiz to help you find out for yourself what she's probably thinking! Try it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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18 hours ago
I need some advice my current gf I been with for 3 years now does me wrong nd cheats on me nd lies to me but then this other girl came in recently nd she constantly flirts with me and stuff but I constantly turn her down because it feels wrong even tho i slightly think I have feelings for her I know I have a gf nd it would be wrong for me to flirt with her even though my gf constantly does me wrong she claims she tryna do better but I only think she’s trying to do better because this other girl wants my attention..I love my gf but idk ….What should I do?????
2 days ago
@your name ;)
Not much I can help you with there, but DO NOT ask her out to a movie. You will have zero interesting conversations. Also, try talking about common interests
4 days ago
@sMiLE thx 4 ur answer! a lot of days later i still havent asked her out...i'm planning 2 soon, any tips?
6 days ago
soo, i like this person. i know they're a lesbian already. we've known each other for a while but only just started hanging out more often. the questions in this are a lil helpful but kinda not because we bounce off the walls around each other like caffeinated squirrels, dumb comedic geniuses we are. it's obvious we both care for each other, and we often send each other hearts and we say love you a lot, but they're just a very affectionate person and i'm pretty sure that they're this way with most of their friends... so anyway i think their affection is meant as friends and i'm nervous to confess my feelings because it may make our friendship awkward, and that is something that is important to me. alsooo we talk about being queer a lot and we have a lot of shared experiences and humor. ANYWAY any advice for me lol. idk what other signs to look for when it comes to whether they like me bc i don't really know any of their friends
11 days ago
@A questioning bi, oh yeah. Shoot your shot. Even if she doesn't like you at least you'll have tried.
18 days ago
There is this girl who I used to go to school with but I had to move for personal reasons. I have their Instagram just incase I do get the courage to ask her out but here is what she has done so far idk if it is flirting or her just being nice, She’s checked me out than smiled in a charming way, she seemed like she wanted to get to know me more in multiple covos we’ve had, she asked how to say my last name and she seemed like she cared about how to say it, when I arrived late one time one of her close friends whispered something into her ear and than she looked at me until I went to my seat ( she sat in front of me so Ik she looked at me and she tried to look in my eyes ) she’d in a way flirt with my friends than sometimes look at me after, when I won a award she cheered louder than she did or anyone even the girl she “ flirted “ with cause she also won a award that say. And the stuff she did recently is not much but I only had tt and Instagram so yeah, she views my videos on tt about 10 times every single vid, she liked 3 of my Instagram photos and replied to my note on Instagram when I put on the note “ happy new years!! “ and she replied with “ happy new years “ and my dumb self left it on read and it’s been 2 weeks, should I ask her out she dresses like a tomboy around me but that doesn’t mean anything so should I ask her out, start a convo, does she even like me do you think she’s gay, plz respond I need help!!
18 days ago
I have a lil crush on my bff and I'm just curios. I'm 9
19 days ago
There is this girl that I really like and I sit next to her in one of my classes we text all the time but we take a little while to respond to each others text because we are both so busy with sports and academics. We have hung out a few times doing things like going on a few really long walks and baking. She has given me a plant and I have also given her a plant and then she gave me a stuffed animal of a dog breed I said I didn’t like and she has no clue how much that meant to me. Like I know that she is gay but she also talked about a girl she liked once and now I don’t know if she likes me. I am getting such mixed signals from her and I don’t want to tell her I like her unless I know for sure she likes me back because I am like one of her only friends at school and I don’t want her to lose that.
19 days ago
I'm still crushing on her even tho I already confessed everything to her and she was really embarrassed but didn't give an answer because she didn't want to hurt my feelings. We've been friends for over a year now, but she never seems to pay attention to me, and I feel like an 🦄 for trying to get her attention even after she put down my feelings. What should I do.
19 days ago
my best friend is trans girl her name is Jessica she told me she in love with me and I feels same way about her.
20 days ago
I think a post on here from like two moths ago might be from the girl I confessed too????
21 days ago
why did i take this quiz im literally dating the girl i like- ;-;
29 days ago
Hey everyone so I told my friend that there is a girl that has a crush me and well, I don't know if I feel the same way I mean... it's confusing and I really Though about it for a while now.... I think I like her [blush] I really need help I didn't meet her in person yet! I had no idea why she has a crush on me and my friend told me that her friend has a crush on me and I was shocked and surprise I don't know if I feel the same way! I wonder if my crush was going to ask to be her girlfriend or something? I don't know? I always wondering having a girl in my arms someday, I'm nervous to meet my crush [blush] I like her and I want to kiss her and making out with her.....[smirk.......
29 days ago
hey I'm Lesbian and there is a girl that has a crush on me and I think she likes me [blush] I think I like her [smirk] I don't know if I feel the same way and I didn't know she has a crush on me and we didn't even meet in person yet! I don't know what to do! I really want a girl in my arms and make her [laugh] and I want to kiss her and making out with her [smirk]
34 days ago
I like my crush and I think she may like me but I’m to afraid to say anything we’ve been friends for years.
35 days ago
@sMiLE Since its the holidays rn, the only interactions we had so far are throught snapchat streaks where she doesnt really send interesting things so half the time i cant make conversation tho we did a few times initiated by me bc she sent a snap of her cats of dog lol. Other than that i really dont know how to make conversation with her :
46 days ago
@:>>> just keep talking to her and look for a good moment to ask her to hang out. The more you're around someone, the more they like you. So if you keep making yourself noticed in her life, she's bound to accept at some point.
46 days ago
i basically asked the girl i like to hang out with me out of school during the last school holidays but at the time she was genuinely busy and then in december i asked if she wanted to go winter wonderland with me which she turned down through text (she said she had to ask her parents as the time i asked, we were walking home from school together) - she said she couldnt bc her dads at work on weekends so he cant take her (she lives far). I really want to just hang out with her out of school but i cant bring myself to ask her again after she turned me down twice. Additionally, we have english together where she sits next to me and her close friend (i also sit next to my friend) and she basically made plans of going out with that friend in front of me (plans didnt go against the reason why she turned me down so i dont hink she lied that time). That kinda annoyed me but theyre literal childhood friends and their families are friends as well (i think?). Also we only became friends under a year ago. The test gave me that she likes me and ppl ik irl have said shes quite definitely in love with me (we have like a introverted golden retriever and introverted black cat like dynamic or sun n moon tbh) Point is, how do i get her to basically ask me to hang out with her?? (shes also kinda quiet and doesnt initiate bigger things much in general)
52 days ago
Aghhh it’s so hard because we’re friends and we’ve been in the same group forever so I can’t tell if she’s just friendly or if she feels the same way. She’s so reserved it’s hard to tell. I know she liked me a few years ago but :((
61 days ago
There is this girl who I’ve liked for a while and according to the quiz and a few other ppl she likes me and one said she was I love with me and like 4-6 ppl said she likes me as a friend but idk if she is gay or not and we don’t go to the same schools anymore but I have her tt and instagram, do girls have any advice for me atm? ( please I rlly need it )