Does she like you? (lgbtq+)(middle/high school)

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Find out if she likes you back! sometimes it can be hard to tell if she is being platonic or not. hopefully this helps:)

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    Does she ever touch you on the arm(or rest her head on your shoulder etc.)?

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9 days ago
So, I met this girl on my soccer team two seasons ago. Her name is fotini and we really didn't talk that much until I joined the track team. She also just so happened to be on the track team. We would start ti talk a little more day by day. (Let me remind you, we have soccer practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays and games in Saturdays but she doesn't come to Thursday practices. Track practices are on Wednesdays so I only saw her three times a week when track was still is season. She's in a grade ahead of me so I don't get much time to talk to her at school) When our track meet came, I found myself crushing on her and spending almost the whole track meet (which was from 1-5pm) With her and I noticed that she was also opening up to me and talking to me more than everyone else there. After the track meet, the track season ended so I then only saw her 2 times a week. Every practice she would come over to me and start talking. I didn't even have to initiate the conversation. I then started telling people that I liked her. My friend, Berkeley, was convinced that she was bi but I was pretty sure that she was straight. I then (a month later) heard from Berkeley on a call that my other friend, Laurel asked Berkeley if I had a crush on fotini. I was scared that somebody told my secret so I went over and texted laurel to see where she got that idea from. She told me that she just thought that we both had a crush on each other because laurel is a super close friend of fotini and she noticed how fotini was always smiling at me but in a different way than when she smiled at laurel. I wasn't sure if this was true because I wasn't paying attention to the way she smiled but then laurel also confirmed that she is bi! I continued talking with laurel and found out that fotini even acted different and spoke different around me too. I went over and texted Berkeley ti see if she noticed anything that laurel was saying. She agreed with laurel. I am now in a position where fotini is going off to summer break soon and going to highschool where I won't be able to see her. She also plans on not playing soccer while in highschool. I'm not sure whether fotini is just being friendly with me or actually being flirty, for I am not to good at noticing that stuff. Any advice?
21 days ago
I think she likes me and I think she knows I like her idk! She replies to my messages quickly, when her other friends are around she just stares at me!! Also im not sure of my sexuality yet I think im bi? She told me she had a crush on this girl and she had a crush on another person and when I asked who she said she can’t tell me! What do I do??? Also im worried I’ve scared her away by showing pictures of celeb guys I like… in the morning I get to school early and she sits with me and im so nervous I can’t even look at her!
25 days ago
hi i got the girls number! but not from asking her :( what should i do anyone?
39 days ago
hi i'm here again. yesterday i was subbing for a girl who was missing in a dance and me and my crush had to hold hands she looked super nervous. is that good? does this mean she likes me? any advice?
40 days ago
I'm homeschooled and i go to a ballet school there is this super hot girl there. I don't know much about her i mainly watch her and we smile at each other. sometimes she stares at me but i'm way nervous, i also haven't came out yet. I don't have her phone number i'm to scared to talk to her what should i do. she is so cute, funny and a really good dancer. the other night i was at my friends birthday party and we were talking about people who joined and class this year ( including her ) and i just blurted out her name! i'm worried. also i don't act bi and i think my mom has no idea. after next month i won't see her until fall. also i don't know if she is lgbtqia+ what should i do?
46 days ago
i'm in a relationship rn but i think i'm losing feelings. idk though. but i think i like one of my best friends, she is in a relationship. we fake flirt as a joke all the time but one time we almost kissed when doing one of our inside jokes and ngl i kinda wanted to kiss her but we were at school. idk what to do because i really like the girl i'm with now but i might like my best friend.
642 days ago
So there is that girl (her Name is jade ) that i was interested in for a long time i never talked to her cuz i was to shy and i thuoght she hated me. A few months ago tho we randomly started talking while we both were skipping pe. We have much more in common than i thought. But After that day we rarly talked, i thought she just talked to me that day cuz she Was bored. But a we started texting everyday we have similar lives and we always have something to talk about. Jade and me started fake dating for fun, we told Our friends we were dating and thats how i came out to most of my friends. A month into fake dating and i Start to get more comftible around her. We always Do something After school together. I often go to her place and she also sometimes comes to mine. After a while i noticed that i get jealous. Jade is very popular so she gets flirted with very often, which never bothered me but as the days go on i noticed myself getting jealous when her Best friend flirted with her. I know she wouldnt understand why i gez jealous but her Best friend is so obviously in love with her and keeps flirting with her and i cant do anything about it beacause we Arent really dating so i dont have a reason to be jealous. 2 and a half month intoday into fake dating and Jade told me she might developed Feelings for me but she isnt Sure. She also told me she doenst even want to Fall in love with me, when i asked her why she didnt answer. I would lie if i said that it didnt hurt a little when she said that. She confuses me. Everytime she flirts with me or holds my Hand or hugs me i almost forget that we are only pretending. Tbh idk what do to now. Like should i Tell her that i might like her? Wont she be grossed out by that tho, even tho she isnt straight but she only ever dated guys so idk. I kinda need advice ngl
807 days ago
@KarmaLesbian I would love to help! I think that the key here is communication. If you think that you are moving too fast, TELL HER. If she really is right for you, she won’t get upset. Just let her know that you would like to take things a little slower.
833 days ago
Hi, I have decided to seek help in the comments section in hopes that someone will respond soon. So ,I'm dating this girl. We were friends, then I moved a way, then we met again. We clicked again, and I ended up liking her. It was mutual, so we started dating. She constantly flirts with me, and talks about a future together, but I'm suddenly unsure of my feelings for her. I confided in my mom, one of the few family members I'm out to, and she told me that the crush butterflies I felt when she held my hand could just be platonic, because we only just reunited. I'm sure that I like her, but I think that she's moving a little fast, at least to me, and I just wanna take things day by day, because the future is never certain. What should I do?

TL;DR: I'm dating a girl, but I think we're moving too fast, my mom told me that it could just be platonic and now I'm confused. WDID?
856 days ago
So there is this girls and I have a huge crush on her. We flirt all the time and she always touches my thigh when we talk.
893 days ago
Her name is Amora, she's bi and I'm pan. We have been friends for years and I'm pretty sure she likes me and I like her. I'm planning on making my move to ask her out.
922 days ago
Confused Bagel-I don't know is it too late to reply to this but i hope you're going to see this. You should try to reconnect with Rose, and if it fails then date Jat ,she seems nice
1022 days ago
So there’s this girl. Her name is Kat. Kat is so sweet, kind, artistic, gorgeous, and funny. She’s bi, and constantly flirting with me. I like Kat. I think she likes me. Whenever we are in a group with all our friends she always pulls me aside and talks to me, and she compliments me a lot, and we have a lot of flirty conversations with our eyes. All of my friends tease me about how we are so cute together, and how all I do is flirt. We have matching rainbow brackets, becuase we were gonna get them, but she didn’t have enough money so we couldn’t. A few minutes later I found a five dollar bill on the ground and bought her the braclet, and we just had a moment of connection as I tied it on her. The quiz says she definitely likes me.

And then there is Rose. Rose is my soulmate. I had a crush on her for five years. Rumor has it she did too. We are perfect for each other. No 🐤 doubt about it. I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that she is the one and only one for me. But I haven’t seen her in years, and I’m supposed to have moved on. But she’s the one for me..?
1166 days ago
My crush has a boyfriend :(... She is pan tho
1169 days ago
There's a girl at my school who i think might like me (i am bi) but i don't know how to ask her if she likes me back....idk... she's always staring at me when we talk and she's nice but... idk if she likes girls...
1179 days ago
Ooo I just came back randomly to take a quiz on my crush- shes confusing as heck :/, But, did it help you by chance?
1187 days ago
Hi You wont know:)
I was just looking through quizzes cos I'm bored and saw your reply, I have most of my lessons with her tomorrow so I'll take your advice and see what happens. Thanks !!
1206 days ago
Oh gosh this is so complicated. So I have this friend, and lately I’ve started to think that I might be attracted to her a little bit. The thing is, she has a girlfriend. But I am like, pretty much constantly around them, by their choice. Like, it’s not me following them around, it’s that we always stick together. And lately I’ve been starting to think that she might be a bit attracted to me too. Like just today we had this conversation about whether or not we would date two people at once (not cheating, like a polyamorous relationship) and she said yeah and I said yeah. And then we kind of looked at each other, and then she looked away, smiling. And then when she was doing my makeup for a project for school, her girlfriend left to get something from her locker, and we were alone. And she says “you’re pretty” just randomly. And also I had to put on a dress for the project and she kept staring at me and saying that I looked great.
1210 days ago
My crush has a girlfriend.. 😭😭😭😭😭
1213 days ago
I don't know if your going to see this A person but I would ask/hint things about your sexuality and see if she reactions to it or if she starts talking about "gay" stuff I guess.