Does she like you? Girls ONLY!

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If a girl is having trouble with another girl, she can take this test. If she likes the girl, and you think the other girl likes you back... TAKE THIS QUIZ!

  • 1
    Do you think she likes you?
  • 2
    Do you like her?
  • 3
    Every time you look at her, is she looking at you back, and then quickly looks away?

  • 4
    Do you catch her starring at you when she is talking to her friends?
  • 5
    When you talk (or are near her), what do you do?
  • 6
    Does she constantly try to be by you?

  • 7
    When you talk what does she do?
  • 8
    Does she talk about you with other people /friends?
  • 9
    Does she know you?
  • 10
    Last Question! Do you chat/text/call each other often?

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27 days ago
Eryn if you're there.................... I really like you
567 days ago
This is for Heidi
The most amazing girl I have ever met. It tell me she likes me back but I’m to scared to confess, we walk home together on Tuesday and hold hands and talk but yeah, I’m scared
627 days ago
Hey can someone give me advice? I have a crush on a girl named Nora. She’s pan and single. We talk about every week and hang out sometimes, but the last time I asked to hang out she left me on read. We have a ton of stuff in common, and agree on practically everything. If the circumstances were more normal, I might make a move, but we just go to virtual school together and when we hang out its just over FaceTime. I’m definitely not going to ask her out before we see each other in person, but how can I get to know her better and flirt with her so that we’re still friends when we meet in person?
653 days ago
707 days ago
It says she doesn't like me and it true cause I went back to the chat we used to hang out and... She likes a boy now... I wish I didn't turn her down now I regret it. I also told her that I liked her a month after and I just left the chat (The fact that is was last week when it happened) I've been there reading the chat and it's like they didn't even cared when I left the only person was my best friend...Elly her and my crush used to be a couple but they broke up. Everytime i read the chat there was only one person that was trying to be me (I'm not going to say her name cause I feel like she is going to read this but I'm never going to talk to that little....I'm sorry I'm just angry anyways back to the story)She never said stuff like I said when I was there now today she said something and everyone knows that I'm the only one that says it cause I'm the visco girl well used to be the visco girl and she was only the MAMA BEAR thats the biggest job and its really special. Everybody voted for her to be MAMA BEAR and u know what she said... She said I'm not good enough im just useless oh and after i left she said that she was cutting herself and the her friend Emma something aka her best friend died in a car accident a few days ago and U know what I did I searched her up and u know what i found that she is older than all of us and the girl said that she made a quote for her dead best friend but she stole that quote from what I searched up but no I stayed silent like literally am I the only one that knows she just wants attension like its so fake but everybody believes it. like she good at lying but Nobody can fool me I know who is liar straight away but I don't want to be that person so I just stayed silent the entire time. I didn't like her from the start I knew she was going to at so goody goody but after she will just take advange of us liKE WHAT THE HECK I dont even know why I was friends with her in the first place thank I told her to block me before we got into a fight. UGH I NEVER EVER GOING TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER AGAIN!!!
720 days ago
This girl may not like you.
Angie, Tessa, Emily, and MaryJane don't like me frickkkkkk
866 days ago
I got she probably doesnt like me. I know i cant tell her I like her, I cant risk ruining our friendship we have had for almost three years!I need some advice if anyone can give any!
894 days ago
omgggggg should I confess? I got 'she loves you'
I might hint to her:0
904 days ago
Hey Estelle!
my sore is 60 - 80
i- i i think i love you...
909 days ago
Sughi... I think I like you