Does She Like Me? ⚢ LGBT Quiz For Girls

There's this girl, and she's REALLY cute, and you're REALLY into her. Do you ever wonder if she might be into you, too? Deciphering someone's romantic interest can be tricky, as every individual expresses their emotions uniquely. Whether you've been crushing on her for a while or you've just started developing feelings, this quiz will provide some insights into your relationship status!
Who knows? Maybe this will end with you asking her out. 😉
Les get started! 😛

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    Does she always stare at you?
    Does she always stare at you?

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340 days ago
also @nica j does she ever talk about boys she likes?
340 days ago
i am SO confused. There's a girl who i think i like?? idk man but she is randomly nice to me after years of not talking maybe she's trying to help me feel included? maybe word of my mental health struggles got around??? idk helppp
343 days ago
there's this girl on my vball team, she's super nice & funny & basically friends w everyone on the team. i'm interested in her but idfk what her sexuality is and i don't want to get my hopes up. i'm assuming she's straight because most of her friend group are always talking about their boy crushes or wtv but i really hope she's queer 😭
344 days ago
I got she likes me but she says shes straight. I am not really into her. I just wanted to try this but can someone plz tell me what this means
344 days ago
Hey Lakeisha, if you're here for some reason. I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU!! aaaaAAA and hope you feel the same
350 days ago
HelpppI think I like this girl, she’s one of my closest friends. She isn’t conventionally attractive but to me that doesn’t really matter. I find her cute. She’s also really smart and good at maths. I hope one day we get together but sometimes we can only just hope. If I can’t get with her I won’t date anyone. I don’t want to like her :/
354 days ago
@may xx. Ik this will sound weird but tell her you like her or ask her if she likes you. It’s the only way you’ll ever know for sure and even if she doesn’t like you at least you can move on. If you are true friends, you liking her won’t effect your friendship
355 days ago
So I met this girl right when school started like a month ago and I immediately liked her so we became fast friends and everything was going normal till like a week ago when she started to get like really touchy she started to let me play with her hair (which before she didn't let me do) she started to lean on my amd touch me more and call us gay partners (which she said isn't like dating but she isn't saying what it means) and made me a heart necklace and she has a matching one and last weekend we went to robus and she took so many pictures of us and put me on her story also she let me wear her hat. But she has a crush on a boy and I can't tell if she was lying about that and she actually likes me or if she likes him. Someone please help.undefined
355 days ago
Ok so there is this girl and we met like a year ago and we were fast friends. I kinda sorta like her but like.... ya know. We are like best friends. I really dont want to ruin our friendship.

But also like she makes jokes about kissing me and she plays with my hair. But she also has a really flirty personality. Also at like an assembly (ass hahaha) she put her thigh on my thigh. But she also says all the time about how she doesn't like anyone.

She used to hold my hand in the hallway all the time but doesn't. She sometimes calls me bbgirl but im pretty sure she does that to everyone. also when she sleeps over she sometimes asks for me to lay on her thighs. But one time my other friend came over and (the girl i like) layed on her thighs and had her lay on her thighs. :( so likeeeee... idk.

Any advice??
356 days ago
Okay so! I'm hoping for some advice here because I'm super confused, so anything would be helpful!

So there's this girl who I've known for 4 years now, and I've been finding her very attractive for about a year now. She has a very flirty personality and LOVES to tease everyone around her (I go to an all-girls school, so it's always with girls, but she's said before that she doesn't like girls).

This year we've become quite close friends and she's always inquiring about me, flirting with me, and complimenting me. So I thought that it's just how she acts with everyone, right?

About a week ago, while we were texting and I was reassuring her that she was beautiful as she was, she said, "OK, ngl but I'm really attracted to you", and when I didn't respond for a minute, she followed it up with, "platonically!!", so I don't know if that means she really DID mean it platonically or if she was saving face.

Well, the other day, we kind of opened up to one another about our issues and everything, and I tried my best to help her, which I think worked. So, it was late when we were texting and I told her to go to sleep, and threatened not to talk to her for a week if she didn't. She then said, "Oh really? Well I'm gonna kiss you tomorrow, and I'm not kidding". So when I told her I wasn't kidding about ignoring her for a week, she insisted she wasn't either. The next day, she kept looking at me, as if waiting for me to do something, but nothing came of it.

Another time, she was joke-flirting with my friend (who also has an extremely flirty personality), but she kept looking at me as if waiting for me to get jealous or something. I don't know if I'm misreading this and she just wants to gauge my reaction, so it might be really nothing, but I'm super confused.

Anyways, I'd be really glad for any response, even if it's to tell me I've got it all wrong and not to get my hopes up because I really don't know what to do! Thank you!!!
357 days ago
My situation is a little complicated haha.
I met her 3 years ago, we were fast friends. We actually got together for a couple months. Decided to end it because we both have some stuff we need to work out, but I feel like we both still like eachother. I think I actually have fallen for her haha...
Recently we have moved in together with a mutual best friend and are sharing a room. I am just happy being around her and we've already said we are friends first and nothing can change that. I don't need a romantic relationship with her, but I do want to move past my feelings because it hurts my heart to flirt and hug and ignore them.

Any advice?
362 days ago
She's so sweet, She's always so understanding. And I've noticed she does act differently around me compared to how I see her interact with friends.
374 days ago
Oh and I forgot to mention that she talks a lot about her past crushes but then flirts with me. Like first she be like, "Oh, _ is so hot!" Then the next she'll like touch me or hold my hand. Can someone please write back some advice or help or even an opinion because I really need some help.
374 days ago
S there is this girl, my age that I really like. She makes me laugh and feel happy. Now she flirts with me, laughs at all my jokes, and always gives be little hugs, also touching me in conversation. Forgot to mention, she is also my best friend. But she acts like she does not want to be friends and acts like she wants to be with me. I asked her a while back if she did like me but she said she didn't. Now this is going on and I'm so confused! I dream about her legit every night and think about her 24/7 and she makes me really happy. Yesterday I was talking about it with her again, saying I didn't like her, cause I didn't want her to know. Then today she said she had a really bad day but wouldn't tell me why. Did I mess up? Also what should I do about this whole mess? I'm new to flirting/wanting to be in a relationship with girls and I don't know what to do. :-(

Also every little test I take to figure it out it says yes and I even put it up to the trusty dusty magic 8 ball and it said yes. And I came across this thing yesterday that said "If it's a Tuesday or a Thursday, your crush will dream about you and develop feelings for you." Well I was talking to her and she had a dream me and her went to the carnival together? Does this mean something or is it a coincidence. I also read into things way too much and I could just be overthinking everything. But now I'm just waiting for her to say more about the dream and if the thing I saw yesterday was right.
375 days ago
So I have a crush on this girl. She is like so nice and pretty and she complements me sometimes which makes me happy. I kind of want to tell her but I don't know how to. Any ideas?
380 days ago
There is this girl which i really like. We are in the same grade but she is three years younger than me, I am 19, she is 16. I am really in love with her sense of humor, but I don’t know if she even wants to be friends with me. We already exchanged numbers and I think she likes talking to me but I don’t know if she is even into girls. I saw that she follows Harry Styles on insta so maybe she is straight idk…its pretty confusing, because I develop crushes based of off little things like laughter, intelligence, body language and maybe I am the only one who wants to see things that aren’t even there. I really do hope that this will develop further but I don’t think so. I really want to kiss her and I cant stop thinking about her which is so annoying cause I don’t want to be the only one who feels like that way aaargh.
380 days ago
Okay so I’m in a weird condition..
that’s why I think this quiz won’t work with me 🙂
So it’s going to be long but i need help.

So I know her from school and she is a year younger than I am we don’t really know each other enough to have each other’s numbers or know enough about each other … her class and my class are basically enemies that’s why we never really talked .
just so you could know I always wear a black mask at school and never took it off in front of her so she doesn’t know how I really look :)
But I’m the popular girl I always have this black mysterious style and I always put on many earrings.
Kinda the “School’s crush” 😉😂😂
One day We had to go to their class for a period because our teacher was absent .. Our class sat together and their class sat together my friends found out I can talk and write korean and she was obsessed with Koreans specially “Stray Kids”
I teach my friends a few words
and thats where it all started….
The feeling that she likes me .
From that day she acts kinda weird around me and when I enter a place she immediately looked at me .. sometimes I caught her staring at me
And when I am with a specific girl I kinda feel that she is jealous somehow.
I always feel her eyes gazing at me 👀
The only thing confusing me is that she sometimes stares at me and when I come in, she undo her hair and asked her friends if she looks good … but other times she ignores me and acts like I’m not there.
She is too shy to talk to me and I don’t think she ever had the chance to .. but when she ever gets in a situation with me she tries to end it fast .
Like once she has to get the stamper from me for her teacher … when she entered my class she asked the other girls avoiding eye contact with me
But the stamper was with me and when I went to give it to her she looked nervous , took it so fast and left .
Does that mean that she hates me ? Or
Does that mean nothing ? Or does she like me ?
It’s really confusing please tell me what do you think ?

Now about me …. I sometimes feel attracted to her but I’m not supposed to
Because I never liked or fell in love with someone … I’m the hard to get type :) and it’s not good actually .
Even though she is not that pretty she is not special in anything and she is not my type and most importantly I don’t know anything about her !!!!
Then why do I feel this way ?
Why do I miss her when she is not around for a few days ?
And specially that after a year of all of this mess I changed schools and now I really miss her .. even though when she is around me I don’t miss her or feel attracted to her at all …..
Okay maybe once I felt attracted to her I kinda felt like she looked cute 🤭
But that’s just once ! And now I want to go back to the school and visit my friends just so I could get the chance to meet her again .
What do you think about everything ??
392 days ago
It's been a while since I talked here, anyway, I feel like shes avoiding me, when she moved she made a gc to face time me and the rest of the friend group because we asked her to face time us when she moved. She left the gc recently because it was taking up space on her phone or something like that, which we all thought was weird since the point of it was for us to talk to her when she moved. She never called me at all. I later found out that she called and talked to everyone else alot since she moved, except me, obvi. So now I'm rly confused since she was showing signs that she liked me before she moved. I got braces the other day ,(finally), and she found out somehow, so she said "did u get actually get braces?" And I said yes, because I did, then she asked for me to show her a picture of me with the braces. I didnt show her, I ignored the message. She hasn't talked to me in a while and she only talks to me when I get braces, like bich stfu.
400 days ago
Wow this test is so optimistic lmao
412 days ago
Bro like this test is mad optimistic but idk. The girl I like is a senior and I'm a year below her. I spend the day with my junior friends but during breaks I go have lunch with seniors and that's how I met her. She's not close friends with my senior friends but they are friends. Anyway so far she's called me really cute, she's this really nice and friendly person who's always smiling generally but when she sees me she's a little bit more excited and hugs me each time. And then she tells me I'm like a little sister to her (ik so ouch). There was one time I was waiting on the stairs for a friend, she was going down, she sees me, there's a lot of crowd, she hugs me and says bye babe in my ear and leaves and I swear to God I almost moaned and fell on my knees. Like what do I do now? We're not that close tho I wish we were