Does She Like Me Back? Quiz for LGBTQ+

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This is a "Does She Like Me Back?" quiz for the LGBTQ+ community (i.e., girl x girl). Please note that your result might not be 100 percent accurate because the quiz is based on general experiences.

  • 1
    How well do you know each other?
  • 2
    When you guys talk, does she initiate eye contact?
  • 3
    Who starts your conversations?

  • 4
    Does she smile at you often?
  • 5
    Do you catch her staring at you?
  • 6
    Does she ever ask questions that seem to make your friendship a little stronger, or questions about you?

  • 7
    Does she ever say "Hi" or something similar when you pass each other?
  • 8
    What sexual/romantic orientation is she?
  • 9
    Is she in a romantic relationship?
  • 10
    Has she recently been in a relationship that she's no longer in?

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1241 days ago
Yo. If you're my crush, you probably know that I like you.
*Hint for who I am* Coding Fridays
1316 days ago
okay so there’s this girl I really like ive known her for a little more than a year and we are best friends. and i like her. sooooo today me and some other friends including her were hanging out at my house and we did some stuff that umm people who are just friends wouldn’t do soooooooo yeah and like she kinda held my hand but when my friend said she shipped us my crush said something like “I don’t like her I’m not lesbian” and uhhh I’m confused I mean the tone in her voice wasn’t all that convincing, in fact it was kinda sarcastic...but still I need help I’m confused :/
1334 days ago
olivia davis, i love you please see this and love me
1334 days ago
it says 50% but the only thing she's ever said to me is "wow, you look really pretty." in a really like 'i like you' tone of voice
1341 days ago
I just told her I liked her and she rejected me so I said it was a joke :(
1341 days ago
there’s this girl I like and it’s obvious she likes me as a friend. I’ve like her for a long time now. It just hurt a lot because she’s really close to this one girl. There friends but there so close. There always together. I just want to like me back
1360 days ago
I met this girl towards the end of the year which was weird considering we share 80% of our friends and we just met. But from our first convo there was chemistry and non stop flirting. She said she doesnt really know her sexuality and that its hard too explain. Our friends noticed that we are super touchy and clingy with each other. Im planning to go to the movies and idk if i should try and invite her (she has asked me to come to her birthday but i got scared so i chickened out).
1398 days ago
it seems as if we like each other but in secret. we don't talk but we always catch each other staring and she always get close to me when she can :/ but idk man suck
1407 days ago
It says we’re just friends again... I’m actually willing to pursue this girl... I think she might like me back... I don’t know though...
1456 days ago
I got "She Likes You Back" I've gotten an answer like this on every other test I've taken and I got a signal that she MIGHT like me back but I think I'll just tell her I like her soon or at least tell someone and get her to know. I really want her to know and idek why its just on my bucket list right now haha
1469 days ago
It says that 50% we’re just friends... I’ve had a small crush on her for a while, but I think we’re better as friends. This is awesome. We’re good.
1478 days ago
lmao 40% i dont think ill ask her...instead ill lock up my feelings and die in shame until one faithful day when they decide to leave my head and i can think of her as a friend coz i dont wanna mess up the friendship that i have with her. she is such an amazing person and i am afraid of her not being a part of my life if i confess to her. so i am going to stick to being friends while fangirling rather than not talking to her at all
1491 days ago
Nooo I want her to like me back more than anything rn
1493 days ago
40% she likes me idk when I'll be sure enough to ask her out cz of how homophobic my country is
1496 days ago
1497 days ago
let's continue this legacy of "im gay"s?? half of the people who did it are the same person anyways so oof
aNYWAY...,,,,, so this girl and i, we like each other and even our friends attempt to set us up, it is so obvious that we like each other and half the year knows. bUT it is just so ,,,, awkward????? ahhah i dont eben know,, i always try to make myself promise that whenever she's there , i'll talk, but my friends are always grinning and pointing and doing stuff it's just impossible to do oof......................... she has REALLY nice blue eyes they are so bright yet so c o o l and light at the same time you oculd see them from a mile off :((
1504 days ago
yea so um she gives out signals i guess
1522 days ago
she called me pretty and cute to one of her friends im just internally combustinG 💓 x
1545 days ago
her friends are always egging her on to talk to me and i just
we like each other but i don't really know how our 'friendship' can progress
1547 days ago
Ily cybele hope ur bi too or gay the quiz said she likes me back she gives me TOO MANY SIGNALS to have her not like me so eyey wish me luck y'all 😩