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Does you're crush like you back? For LGBTQ+ girls liking girls

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Okay so this is not some stupid scenario quiz that is very unrealistic, but for that special girl you like and just want a ballpark on whether or not she likes you. (Coming from a lesbian)

  • 1
    This is a pretty obvious question, but very important, is she LGBTQ+?
  • 2
    Again, another basic question. Do you talk a lot/are you friends?
  • 3
    Has she ever offered to help you with something, or made it clear she would help you if you were in need?

  • 4
    Has she made time specifically for you? Even if you walk to one class together everyday or do anything that she could be doing with anyone else, she does with you?
  • 5
    1. Does she make jokes around you? 2. Gay jokes? 3. Do you have any insides jokes and if so, how many?
  • 6
    This one is a little weird, but do other people think you are dating/ship you together? This one isn't a super big question FYI?

  • 7
    If yes to the last question, skip if anything else, what is her reaction to this when you tell her. If you don't tell her, just guess her reaction?
  • 8
    Pretty basic, but important, does she compliment you often?
  • 9
    Do you have her phone number?
  • 10
    This may sound stupid, but do you think she likes you? By body language, and after answering these questions?

  • 11
    How much do you like her?

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710 days ago
I like a lesbian demigirl who is sooo sarcastic and funny. good thing ima girl :D and I am Bi. would we make a good match?
811 days ago
Hey can someone give me advice? I have a crush on a girl named Nora. She’s pan and single. We talk about every week and hang out sometimes, but the last time I asked to hang out she left me on read. We have a ton of stuff in common, and agree on practically everything. If the circumstances were more normal, I might make a move, but we just go to virtual school together and when we hang out its just over FaceTime. I’m definitely not going to ask her out before we see each other in person, but how can I get to know her better and flirt with her so that we’re still friends when we meet in person?
926 days ago
Why are you everywhere?😂
926 days ago
B if you're seeing this you know who it is😂🥺
I have a crush on you for a while now (almost a year) I really don't know how to say this..How? I know you are my best friend but could you be my girlfriend?🥺✨🍡
926 days ago
Confused 14 year old-
Did you got to see her? Good luck in confessing btw
949 days ago
*me doing this for bi friend and gets "she probably likes you!"* woo hoo
995 days ago
*me doing this for a straight girl i havent talked to in awhile coz my phone broke*😳😳😳
1110 days ago
Yeah, I used to hang with my bestie who I have a crush on. Then she went to secondary school and got WAY too busy to hang out exempt for on Sundays. And even that wasn't a guarantee. Then this awful thing called corona virus stopped me from seeing her completely. And to top it all, she's straight.
1127 days ago
Well, abt an hour ago my friend forced me to tell her, i did and she said that she used to like me back when we first met and that shes dating someone at the moment and shes really sorry.. I said aww its okay but thanks for texting back. She said she'd like to catch up tho and become good friends, i said yess thatd be cool ❤

1135 days ago
Any time 😉.
1138 days ago
Yess ❤ awe well i hope you can find out soon!! And thankss 🤗
1139 days ago
All good! That’s great she is LGBT. It’s been a year and I still have not found out if my crush is lmao 😂. Anyway I wish you the best of luck
1140 days ago
@Lono TYSM FOR YOUR REPLY I DIDN'T THINK ANYONE WAS GONNA READ IT ITS SO 😻 LONG 😂 tyty.. anyways i might try talking to her over insta, we never became that close of friends the only time we hung out was when it was through our mutual friends unfortunately 😣 and yeah she is LGBT i remember talking about it briefly when we first met.. Don't remember the fine details but one of her friends was like "yOu're gAy" joking around and then she said "😑 but i actually am tho" and her friend was like "...oh yeah huh" lmao and some time after that i overheard her saying something about her parents being cool with LGBT and i just like added in that my family is slightly homophobic or at least they act a bit weird about it (which they do but i kind of regret telling her that eheh)

Thank you for respondingggnggngg! ❤
1142 days ago
Sorry I mean if your not sure, not if she’s not
1142 days ago
@Owo I’m not an expert but I’ll have a go. It sounds like she might like you, but is quite shy too. She might be a bit uncomfortable with the age difference, or worried that if she tells you her feelings, it will ruin your friendship. Liking your post might have been a signal that she does remember you, and wants to get closer. I would recommend (if u really want to be in a relationship) to get closer to her somehow. You could try texting her on insta or something. I know it will be hard to (well at least for me, I’m super shy), but you could start with something subtle like asking about how your old school is coping etc. (this probs doesn’t make sense) . Later you can have more casual conversations. I’ve got one main question thought, and this might sound obvious but is she LGBT? If she’s not, it will be useful to find out. As you get closer, you could just ask straight up, or casualty incorporate it (eg ask her about her opinion on LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 stuff etc) It important to know, because if she is straight, she most likely won’t want a romantic relationship with you.

Anyway, this probably makes 0 sense, but yeah. I wish you luck!!!
1142 days ago
Hi! So I've had a crush on this girl for a little over a year now, we met at a school thing through a mutual friend. From the ~interactions~ i remember her being super sweet and friendly 🤗 we met up again at a few more class trip things after that and she seemed to be happy to see me and it was great 👍 I'm super shy so i didn't talk to her that much :'C The rest of the school year we always noticed each other in passing and smiled :D Now I'm off to high school and she's finishing her last year at my old school (a grade difference but im like 7-ish months older than her 🤪) anyways so i saw her again at yet another class trip and i believe she remembered me idk i saw her looking at me once or twice like 🧐 heheh anyways so once that happened i realized my feelings had not died down but i wasn't so anxious around her anymore which is awesome!! Fast forward to the beginning of self-quarantine and i get Instagram lol. I noticed her account 2 weeks back but *just today* i got the courage to request to follow her 😬 im vry vry shy if you can't tell eheheh anyways so a few hours after i requested she accepted and followed me back and i got all uwu happy ya know lmaoo.. A few hours after that she likes one of my posts and im like 😮☺🤗 im assuming that she remembers me and doesn't have some sort of problem with me lol (idrk why she would)

Aside from venting my year long situation could anyone tell me what they think of everything? 👉👈😅 thank you so much if you respond I'll check back in a few days and if ya got any questions ask away ;D

(So sorry if the emojis got annoying i use them as like reading breaks otherwise it looks like too much tehe) thank you so much if you read all my stuff ily 🤗
1145 days ago
My crush and I are somewhat friends. We don’t talk heaps, but we have the odd conversation here and there. Before our school got closed from COVID19 we started getting closer. We helped each other out and talked quite a bit, but now I can’t see her at all. She is moving to Canada in September so I don’t know if I will see her at all before she moves. I’ve noticed that she does they eye tag thing a lot and is red when she speaks to me, but she might just be shy. What does this mean and what do I do??????????????????????????????????
1146 days ago
@confused sad bi girl I’ve said this to a lot of people, if u can see lol, but please email me if you have a specific situation u need help with :)
1146 days ago
@Soups Hey! Email me if u need advice regarding a more specific situation:)
1146 days ago
Hooman holy 😻, lucky!!