Does She Like Me? LGBT Quiz For Girls

There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? I can't read your mind, but it'd be pretty weird if you didn't! Ha ha. And I can't read hers, either - so I created this quiz to help you find out for yourself what she's probably thinking! Try it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?
    Does she always stare at you?

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1 hour ago
there is this girl in my class i’m sure likes girls too. we are good friends but lately i started feeling something for her. i think she may feel something too but im not sure. tuesday im going to see her.
4 days ago
Ah, what a fun situation you seem to be in. My personal advice is that you ask her on one of her friends casually about her sexuality. Doesn't matter how, just try to be sly about it. If you get the answer you are looking for and she turns out to be bi or lesbian, I would make my move and get friends who aren't homophobic. If she says she's straight, sorry to say, (I've been in the same situation) but just let it go. Like you said, she's about to emigrate soon so try and act as quick as possible. Good luck, and keep us posted!
8 days ago
I always thought I was straight. Like I’ve had multiple crushes, all and only on guys. Now, I’m not so sure..
Beginning of last year, I moved schools, and I met this girl, S. I’ve always considered her attractive - both in looks and personality. Then we had to do an acting project together and we made an inside joke of how we say hi out of it (we don’t always use the inside joke). We don’t exactly hangout that often in school, but we’re sort of friends. Recently she’s been sort of flirting with me, i guess. Like initiating physical contact (touching the face (partially part of the inside joke bc of who the roles we played)) and starting conversations that turn kinda deep or we start ranting to each other etc.
She’s never said that she’s lesbian/bisexual (well, that I know of).
Also, another problem: 3+/7 of my close friends are homophobic, sooo…
Idk what to do, and S is emigrating in a month or so.
8 days ago
My special talent is getting crushes on straight girls
17 days ago
Thanks for responding to me. I have had trouble getting good responses on my posts and you were very helpful!
19 days ago
make a moooooovee dont wait arounddd you will regret it, to me it sounds like she likes you so whats too loose. plus if it wasnt to work out, which it will, you wont have to face her again anyway so why not just go for it. maybe talk to her and ask her is she wasnt to grab a coffee or something casual at first, make sure you at least have her number or socials before she leaves.GOOOOODD LUCKKKK :)))
21 days ago
This is gonna be a long one so buckle up. I originally posted another one like this on another account but I literally lost the post and just felt like making a new name so here we go. So, currently, I have a crush on this girl named Fotini. I met her about in the end of August and at first I wasn't very close with her. I just vaguely had to be friends with her because she was on my soccer team. The next season, she was still on the soccer team so at that point, I was getting to know her better. (Also, I was only seeing her twice a week and occasionally at school but she is a grade ahead of me.) They, I decided to join our school track team and Fotini so happened to be on it too. I was slowly but surely, starting to talk to her more and more. The day came when we had our track meet. (If you don't know what that is, it's the one time where our team goes and and does our track events.) Me and her were basically hanging out the whole time and just talking and messing with each other. When it was time for one of her events, she asked if I could run it with her on the sidelines and that's the moment I caught feelings for her. I ran the whole 200 meters with her and she got first! We were so happy and we continued talking until the meet was over. The meet was from 12-5pm so it was a long time. Now that track was over, I continued only seeing her 2 times a week only from soccer practice. She started to approach me and talking to me more than some of her good friends. I then am on a call with my friend, Berkeley (she knows about everything that's going on) and she says that one of fotini's good friends, Laurel asked her at school if I had a crush on Fotini. I then went and texted Laurel to ask where she got that from, in fear that one of the people I told let my secret out. I learned that she just had a gut feeling that fotini and I liked each other because we are always smiling and looking at each other and fotini apparently smiles, talks, and just in general acts different in general around me than with laurel. I even found out that fotini is in fact, not straight, but bisexual just like me! My chances were way higher and I got really excited. Now we are where I am now, I am in a position where fotini is leaving for summer break in 2 weeks, then off for highschool. To add on, she plans on not playing soccer when she gets into highschool and I only have one soccer game left until the season ends. I am in desperate need of advice so please help me out.
22 days ago
Why are girls so prettyyyyy?!?!? :”)
37 days ago
Hi, I'm bisexual. I did your quiz and it really helped, I'm now dating her! It turns out she was bi to! I just wanted to say thank you so much to whoever wrote/created this quiz, it has changed my life for the better. I have always thought (my whole life) that I'm ugly - I still do - and now I have found someone who loves me for how I look and my personality. Thank you so much, I hope you get the girl you want to❤️❤️❤️
37 days ago
the party was very hectic - some things I regret may have happened, she kissed me about 10 times I can't remember any of it and my friends filmed it. ehhkkkk .the hangover anxiety skyrocketed. we have been messaging since but haven't spoken about it, idkkk what to dooooo. CONFUSINGGGG. hmm, I'm not very good with advice but about the girl maybe you should keep talking to her and get closer to her and then talk to her about it.
39 days ago
How did the party go cranky?
39 days ago
Hi, um this girl has a bf. Yet she is bi, we used to have a thing (if ya know what I mean;-) she is cute. Idk what to do sometimes I wish I was hers. Sorry that was pathetic.
50 days ago
thank you so much for making one for girls liking girls i've been looking for this!
61 days ago
but yeh I think I love her and i really don't know what to do or if i should do anything at all - my friend who is close with chick says that chick likes me but I'm not sure - anyways I'm seeing her soon at a party so we will see how that goes -- ehkkkkkk
61 days ago
I like this girl let's call her chick. so she is a friend of a friend I knew before but didn't speak to loads we occasionally spoke but not loads. anyway, my friend invited me and chick and another friend round to her house and we all went there. chick was being touchy, and we laughed and giggled together. On the car journey home chick held my hand in the back - butterflies. we have been messaging nightly but Chick and I both take a while to reply - busy with school. anyway, we all had a sleepover and the chick came and we slept on the bed together - we snuggled with each other - and chick held my hand again. I don't really know what to do tho cause I really like chick - but do I want a relationship it seems stressful. anyway yeah, I just had to vent since I feel like none of my friends will want to listen.
94 days ago
She's bi as me and first time we hang out with others we flirted the whole time and she was being very touchy but more in a romantic way. I thought there was something but then she started dating with my male roommate. We still go to uni together and there we're becoming friends and I'm ok with that but it's like sometimes we still flirt and give each other intense stares while others talk and she always stand near me very close. I was giving up cause I don't want to get on bad terms with my roommate but it seems like it's not going well between them and I'm so confused by all these signals she's giving me. Tomorrow we should have some time alone and I'm gonna try ask about how is it going with my roommate to clarify at least this. I think there could be something cause I don't see her doing this with others, she's always touchy with our other friends but it feels different somehow. I'm so bad at interpreting people tho
99 days ago
i like this girl named ally and she likes me too but idk if i wanna date her. we have been talking for almost a year so it’s been forever. i like her so much and she likes me a lot but i keep running away bc i don’t know what i want. anyone have advice?
100 days ago
few days back my crush asked me what i plan on doing later (through text) and i said "going on a date,wanna join?" and said "DUHHH!!!".
what does this mean...?
107 days ago
y'all i need help. this girl at my school has held hands with me when we're speeding to lunch and has literally said "love you" (this was yesterday btw). after i awkwardly said bye yesterday instead of saying "love you" back, she sort of ignored me? emphasis on sort of. when the bell rang, we were both by the door and she said "your highness" and did a small bow/hand gesture and let me go in front of her while waiting for a friend. me and her are friends btw, so this wouldn't be super unusual and maybe i'm just wishing on it. idk. helppppppppppp
115 days ago
Yes definitely don’t fall into that trap!!! Thats facts No cap but srsly she needs to be talked to by you