Does she like you? (girls only)

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  • 1
    Do you know her sexuality?
  • 2
    Are you close to her?
  • 3
    Are you close in age?

  • 4
    Speaking of which, how old are you?
    (answer matters)
  • 5
    If you do talk, what is the usual topic
  • 6
    What is your sexuality

  • 7
    I'm just thinking of random stuff at this point, but everything still counts!
    Who does she hang out with the most?
  • 8
    Do you think you really like this girl?
  • 9
    Is she in your everyday life?
  • 10
    I'm bad at this, and you probably won't get the answer you want. What are you hoping to get?
    (only sort of effects results)

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1507 days ago
Soo awkward, but. I think I'm fall in love with my roomate. She's my classmate too, and she is soo beautyful and smart and she's understand me the best. I'm study in an art school, and I want to be a sculptor. She's a painter, and sometimes she paints me, or paint my hair to her paintings . *Yes its can be a little strange, but I love it and my sculptor teacher said she did it because She like me :o* Sometimes we go out for a coffee, and we walk hand in hand back to college. I think I love her. I'm bisexual, but I don't know what she's sexuality.
We have been living together for three years with three another girl (five people/room)
And I don't really know she's like me back or not....
Sorry for the grammatical errors, english is just my foreign language next to french
Need help guys! There just one person knows im bi
1627 days ago
test maker- something to keep in mind, don't take these results seriously I literally don't know 🍦 about making results or asking questions so don't trust everything online
1628 days ago
ok so she likes me but I’m srait? Ish oof
1637 days ago
Confused girl I see u all over the place
1639 days ago
Im 19
1639 days ago
Sorry this is so long but I really had to get it off my chest.I am in grade six and need some advice if it's available. My friend told me that a guy in my class named Hayden really really liked me. She often walks home from school with him and she said he told her so I trust her. She also said he was going to ask me to the spring formal but he chickened out. Then he joined my band and it's super awkward. One of my band mates asked him about it out of the blue one day when we were practicing and he said he didn't but when my friend (not the one that walks with him) asked him in private he said he did. This has been going on for more than a month now and I feel like just asking him if it's really true, just a rumour or something else but I am not sure if he will be honest and I can't seem to find the right time to ask him! He is really nice, pretty cute (He has dirty blonde curly hair and clear blue eyes although my friend says he looks like a frog) but he's really sensitive and I'm more of a "tough" girl so I don't want to make him embarrassed, too shy or even make him cry when and if I ask him if he does have a crush on me. I have a bit of a crush on him too. My other problem is the guy I REALLY like might actually like me too. His name is Jack.I've taken a lot of quizzes and most of them either said he really likes me or he sort of likes me. I catch him staring at me often. Some other events that have lead me to believing he does like me are, one time I wa practicing my base guitar and singing part for my band in music class (he isn't in my band but he plays base too) I looked up and he was walking by. He blushed,and waved sheepishly. When I waved back he blushed even more stumbled a bit and mumbled something that I couldn't understand. Another example is we were all playing mantracker at recess one day.He and a bunch of his friends where standing in a group at the bottom of a hill and yelled up to me asking if I was it. I waved back signing I was it and they all scattered except for Jack who stayed till the last minute just staring at me. One last reason is whenever we have gym class together he seems REALLY embarrassed any time he missed a shot at the goal. One time I was at one of his basketball games and he got really nervous and lost focus when he saw me in the stands cheering. I see him at a lot of hockey games (he doesn't play but he loves to watch like any true Canadain) he always tries to sit in a seat near me in the stands and any time I see him at the consession he often orders the same thing as me.Jack has blonde hair and blueish grey eyes. He is really athletic, handsome and absolutely hilarious. (Among other things) He is a bit shorter than me but that makes sense because I'm pretty tall. He isn't in my class but he sits in the same desk as me for language arts. Please Help!!
1639 days ago
good things come from my girl, thank you