Does She Like Me? LGBT Quiz For Girls

There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? I can't read your mind, but it'd be pretty weird if you didn't! Ha ha. And I can't read hers, either - so I created this quiz to help you find out for yourself what she's probably thinking! Try it right now and wonder no more!

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    Does she always stare at you?

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189 days ago
S there is this girl, my age that I really like. She makes me laugh and feel happy. Now she flirts with me, laughs at all my jokes, and always gives be little hugs, also touching me in conversation. Forgot to mention, she is also my best friend. But she acts like she does not want to be friends and acts like she wants to be with me. I asked her a while back if she did like me but she said she didn't. Now this is going on and I'm so confused! I dream about her legit every night and think about her 24/7 and she makes me really happy. Yesterday I was talking about it with her again, saying I didn't like her, cause I didn't want her to know. Then today she said she had a really bad day but wouldn't tell me why. Did I mess up? Also what should I do about this whole mess? I'm new to flirting/wanting to be in a relationship with girls and I don't know what to do. :-(

Also every little test I take to figure it out it says yes and I even put it up to the trusty dusty magic 8 ball and it said yes. And I came across this thing yesterday that said "If it's a Tuesday or a Thursday, your crush will dream about you and develop feelings for you." Well I was talking to her and she had a dream me and her went to the carnival together? Does this mean something or is it a coincidence. I also read into things way too much and I could just be overthinking everything. But now I'm just waiting for her to say more about the dream and if the thing I saw yesterday was right.
190 days ago
So I have a crush on this girl. She is like so nice and pretty and she complements me sometimes which makes me happy. I kind of want to tell her but I don't know how to. Any ideas?
195 days ago
There is this girl which i really like. We are in the same grade but she is three years younger than me, I am 19, she is 16. I am really in love with her sense of humor, but I don’t know if she even wants to be friends with me. We already exchanged numbers and I think she likes talking to me but I don’t know if she is even into girls. I saw that she follows Harry Styles on insta so maybe she is straight idk…its pretty confusing, because I develop crushes based of off little things like laughter, intelligence, body language and maybe I am the only one who wants to see things that aren’t even there. I really do hope that this will develop further but I don’t think so. I really want to kiss her and I cant stop thinking about her which is so annoying cause I don’t want to be the only one who feels like that way aaargh.
195 days ago
Okay so I’m in a weird condition..
that’s why I think this quiz won’t work with me 🙂
So it’s going to be long but i need help.

So I know her from school and she is a year younger than I am we don’t really know each other enough to have each other’s numbers or know enough about each other … her class and my class are basically enemies that’s why we never really talked .
just so you could know I always wear a black mask at school and never took it off in front of her so she doesn’t know how I really look :)
But I’m the popular girl I always have this black mysterious style and I always put on many earrings.
Kinda the “School’s crush” 😉😂😂
One day We had to go to their class for a period because our teacher was absent .. Our class sat together and their class sat together my friends found out I can talk and write korean and she was obsessed with Koreans specially “Stray Kids”
I teach my friends a few words
and thats where it all started….
The feeling that she likes me .
From that day she acts kinda weird around me and when I enter a place she immediately looked at me .. sometimes I caught her staring at me
And when I am with a specific girl I kinda feel that she is jealous somehow.
I always feel her eyes gazing at me 👀
The only thing confusing me is that she sometimes stares at me and when I come in, she undo her hair and asked her friends if she looks good … but other times she ignores me and acts like I’m not there.
She is too shy to talk to me and I don’t think she ever had the chance to .. but when she ever gets in a situation with me she tries to end it fast .
Like once she has to get the stamper from me for her teacher … when she entered my class she asked the other girls avoiding eye contact with me
But the stamper was with me and when I went to give it to her she looked nervous , took it so fast and left .
Does that mean that she hates me ? Or
Does that mean nothing ? Or does she like me ?
It’s really confusing please tell me what do you think ?

Now about me …. I sometimes feel attracted to her but I’m not supposed to
Because I never liked or fell in love with someone … I’m the hard to get type :) and it’s not good actually .
Even though she is not that pretty she is not special in anything and she is not my type and most importantly I don’t know anything about her !!!!
Then why do I feel this way ?
Why do I miss her when she is not around for a few days ?
And specially that after a year of all of this mess I changed schools and now I really miss her .. even though when she is around me I don’t miss her or feel attracted to her at all …..
Okay maybe once I felt attracted to her I kinda felt like she looked cute 🤭
But that’s just once ! And now I want to go back to the school and visit my friends just so I could get the chance to meet her again .
What do you think about everything ??
207 days ago
It's been a while since I talked here, anyway, I feel like shes avoiding me, when she moved she made a gc to face time me and the rest of the friend group because we asked her to face time us when she moved. She left the gc recently because it was taking up space on her phone or something like that, which we all thought was weird since the point of it was for us to talk to her when she moved. She never called me at all. I later found out that she called and talked to everyone else alot since she moved, except me, obvi. So now I'm rly confused since she was showing signs that she liked me before she moved. I got braces the other day ,(finally), and she found out somehow, so she said "did u get actually get braces?" And I said yes, because I did, then she asked for me to show her a picture of me with the braces. I didnt show her, I ignored the message. She hasn't talked to me in a while and she only talks to me when I get braces, like bich stfu.
216 days ago
Wow this test is so optimistic lmao
227 days ago
Bro like this test is mad optimistic but idk. The girl I like is a senior and I'm a year below her. I spend the day with my junior friends but during breaks I go have lunch with seniors and that's how I met her. She's not close friends with my senior friends but they are friends. Anyway so far she's called me really cute, she's this really nice and friendly person who's always smiling generally but when she sees me she's a little bit more excited and hugs me each time. And then she tells me I'm like a little sister to her (ik so ouch). There was one time I was waiting on the stairs for a friend, she was going down, she sees me, there's a lot of crowd, she hugs me and says bye babe in my ear and leaves and I swear to God I almost moaned and fell on my knees. Like what do I do now? We're not that close tho I wish we were
229 days ago
WELL.I told this girl I liked her and she said it back- I don't know how she feels right now because it's still summer break..I am afriad when school starts back, she won't like me anymore.I am nervous.
235 days ago
On the last day before school let out, I gave the girl I like a confession note. Later, she and her friend approached me. I chickened out and said it was a dare, which I now whole-heartedly regret. She didn't have much of a reaction, but her friend seemed a bit peeved, with was not surprising. After the school day, I sent an email to her friend admitting that everything on the note was true. Now, I regret that too, because her friend and I aren't very close and I'm afraid she would pass the email to someone else (my crush, maybe). The next school year starts in a month, and I don't know how to face the girl I like and her friend. I need advice...
236 days ago
I love you katerina!!!
239 days ago
There’s this girl who I really like and I kept getting mixed signals from, but we are good friends too and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I asked her abt her sexuality but she said it was a spectrum and avoided the question. So I told her I liked her and I hoped it wouldn’t ruin our friendship and her reaction was ok, it wouldn’t ruin anything between us and this is different and now she’s acting like it never happened. What does this mean? Does she like me?
241 days ago
There’s this girl I’ve sort of fell in love with over time. Her name’s Brooke. She and I met in our med class, I remember. At the time, I had still liked this one girl, I’ll call her V, but she had stopped talking to me a while ago so I just chose to not pay attention to her. I found myself slowly falling for this other girl. I flirt with her and she’d get nervous- it was the cutest thing. I remember us getting close and then Brooke tells me V had feelings for me. I panic and say that I like V too. The next day I end up in a relationship with V. I’d say for the first 5 months, it was a decent relationship. I forgot about my feelings. But then, towards the end, Brooke and I got closer when V started getting neglectful. I found out how perfect Brooke was. I started spending all my time listening to her and I adored every minute. V grew jealous and toxic. Brooke advised me to break up with her, even joking about how she’d be a much better match for me. I lived for those words. V and I broke up on a Thursday. Two more days and it would’ve been 6 months. I only had to see V one day after, and then I got COVID. I like to think it was a blessing in disguise, as V is still out for revenge. She wants to steal Brooke away from me, which she hasn’t nor will she ever succeed with. As for my friend, she was very petty and fed her food laced with laxative. I’m not too sure what she has planned for me, but it does worry me. But I know my mistake now, and I’m trying to fix it. On the 3rd of August, I’m spending the day with Brooke. I haven’t seen her in a few months. I plan to give her as much attention as possible. I guess I’m writing this because I feel bad for what I’ve done. I made a mistake, and I only hope to amend to it. As of yet, I’m getting mixed signals from Brooke, but I’m hoping that I can show her how sorry I am one day. I wish everyone else who is struggling with liking a girl the best of luck, and please don’t let past feelings get the best of you. ❤️
245 days ago
I really hope she likes me, lol and another thing, last time I was at her house, she asked me to play a board game which was a love-comedy one where 2 players had to be in a relationship (Me and her) And uh, pick options to do for the story to go on 💗
We got a score of 21 :D
245 days ago
I got:
So, does she like you, too? Wow! She seems to be giving you signs that she's into you! That's awesome news, and just what you wanted, right? So, what are you waiting for? Go make your move before her feelings fade away and/or she meets someone else. Good luck!
But I'm scared to ask her.
The reason why is, we have been friends for years. My mom and her mom were friends, so we knew each other basically from when we were babies and up, and I really don't want to break that friendship. She's shown signs of liking me, but its nerve-racking to think that she does not like me. For example, she always joins me online, (Thats a friend one) She always laughs at my jokes and smiles at me, and she usally leans on my shoulder. Always wanting a hug, always wanting to hang out with me. Always being kinda jealous when I'm hanging out with other friends. A few days ago she asked me what was my sexuality. I replied with, "Lesbian" And she replied with, "Oh same! Thats great." With a big smile. Still scared, though xD.
253 days ago
If I were you I think I would ask her out cause like she is showing signs and is pan so...
And I think if you are good friends with her which it seems like you are, even if she said no (I hope she doesn't) she would still stay friends with you.
good luck
253 days ago
Ahhhh I like her so much. We hold hands all the time and sometimes she comes and sits next and just leans on my shoulder. She's so cute when she does that :)))

She's called me cute before and asked if I liked her, and when me and another friend got platonically "married" as a joke, she kept asking if I'd marry her and I said yes lol. She also has this really sweet nickname she calls me (eeek). I'm not sure she'll ever see us as more than friends though...

She's pan and I'm a lesbian so I might have a chance but idk. She's flirty with everyone but not like this. I really want to ask her out but idk if she feels the same, what do u guys think?
256 days ago
@Corvinia Crow
She is like one of my best friends now and my love just grew more for her. She's a really shy person so I like want to tell her how I feel but I don't want to pressure her at the same time. I have decided I will tell her though cause I think she likes me, I mean she's giving all the signs and her sister thinks she likes me as well. Wish me luck.
260 days ago
sigh...SHE LOVES ME BUT I DON'T LOVE HER what do I do??
261 days ago
Update: she is now my girlfriend ❤️❤️😊😊
266 days ago
So do y’all think she likes me? I’m just not sure