Am I in Love with My Best Friend? Quiz (LGBTQ+ Edition)

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As if love weren't already complicated enough, you think you might have fallen for your best friend! Don't worry, it's only natural to be confused about the person you're the closest to on the planet. Take this test now to find out what's actually behind these loving feelings and whether they're real. (Spoiler alert: It's OK if they are!) P.S.: This test was created especially for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • 1
    If your bestie said she liked you, how would you react?
    If your bestie said she liked you, how would you react?
  • 2
    She tells you that she has a crush on someone else. How do you feel about that?
  • 3
    How long have you known her?

  • 4
    Have you considered what would happen if the two of you got together?
  • 5
    How much do you have in common?
  • 6
    Is she straight?

  • 7
    How do you feel when you think about her?
  • 8
    When you picture a date with her, what's going on?
  • 9
    Can you picture spending the rest of your life with her? If so, what are you doing?
  • 10
    When you look at her, what do you see?

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8 days ago
I think I Have a Crush on my Best Friend that I have known for Approximately 3 Years. We Gave each other names from Demon Slayer Anime and She's Nezuko 💖and I'm Zenitsu⚡️. I didn't realised it earlier but after the nicknames, I started to act all lovey Dovey around her, And Whenever I see her, I Find some weird thing in my Stomach and I Sometimes blush too. It's Really Annoying Bcz I love her but I don't think she feels the same way for me...
And I Don't have the Courage to tell her this. Maybe cuz I'm Afraid to lose her...
I Sometimes bring her roses but she thinks that I am doing it cuz Zenitsu is Obsessed with Nezuko in that anime and I'm Tryna act like him...
It's all so Complicated and I Don't know what to do anymore...
And it's just 1 month before our school year ends and she is gonna change schools this year so I have Such Small And Limited time...
It may Sound Stupid, Meaningless or Funny or Even a joke but Cuz of these Weird Feelings, I Can't Even sleep at night, in Fact I Keep crying cuz Whenever I Think that I Have a Crush on her And she's Leaving, My Heart feels so Heavy and I Can't Help but Cry...
And in the Country I Live, Gay or Lesbians aren't Considered a thing. It's Important for Girls to marry Boys... That's the tradition...
I Wish Sometimes that I Was a Boy as well so I Wouldn't Hesitate that much to tell her that I Love her...
I Really wanna be with her, spend the Rest of my life with her... But It Would never be Acceptable in either of our families, in fact, in our whole Country...
I Really Wanted to stop her from leaving the School ,hoping that one day I Will Gather Enough Courage to tell her but her Parents won't agree on her staying in the same school anymore...
I feel Devastated. Though she Promised me that she will keep in Touch, all of us knows how much Busier life gets growing up... And then, you don't even have time for yourself so there is a 99% Chance that we will Drift away. She Once told me she had a Crush on Someone, and I was Really Happy and excited for her back then.
I had a crush too at that time, but He is my Cousin and thinks of me as his little sister, I Never loved him that much the way I loved Nezuko as well
But Now when I think about the Guy she had a Crush on,I just Feel Jealousy...
I told her that I Don't have a Crush on my Cousin anymore...
Though, I Swear I Won't say anything to her if she starts to Date him someday cuz I Want her to Always be Happy... I Will Support her!!!
But I Really Wanna spend all of my life with her...

Plz if Anyone can help me... Plz tell me what to do...😫😢😭

And Nezuko, Incase u See this, Plz Just Don't leave me...
If you don't feel the same way, I Understand, but I Really don't wanna ruin our Friendship...
And Know that Wherever you go, You'll Always be in my heart...
And you Were the ONLY TRUE LOVE OF MY LIFE...💖💕⚡️
And I Will NEVER EVER Love Somebody else Now...

Yours Truly,
Zenitsu Agatsuma ⚡️
13 days ago
I've liked this girl for a few months and I know she's lesbian and she is dating someone one but I really want to tell her how I feel. Mind you I'm bi. I want to her how I feel but I'm afraid it might ruin our friendship and make it awkward.

Can someone help?
25 days ago
I ma in love with my trans best friend she is bi and Im bi to she dating another girl is trans she know i am in love with her .
56 days ago
guess i have a crush on my best friend. Well. That sucks, because she's bi and maybe just started kind of dating someone. I support them, but it still stings a bit. I've been struggling to figure out if I'm asexual or lesbian or whatever and realised that I'm probably both but now I think I might crawl away from romance and turn aromantic as well so :/
74 days ago
''you definitely have a crush on your best friend''
of course i do,i'm bi,i started liking her for past 4,5 months..tho i wasn't sure abt my feelings at that time but slowly now i'm.....ik i wont be able to confees my feelings to her.YEAH I HATE MY LIFE
75 days ago
I'm just gonna leave a comment on the off chance that she takes the same quiz hehe. So maya if u see this. Unless ur results are like "omg no u hate her" in which case pls ignore this but either way I feel like this is safe bc I have plausible deniability yk. Bc obviously the point of leaving this comment that you'll never find instead of just telling you is because I legit could not handle losing our friendship ESP if it was my own fault and like lets be fr we are not the type of ppl who could really move past an unrequited confession like that we overthink too much so. this is way longer than i meant it to be oops but I literally don't have anyone to talk to about this nobody except you even knows I'm gay lol and anyways you're the only one I Want to talk to about it. Anyways I miss you and I love you lol obviously and I just feel that I would be happy with you for the rest of my life. ok bye
87 days ago
I met this girl in August and we both just broke up with our gfs and we flirt on a pretty constant base but we also kinda have a love/hate relationship and so sometimes we don’t get along at all but I think I might like but idk what to do 😭💔
Literally why is life so complicated
I also know she’s bi and asexual for guys
94 days ago
Meant her not long ago fell in love at first site but we can’t talk about it because of differences and the fact she’s married it bothers me 🥲
94 days ago
Its kinda comforting knowing that im not crazy and seeing other peole also have to take this😭
96 days ago
i been dating my best friend who now my girlfriend for 3 mouths last week we told each others we loves each others that was best thing in ever .
130 days ago
I am too scared to her but I love with my lesbian as duck heart.
132 days ago
I'm heteroflexible and I've recently been idealized being in a relationship with my best friend. But I know I can't tell her because I have a boyfriend, she's straight and I'm also friend-engaged to one of our other friends so that would make things more complicated than they already are. She always says she's ugly but u think she's perfect the way she is. I love her so much🥺
146 days ago
im bi but idk im in love with her what do i do we have kissed?
179 days ago
"You have more than just a little crush on her, you're downright in love with her and that's a beautiful thing. Don't be afraid to tell her how you feel."

Have been friends with her for a few years.. but only started to realise my feelings towards her a few months ago. We aren't the closest of friends but i can say that we can talk comfortably around each other. I've actually confessed to her a month ago, but i got a "not looking for rs rn" response back. and TBH, i thought i would get over it really quick like how i've gotten over my past crushes quick as well aft getting rejected SUBTLY. but.. for her i couldn't. i have no idea why. after it being awkward for about a week i worked up the courage to have a conversation with her again, and all is smooth now, except that since i can talk to her more now, my feelings grow STRONGER. her smile bro. i've said some things to her accidentally which i felt might have hinted to her that i STILL like her? but im not sure if she got the hint.. and i feel like i might've already been really obvious but. idk. been kinda stressed out overthinking this because i've been kinda acting strange on text with her and i feel bad hahaha because i dont wanna make her feel uncomfortable by texting too nicely to her and complimenting her but i also want to get closer to her by being NOT SO nice you know... i really want her to be mine though. she just keeps pulling me in... no one else has made me feel this way :,)
185 days ago
took the test two times guess im gay for my best friend whoopdy doo!
189 days ago
OMG we're both SO gay and she knows. she datin some1 rn. we dated before but we didn't have a connection like we do now. I broke up with her and broke her heart, but we're still amazing friends. I don't know if i like her but she's cute and omg we have evrything in common. we like anime, we read the same books, we have a similar music taste, we can talk about literally anyting, she's so fun to hang out with, she'd so amazing to vent to, i wanna do so much (non-sexual/non-romantic) stuff with her. i feel like maybe we could be a good couple, but idek. i want to figure out my feelings but god I would rather die than lose her.
194 days ago
I think I like her.. but she's straight. I've been crushing on her for ages but don't want to ruin our friendship, I've told her how I feel before but she's shot me down. I think she's forgotten about it but I feel horrible. I don't know what to do!
218 days ago
i think i might like my best friend??? I honestly have no idea. we've been friends for about a year and a half. we've always "flirted" with each other but that's just what friends do right? She also has a long distance boyfriend. they are about to meet for the first time and i just feel terrible but i don't know why. idk this is annoying. I hate feelings. i haven't even let myself think about if i like her or not.
232 days ago
I wanna die why doesnt she like me
btw someone wrote I just kissed my best friend three times. I am like 😍 my best friend/crush is an introvert and a germaphob so we will probably never kiss out of fun...not even when alcohol is involved (I tried tho)
not to be rude but I am feeling good I am not alone with this problem. Thanks for the support haha
we will get through this
234 days ago