Do I Like Her? (For Girls)

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Sometimes it can be super-confusing when you’re a girl—AND you think you might like another girl as more than just a friend. Life is confusing enough, but if what I just described is your current situation, take this test to find out the truth once and for all!

  • 1
    Do you think about her often?
    Do you think about her often?
  • 2
    Are you uncomfortable with the idea that you might be gay/bisexual?
  • 3
    Do you talk to her? (Texting counts)

  • 4
    Do you think she’s pretty?
  • 5
    Have you told her you like her?
  • 6
    Do you want her to know that you like her?

  • 7
    Do your friends know you like her?
  • 8
    Do you feel uncomfortable when your friends talk about having crushes on guys?
  • 9
    Do your parents know?
  • 10
    Are your parents for or against LGBTQ+ folks?

  • 11
    If your friends don’t know, are you embarrassed to tell them?
  • 12
    Are there other girls or boys in your community (neighborhood, town, school, etc.) that have come out as LGBTQ+?
  • 13
    Do you think you have a crush on her?
  • 14
    How do you feel about this?
  • 15
    Lastly, did you enjoy the test, and was it relatable?

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Also is it just me or is my gay radar horrible. I can tell when people like me but I can't tell what sexuality they are.
Hi I just did the quiz I pretty much picked every good answer see that mean I love her is it just like.
3 days ago
I knew that i liked her when i set my eyes on her so i turned around and told my friends that i liked her. We spent the next day talking about how i was gonna tell her and BOY was i nervous! I was scared and ecxited because i look like a boy but i told her and she gave away a few hints that she liked me too. So we both like each other and we r both really good friends because she doesnt know that i know that she
likes me!
3 days ago
@Dead inside, At what point do u like someone? Well i like this girl (I'm a girl) and as soon as i saw her i was like, 💑 she cute af! So i guess that was the point when i liked her. I hope that helps!?
4 days ago
So first I fell for a straight girl but the straight girl kept on hitting on me like putting her arm around me and being nice normal people don’t do that right but anyway then one of my friends not in my friend group but we’re close told me she liked me and I was like ok well ur cool and straight girl broke my heart so

And then a few weeks later one of my closest friends in my friend group told me she liked me as well and Idk who I like or even if I like anyone I mean you can’t control it if I like the straight gal I have to deal with it but now I’m just waiting everything out in quarantine and I can’t figure out who I like

At what point do you know you like someone?????
10 days ago
@Bi girl. HAHAHA dont worry. thx lol. also i dont know sign language. but thx haha stay safe!
13 days ago
Me:answers the questions. Me:puts test results.The test results: You like her very much! Me: AHHHH WHAT THE- The screen record: 👁👄👁
16 days ago
&@Anonymous do you know sign language if so that will help A LOT are you sure you like her does she like anyone are you friends make sure of your sexuality just ask these questions to yourself and think sorry if this diddint help and of it did "hey it's okay to say your welcome" eh hem srry but your welcome if this helps take your time and think of the questions also stay safe in this pandemic hopfully it's almost over stay safe and stay strong and positive and your welcome for this advice also pls update on how it's going on with y'all i don't even know y'all and I ship it whelp bye! :3
16 days ago
Omg she came out as bi yay!
18 days ago
Umm hi I guess.. 😅
22 days ago
Haha uh were dating ! just wanted to make sure :)
24 days ago
she is bi idk what i am ;w;
but she likes me, so maybe i like her. i need to think about it.
25 days ago
Anf also shes def straight she doesnt know i like her
25 days ago
Tbh i think i may like her but i think im bi and when i have liked guys i get a weird feeling that i dont get with this girl so idk bc i actually think im into her. Can someone help?
29 days ago
:( oh wait I forgot shes straight uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( :( :( D:
29 days ago
Hi uh hi hopefully people see this so shes two years older than me shes always on her phone lol shes beautiful sweet kind and positive XD I got her chocolate for X-mas bc she asked for some i got my fav and disinterested know it was her fav do xD she calls me the nick name mermaid bc part of my name is mermaid i call her ally or Alarm bc shes loud but shy too she's addicted to tiktok also here's a sweet message she told me " never give up on your dreams and desires smile as you Acheve your dreams" she said well if you had read this thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooo much :D:3:)
32 days ago
39 days ago
This was an ok quiz, but it didn't really have the best possible answers. I'm pan and all my friends (except this girl) know it; she goes to a different school and we only have one mutual friend; I have no idea if this girl is bi, but I know she's dated a ton of guys; andI'mprettysureshewillneverfeelthe samewaysoIdon'tknowwhyIcamehere:(
44 days ago
aaaaaaah ive never felt this way about someone before. most of the time i faked crushes on guys so my friends would leave me alone abt dating. but!! i met this girl online and shes really nice and cares a lot about me. our convos are never dry and she makes me feel safer iqurkhfksbdk

im also terrified to come out to my friends. theyre extremely homophobic and its really scary. so maybe i wont idk!!! ahahdhofjtjrkeoiehrjoejevdvfb
60 days ago
I like her and she likes me