Does she like you back? (Lesbians and Bisexuals)

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Do you wonder if she likes you back and you’re not sure if she’s flirting or just being friendly? Take this quiz and find out! PS: this is not %100 accurate so if you feel like something else don’t hesitate.

  • 1
    Are you two friends?
  • 2
    How much do you talk regularly?
  • 3
    Does she flirt with you?

  • 4
    She did come out as:
  • 5
    Did you two go on a date?
  • 6
    Does she try to touch you occasionally/casually?

  • 7
    Do you see her a lot around you?
  • 8
    Does she talk about another current crush?
  • 9
    Does she help you whenever she could?
  • 10
    Do you think she likes you back?

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523 days ago
There is this girl i really like. I liked her for years we never really talked bevor but at the end of 8th grade we got into talking. After we talked for the first time she ignored me which made me kind of sad but i knew i never really had a Chance with her. My Best friend told Mr she had a crush in that girl from her class so i gave up on trying to be her friend or get close to her. I wasnt anything alike the girls she had crushes on so i just told myself "lets just Not talk to her".
She texted me all of a sudden which suprised me, but we got into talking and i found out we got a lot in common. She told me she doenst has a crush on that girl anymore. I thought i had a Chance so i tried to get close to her, which worked we got really close and comftible around each other. We always Text and call each other. She tells me how much she misses me when i was on facation over the summer break. She is very Touchy with me even tho sje hates physical Touch of others. Idk if she likes me or just Sees me as a friend becaude she told me she would never want to Fall in love with me, when i asked why she didnt say anything. I would lie if i said that this didnt make me at least a little sad. Anyways i need advice yall
533 days ago
I have a crush on this girl (Bell) who was in my Gr. 4 class this year, she went on my bus in the mornings, we're BFFs and most of the time she'd bring her phone and we'd listen to Spotify, and we sat in the same seat together everyday. She's bi. I told her I liked her in February, March or April and she said "Okay." and then in April or May I asked her if she liked me and she said "Kinda ..." and then changed the subject. We're really close and she puts her head on my shoulder sometimes, and so do I, we hug a lot, I've laid my head down on her lap a couple of times. But the School Board said she had to switch to St. Joseph's Catholic School but that she'd still be going on the same bus as me in either the mornings or afternoons (or both), but then she found out that she won't be going on the same bus as me. We talk on Google Hangouts a lot ... and we also call a lot. I'm going to miss her. Does she like me back?
548 days ago
S o I have this crush, let's call her Peyton (for privacy's sake) and they're neptunic. We've been close friends since 3rd grade, and i've just started to catch feelings for her like, half a year ago. I would really like to ask her out or at least confess to them by the end of the summer since we go to camp together. Because at the end of summer camp ends and I don't have to go back there and see her face to face if she says no which she probably will, but I'm hopeful I guess. I just really love being friends with her, they're a great person and I'd hate to lose them to this. I just really hope they like me backkkk. >w
557 days ago
So basically, i have this friend called layla, she is pan and shes really funny but when i vent to someone else shes like “no vent to me i listen, i send you hugs” i get butterflies but i don’t know if she likes me. Often she comes to my house, sometimes sits right next to me and she jokes and holds my hand, i don’t want it it be a joke, i love her.
691 days ago
Hey can someone give me advice? I have a crush on a girl named Nora. She’s pan and single. We talk about every week and hang out sometimes, but the last time I asked to hang out she left me on read. We have a ton of stuff in common, and agree on practically everything. If the circumstances were more normal, I might make a move, but we just go to virtual school together and when we hang out its just over FaceTime. I’m definitely not going to ask her out before we see each other in person, but how can I get to know her better and flirt with her so that we’re still friends when we meet in person?
735 days ago
744 days ago
i like this really cute girl at work but shes two years older than me and i dont know if shes gay or not help
754 days ago
i have a friend - shes also bi and knows i am too. we’ve kissed a couple times before and shes touchy when we are alone but she claims she has a boyfriend. im so confused and we “live” together (boarding school life🤠)
769 days ago
Welp i have a crush on my bff,she is bi while i am pan,i told her i like her,but she just changed theme-I know she doesnt like me-She ones said She would never like us *me and her second bff* soooooo yuh..bYe mY dReAmS aNd hOpEs
773 days ago
You are not straight if you like her.
She just confessed to you.Do you even know how lucky you are?
She wants you to be girlfriends.
Now when that's cleared up:
It's your decision but if you like her and she likes you i don't see why 2 of u shouldn't date
779 days ago
Hi I have a girlfriend. I was just doing this test for fun. I already knew that she liked me back, considering she asked me out.
784 days ago
I know right! She's not the one for me.... She and me are both female, even she didn't come out, I still think she's straight or asexual. But anyways she knows I existed, and I catched her staring at me a lot, so can someone tell me what kind of situation is this?
795 days ago
i think she kinda knows i like her but what if she's just flirting to be mean :(
1100 days ago
Oml I think I have a crush on my classmate who my friend (who’s a straight guy) also likes. I recently learned that she might be flirting with me but she could also just be being a friend.
I’m also confused about my own feelings. Ever since my friend said he liked her, I’ve been jealous for some reason, and I thought it was cause I liked her last year, but now I think I might have a crush.
1125 days ago
*sigh* I hope this works out. Even before I tried taking this quiz I knew I was going to ask her to be mine this weekend. She came out to me as bi after realizing that I was, too.
I’m a Cancer, she’s a Scorpio.
We’re in our teens. I’m older than her by a year or two?
I’m a lot more obvious in the way I dress when it comes to my sexuality. (Not fem, not butch. FLANNELS and cuffed jeans just to make it obvious. I have long hair tho).
She thinks I’m beautiful! I think she’s the sweetest thing.
Neither of us are big fans of physical touch but I’d kiss her if she’d let me. I think she’d totally be down to hold my hand.
Neither of us are out to our families but we’ve both had secret relationships with girls.
She is not dating and has not mentioned any crushes (besides telling me that she had a huge crush on me when we first met WHILE BLUSHING)
She’s super self conscious but perfect in my eyes.
I love her so 💋 much I hope this works out!
Bi bi! All for one and love for all! 😉💗💜💙
1142 days ago
Like i can believe this, apparently she likes me back, but the thing is, she is dating another in 6th grade, but i have known her since 3rd time i told her i like her but just recently i lied to her and told her that i was just mixing that up with friend ship and did not know what i was talking about... i am so lost.... and i can never tell her because i never want to ruin our friend ship!
1143 days ago
I have a crush on a class mate. She's super daring and she has confessed to me that she loves me. I was flustered and I turned and ran away now I have to meet her on Monday. I think she wants us to be lesbians but I'm a straight what do I do?
1169 days ago
1177 days ago
I think I might like her but IDK. Help me!
1206 days ago
There is this girl that is in 3/7 of my classes and she usually plays with my hair but sometimes in other classes like band she will make eye contact with me f and then fix my hair and laugh a little then she smiles at me and sometimes she'll even lead my hair down to my shoulder, leave her hand there and smile maintaining eye contact. Ive known her since the start of 6th grade and we've been close friends since the beginning, now im in 7th grade and she does all of that and flirts a little when she talks to me but she has had multiple bfs. Last year i remember her saying to me "Ive dated so many guys *laughs* watch me be lesbian one day" so im confused and i want to know if she likes me or if shes just being a friend.