Does She Like Me Back? Quiz for LGBTQ+

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This is a "Does She Like Me Back?" quiz for the LGBTQ+ community (i.e., girl x girl). Please note that your result might not be 100 percent accurate because the quiz is based on general experiences.

  • 1
    How well do you know each other?
  • 2
    When you guys talk, does she initiate eye contact?
  • 3
    Who starts your conversations?

  • 4
    Does she smile at you often?
  • 5
    Do you catch her staring at you?
  • 6
    Does she ever ask questions that seem to make your friendship a little stronger, or questions about you?

  • 7
    Does she ever say "Hi" or something similar when you pass each other?
  • 8
    What sexual/romantic orientation is she?
  • 9
    Is she in a romantic relationship?
  • 10
    Has she recently been in a relationship that she's no longer in?

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14 days ago
Okay... She/he and I have been friends for a year going on two, and ever since we met we've been really close. He acts totally different towards me from the beginning we met, he has A LOT of contact physical with me, and before he approached me a friend of mine said that he was crazy to meet me, and after we got closer (he approached me) I found out that he talked a lot about me for his mother. (She's gender fluid, so am I.) I've realized that I like him a lot, but I'm afraid to say it and he'll pull away, I'm pretty sure he likes me, but I love his friendship so much that I can't declare myself! Anyway, I'll wait a little longer, because every moment we're getting closer.
143 days ago
hey everyone I'm Lesbian so There is a girl that has a crush on me and I don't know If I feel the same way I was blushing and I though about it... I think I like her and I think she likes me too!!! I think my Crush was going to ask me to be her girlfriend or something? but, we didn't meet in person yet! I think I'm afraid to tell her how I feel and I really want to kiss my Crush so badly to tell her that I love her and I feel the same way!!!
175 days ago
idl why i ranted out my happiness like that but sklasdfghjkm
175 days ago
I got 40% likes me back and 40% giving signals abshdjbnm.
She practically has a "black cat" personality and im the "golden retriever" (we're both basically introverted) - we share a few classes and sit next to each other in all of them.

So basically yh, around her friend group shes more serious and monotone (tho still immature, acts silly, calls them some atrocious insults, and annoys them on purpose, steals stuff from them, etc) and have like a mutual play fighting type of friendship with them whereas with me she always reaffirms my decisions, lets me choose things for us, backs me when im debating. >v< And her voice also is softer when she speaks with me and we're both hella awkward so sometimes there's silence that is usually interrupted by our simultaneous giggles ahuahsbdj. AND bc neither of us are that great at talking, we play with stuff in front of us in class, or draw little smiley faces and stuff in each others' books.

ALSO we walk home together at times and we like talk abt little meaningless stuff and giggle purposelessly (i also legit cant stop myself from smiling during these times). Recently, (like last week) i was walking with her after school and bc of the cold, (cold enough to see your breath) i remember this REALLY SPECIFIC SCENE i saw.

Her with her pale skin flushed rose, her nose, her cheeks. Facing down to me with her hazel irises, which she calls brown, flashing in bitter sunlight. Behind her rows of homes below the boundless cerulean sky, scattered in clouds. AND HER SMILE. Oh God. I personally see her giggling a lot but this was definitely a rare smile I could not forget. What she said I can't remember but I do remember her pink lips tilted upward after a breath released, which I saw from the cold air.

Did I just write poetry about her? hell yeah I did and idgaf.
Ilike what we have rn!!! i hope it doesnt change for a loonger time. (inshallah, and yes im Muslim)

(if someone ik irl reads this theyll probably be able to tell who i am hmmmm)

(i also didnt proof read so some parts may not make sense)
253 days ago

When I wanted to know what my friend's sexual orientation was I just flat out asked her. I just said do you know what your sexuality is and she told me she doesn't know yet, she is still figuring things out. But I think if you are friends with your crush you can just ask her. and yes I had a crush on this girl at the time. :)
464 days ago
My crush is Lesbian and I'm agender. I also know who her crush is, so that's nice. :):
501 days ago
Um… I’m not sure what to do. 30% chance she likes me back, and 30% chance for giving signals. I have her number, so what would be the easiest way to tell her I like her? Also what would be the best way to ask what her sexual orientation is without seeming suspicious? I have no idea what I should do!!! 😩😩😩
(She knows I’m Bi and supports me fully, so I at least know that she won’t be completely grossed out by me liking her)
566 days ago
I'm only ten so we probably won't kiss or anything like that, and also, covid!!!
566 days ago
I took this quiz because I am going to try to tell my crush Rachel that I love her 40% she likes me as a gf and 40% only friends. Fingers crossed!!!
566 days ago
i said she that ilove her, she kissed me, i'm cryin'
631 days ago
awe man just friends qnq
721 days ago
I got 50% that my crush likes me yay! I wish I could ask her out but she's moving soon and there's also Coronavirus so that sucks. We have each other's numbers, should I just tell her that I like her over text?? What if she doesn't like me back? She did recently invite me to the movies which I sadly had to decline but that gave me a little confidence she might though.
762 days ago
@Markayla ask her out !! ^^
778 days ago
I really like this girl named saniya and we hugged alot and she kissed me on the cheek recently and I think she likes me too this really kinda helped me
806 days ago
There's this girl I really like and I don't know what orientation she is but she gives me not entirely straight vibes, though she is femme. She gives me a few signals that she might like me. For example the other day, she asked if she could see the notebook which I took notes in, but I think it was mostly because of how much she saw me doodling in it. I said no initially, but I was curious so I asked why. She said "Because it's you, and you're interesting. You're also a little strange." I looked at her funny and asked what she meant. She replied, "As in mysterious." Can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck that means!?
821 days ago
There’s this girl Nora that I love so much, and last night I had a dream that she asked me out and we were girlfriends and I was so sad when I woke up. But also I’ve never seen her in person as we go to virtual school together and when we hang out its over FaceTime. Should I ask her out? The thought of it makes me so scared tho. HELPPP
822 days ago
i need her to kiss rn!!
870 days ago
I have a crush on my ex friend. She doesn't talk to me this test said 80 percent. I would do anything to be hers.
886 days ago
I really hope she likes me back. she only recently told me she was bi
915 days ago