Does SHE Like You? (WLW Only!)

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Are you falling head over heels for a special lady and can't quite figure out if she's on the same page as you? Don't worry, you're not alone. That's why we've created this particular quiz - to help you understand her feelings towards you a little better. Based on a variety of situations and interactions you might have had with her, we'll help gauge if she likes you back. So, let's take a journey together through this quiz and find out if your affection is a solo act or a mutual performance!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught her staring at you?
  • 2
    How often do you speak (in person)?
  • 3
    Does she ever smile at you?

  • 4
    Do you think she likes you?
  • 5
    Is she in LGBTQ+?
  • 6
    Are you two good friends?

  • 7
    Does she follow you on social media?
  • 8
    How often does she Snap you?

  • 9
    How close is she with you?
  • 10
    Do you think she likes someone else?

  • 11
    Is she happy when you’re together?
  • 12
    How much do you love her?
  • 13
    Does she ever look at your lips?
  • 14
    Does she try to look prettier when she’s with you? (Like, she fixes her hair and wears fashionable clothes?)

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3 days ago
lmao when you’re muslim and have a crush on your friend 😍 omw to hell who’s coming
25 days ago
Pls hellllllpppppp
Ps. Im probably going to helll
25 days ago
Alllllllso my parentssss dont belive im lgbt sooooo djdnbsjw d js peace ✌🏾
26 days ago
Idk anymore since ive had crushes that fade quick but this one stayed abit longer its defo a situationship we dont text much anymore but she gives signssssss and firlts on text with things like luv youu ❤️💕🫶🏾😘🥰😍😚☺️ well u yogut aaaaaand ye also im christian so im scared if my parents find out they are 1% homophobic iebdjwjdwlw. Bye peace ✌🏾.
128 days ago
omg omg omg. so basically i think were in a "situationship" typa thing yk? so basically we both know we like eachother. we addmited it to eachother like a few months ago. and we just left it like that but like a week ago we were talking about liking people. we both knew what we were talking about she said she didnt regret "it" - meaning the convosation we had a few months prior- then she said that she never stopped. meaning she never stopped liking me. BRO OMG THE AMOUNT I WAS BLUSHING 👮 i just rolled my eyes and looked the other way bc i hate showing my emotions lol.
theres a few reasons why this is called a situationship in my eyes. number 1, were really touchy with eachother, shes kissed me like once on the head but i didnt think much of it, we feed eachother food i think its really cheesy but whatever, this 👮 always rizzing me up fr like she never stops i cant think of one day she hasnt, lately ive been catching her staring at me but when i see her she smiles and looks away i think its really cute, shes always giving me the eyes and really intense body lanuage. but the reason why nothings gone far is because of.
number 2, shes bi sexual and shes said before that shes not sure if shes really bi, she said "i think girls are fit but i dont know if i see myself doing stuff with one", she likes guys more than girls, and the final. the one everyones been waiting for. the boyfriend i dont like. now the reason why i dont like him isnt because theyre in a relationship, no. theres been 3 occasions in the past which ive told her i dont think this person is good for you or i dont like them.
every single person has done something bad and now her and these other people either arent in a relationship or friends. and for this boy, i really dont like him. guess what, this man is 👮 homophobic with a bi sexual girlfriend. ive told her that she needs to tell her boyfriend thats shes bi but she doesnt want to because she doesnt want to "make anything awkward" which i think is really toxic because nothing should be awkward when youre with someone.
hes just a big red flag, he reaks of axe spray, they were together before this but he was like abusive towards her, hes got a tiny👮and addmited it saying its 4' inches which is like medically small like my straps bigger than your dong, hes one of those "good girl" men (if ykyk), hes a fake depreshon emo im gonna kill myself if you dont respond to me typa men, hes got this ugly👮rash around his mouth which looks like 👮 herpes, hes been blantely racist towards my culture, and hes just 👮 ugly. know i dont think this boy is good for her so i know somethings gonna happen and the list of 3 is gonna go up to 4, then she gonna be "i shouldve listened to you". i mean like you shouldve.
im way better for her, not just because i like her but because i know i am. like im not gonna use her for👮like this man, i make her laugh, i dont got this wierd👮herpes infection around my mouth, im not homophobic and racist, we can simp over billie eilish together, i let her speak her mind to me, and im actually a good looking person. i think she would be good her me because, ive got a tic disorder and unlike anyone alse she doesnt stare at me whilst im ticcing (which is MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR green flag), she compilents me 24/7, shes a really caring person, she knows how to make me laugh, she doesnt smell like a whole can of axe spray, she simps over billie eilish (green flag), shes not racist, she doesnt have a wierd herpes rash around her mouth, and she makes sure im okay.
thankyou for listening to my rant. and this test "I really think she likes you, you lucky girl. You should try flirting with her if you don’t already. She might be the right girl for you."
141 days ago
i like her sm
198 days ago
According to this quiz, she likes me ❤️
Then again, I’m not really sure because she claims she doesn’t have a crush 💔
But since she’s single, there’s still a possibility she could like me? She makes jokes about falling for me and such… ❤️‍🩹
199 days ago
Update: She has a boyfriend lmao. I'm going back to KOREAAAAAAAAAAA
209 days ago
So there's this girl I've had feelings for since sixth grade. It was similar to falling in love at first sight. (I don't even believe in that) But when I saw her, I thought, "Wow, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." I wished to be her friend, but I am quite shy. Now fast forward to 9th grade, and we were REALLY good friends, and my feelings for her reappeared, but she had a partner at the time. (I had no idea she was bi until she told me.) But I was relieved that she was at least a little gay. Even when she split up with her girlfriend, I never told her I liked her.We stopped talking for a bit, which hurt me, but we're back to normal now. To be honest, I can't stop thinking about her. We always hug each other when we see one other. She said she'd walk me to class. That makes me happy to know she's genuinely trying to be my friend. Jules, if you see this, please know that I want to continue getting to know you. I really like you and think you're  the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
226 days ago
raegan i love u ik ur never gonna see this but ur literally so pretty and i love u so much ❤️

anyways idk if she likes me like she doesn’t seem like she does except like this one time a month ago she did that guess who thing and 4 months ago she laid her head on my lap and when someone pointed it out she said she was trying to be shorter than someone else who was sitting at the table. which is definitely an excuse right?? yea?? AND omg a week ago we don’t really text but she sent me a selfie doing like the 😚 face except those are literally the only things and we have been actual friends for like 5 months?? and last school year we were kinda friends but now we are closer AHHHH IDK SHES SO CUTE
331 days ago
I was abt to confess my undying love for her but what if she reads it 💀
418 days ago
I love her so much. I have loved her for almost 2 years now, I long for her so badly. I think she may like me, idk. She really likes this guy atm (i hate him he's a jerk, a very attractive one i will admit, but a completely jerk) but she keeps giving me signs that she likes me as well.
We hang out all the time and can read the other like an open book! we have so many inside jokes and secrets that we've shared with each other! I want to be with her so badly it hurts. Things got a bit spicy at our last sleepover. We were chilling in her room like normal and she was talking about who her first time would be and all that. then she said, "Honestly I would sleep with you, Just imagine like arriving at school on Monday and people ask how our weekend was and we just make eye-contact, blush and giggle." I was so stunned and responded with "I would definitely sleep with you too!" and then what she said surprised me the most.
"I've been thinking about it the entire evening," She said with a smirk. the gay panic was too much, and i just agreed with, "Honestly same," With a flirtatious look. We then read a very heated book together but that was the end of it. we watched some YouTube and a movie snuggled up on the couch then went to bed. the double night sleepover got cut short cause her family came down with a cold and didn't want to give it to me. Honestly i feel that if it didn't happen that next night we would have slept together.
I don't know how too feel about the whole thing cause she hasn't brought it up since! I don't know if she was hinting she wanted to and i was too chicken to make the first move or what but its been troubling me ever since.
I love her so much and I want to be with her so badly!!!
I love her, I really do.

Sorry for the rant, I just don't know what to do.

And Grace if you see this, I love you so much, I know its pretty obvious by now I just wanted to say it again. I long to be with you, to be your girlfriend and love you unconditionally. I would do anything for you and you know that, I know you do. I will be by your side through thick and thin, the good and the bad. Always, not matter the circumstance. Whether your in the right or wrong I will always be on your side, I'll help you through any problem or obstacle and I know you'll do the same for me.

Forever yours,


P.S I still have your Jacket btw ❤
477 days ago
juli, i love you a lot. i don't know if you actually like me back and i don't know what to do. you're leaving in a few months and i don't want to ruin our friendship now. but it could also be good, right? ahhhh
494 days ago
Man my results were okay but i still REALLY LOVE HER she’s adorable 🥰
497 days ago
i hope she does and i think she does she always smiles and stares at me. always wears her hair down after i said it looks nice. she held my hand randomly at lunch today. leans on my shoulder and once put her arm round me when we where walking. she keeps tryna tell me something but then mumbles "nevermind" or "i forgot my sentence"
518 days ago
I love you (you know who you are)
527 days ago
I have been in love with all my best friends even when I didn't know what gay meant and all of them are straight so brb imma go cry.
528 days ago
I like her but she's straight (that's what she says) but she keeps sending me mixed signals😭
542 days ago
591 days ago
lord please, LE