Do I Like Her? Lgbt Quiz For Girls

Sometimes it can be super-confusing when you’re a girl—AND you think you might like another girl as more than just a friend. Life is confusing enough, but if what I just described is your current situation, take this test to find out the truth once and for all!

  • 1
    Do you think about her often?
    Do you think about her often?
  • 2
    Are you uncomfortable with the idea that you might be gay/bisexual?
  • 3
    Do you talk to her? (Texting counts)

  • 4
    Do you think she’s pretty?
  • 5
    Have you told her you like her?
  • 6
    Do you want her to know that you like her?

  • 7
    Do your friends know you like her?
  • 8
    Do you feel uncomfortable when your friends talk about having crushes on guys?
  • 9
    Do your parents know?
  • 10
    Are your parents for or against LGBTQ+ folks?

  • 11
    If your friends don’t know, are you embarrassed to tell them?
  • 12
    Are there other girls or boys in your community (neighborhood, town, school, etc.) that have come out as LGBTQ+?
  • 13
    Do you think you have a crush on her?
  • 14
    How do you feel about this?
  • 15
    Lastly, did you enjoy the test, and was it relatable?

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God bless your courage. I used to think I was 100% straight bc of homophobia and when my best friend came out to me everything changed. Maybe your friend isn't as straight as she thinks, I also used to flirt at first (and still do lol) . I'm not sure about my sexuality but I can tell you for sure that I'm not 100% straight, maybe this girl is on the same phase bc maybe she thinks her parents won't accept her or she just doesn't want to tell? I don't really know but think about it. Also, could it not be flirting? For example does your friend seem touchy around other people too?
Never in a million times will I tell her coz she rejects my hints and she's been my bff for 9 years :D
10 days ago
Hi don’t really know,
I think you should just casually bring up that you like girls in one of your conversations or drop hints about it and see where that leads you guys. She might tell you her sexuality then and if not you could ask, just try not to seem too pushy about it. From then just see what she does and if she acts even more flirtatious around you I recon you should go for it and tell her how you feel.
Good luck!
32 days ago
I’m attracted to girls (I don’t have a label) and my best friend has a crush and won’t tell me who it is I’m hoping it’s me. We kinda flirt (I don’t really know what to call it) but she makes lots of physical contact and doesn’t do that with other ppl. She also doesn’t know I’m attracted to girls and I don’t know her sexuality. Should I tell her I’m attracted to girls and like her? I don’t really know what to do.
40 days ago
Hmm... interesting
41 days ago
Hmmm… I changed the last question (did you like this quiz, and was it relatable) between ‘No! Hated it :(‘ and ‘I liked it a lot!’ and my result changed…. 🙃
52 days ago
i need help i like this girl who is straight but she flirts with me all the time i told her i liked her and she obviously said she didn't feel the same way. that was like two weeks ago and she still flirts with me but she now thinks i like someone else. idk what to do cuz i like her alot and idk if she is flirting as a friend or more... advice?
52 days ago
Awww thank you confused! Hope you have good luck in the future!
54 days ago

Thanks so much for the advice, it did help!
55 days ago
Hi confused! I guess maybe you are bi with a preference to boys? Well, that’s mainly down to you to figure out :-)
Here are a few tips:
-don’t take any quizzes to try and figure out your sexuality because it’s for YOU to decide, not someone else
-don’t panic
-take it slowly
-talk to people if you wish
-accept that your feelings are natural, just let yourself accept how you feel and stay calm
Also maybe you could talk to this girl and get to know her better.
Hope I helped :-)
56 days ago
I dont know how to tell my crush i like her.
56 days ago
There's this girl I keep looking at. idk why! I like guys, and I've never liked a girl, and I don't think I will ever again, that's just what I can tell, but idk about this girl. Maybe I just really admire her, I just don't know what to do. I don't think I like her, but maybe I do... I have no idea!
61 days ago
@hi i exist i think you should go for it :)
61 days ago
@hi i exist: hello there! Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about anything and just remember to stay calm. I am literally in a similar situation right now. But yeah just keep things slow don’t rush into anything because obviously they are a close friend and you don’t want to loose them! Hopefully everything works out though :-)
61 days ago
it 💑cuz i really like this girl but shes straight and ive bee friends with her for like 2 weeks now but like ive known her for quite a while but we only just became close and im friends with like her whole friend group and hang out with them alot. I told her i liked her like last week and she said she didn't feel the same but like since then shes been kinda flirting with me like she brushed my hair when it was really knotty when i didn't even ask her to. She said that she looked at all of my social media posts and like shes just generally flirting you know. So i have like no idea if she likes me or not but i really like her so yh..
63 days ago
so people theres this girl who im super close friends with but that only happened like this year and recently she told me she had a crush but wouldn't say who it was and i started rly hoping it was me and i knew she was pansexual and i am a lesbian and i was just like what if its me what would that be like and then i started noticing how pretty she was and her smile and her voice and how smart she was and then recently she told me over text that she liked me a lot like romantically and i told her i think i like her back and now idk if we're dating but its not awkward at all and i like her sm someone pls helppp
68 days ago
ah i really like her but like ghctfygujh ik shes bi but i still wanna be friends even if she does reject mee
77 days ago
Uhh it says I like her a lot and I should tell her-
78 days ago
uh.. my crush is married 😢😢😢
79 days ago
So hi im a normal teen i guess and I'm bi so there is this girl who came came last year to our school we are the same class at fast it was just i wanted to be are friend and get close to her so we have quit similar interests but she is better than me so as their is some festival going around our school and like every was practicing and like some of the girls bunk the class and i was one of them and she was with her friend We talked and i had a lewd thought about her so it started today and i stared at her like more than usual and she was so sweet i really want to embrace her