Does She Like Me Back? Quiz for LGBTQ+

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This is a "Does She Like Me Back?" quiz for the LGBTQ+ community (i.e., girl x girl). Please note that your result might not be 100 percent accurate because the quiz is based on general experiences.

  • 1
    How well do you know each other?
  • 2
    When you guys talk, does she initiate eye contact?
  • 3
    Who starts your conversations?

  • 4
    Does she smile at you often?
  • 5
    Do you catch her staring at you?
  • 6
    Does she ever ask questions that seem to make your friendship a little stronger, or questions about you?

  • 7
    Does she ever say "Hi" or something similar when you pass each other?
  • 8
    What sexual/romantic orientation is she?
  • 9
    Is she in a romantic relationship?
  • 10
    Has she recently been in a relationship that she's no longer in?

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1603 days ago
Ily cybele hope ur bi too or gay the quiz said she likes me back she gives me TOO MANY SIGNALS to have her not like me so eyey wish me luck y'all 😩
1609 days ago
aaaaa crisis
i have a flippin crush on this gal

i can't even describe it

lol i'd ask for advice except there's no info to give..
this is my path to walk, alone
1613 days ago
yay we like each other (ive known that she likes me for some time now so oof)
i suppose these small insecurities come up from time to time about how they may feel about others, but... thats just part of the whole. thing idek what im writing
next steps
want to ask for discord tag without it looking too obvious...
heh it doesnt even matter she knows im a gay anyway
1619 days ago
I reading hate/love her. I want her to leave me alone/be my future wife.
1619 days ago
It says she likes me.. we used to be kinda close but I felt like the next choice, if no one else was there she would talk to me. We used to talk but I kinda stopped when she became friends with my ex friend who is really mean to me. I think she is realizing that the girl is messed up but won’t do anything. I wanna talk to her but she’s always with that 😻. So all I can do is hope she’ll talk to me again. :(
1629 days ago
a girl i like,... she said to me "i think you're a really cool person and i wanna hang out more" (something along those lines) and i'm so confused, because it's not really clear to me whether or not she means it in a friendly way or differently or maybe she will ask me about the same thing but ajkhfk .. haha... help......
1629 days ago
theres this girl i kinda like... but she is moving away and i wont see her again. :(
but i heard her whispering to someone else and she said "she was staring" and thats all i heard and then she was talking to the same girl a week later and said something like "should i tell her" or something like that, i dont really remember.
i got no idea if she likes me tho because she pretty much ignores me.
but we do dance together and we do a secret santa thing and i had her and when i gave her the present she gave me this hug but it felt awkward and forced and unsincere :(
maybe its for the best that she moves away
1633 days ago
For 50% you are: She likes you back!

okay so many people are telling me that the girl i like likes me.. and it's just wELL WE NEED TO STRENGTHEN OUR FRIENDSHIP SO YEah (some out-of-school contact would be really helpful.. but how do i ask for it without looking so obvious) ,....aha i dont even know what im saying right now :(..also, as the other comments say below, thank you very much for this quiz!
1647 days ago
oops it sent twice -_-
1647 days ago
thank you for this it helped