Does your girl crush like you back? (For lesbians/bisexuals)

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I have had one girl crush (and still do) in my life and I keep on taking multiple quizzes on her and my outcomes are either she likes me back or she is just my friend nothing more. I'm so confused so I made my own test! This might not be a 100% accurate but it will help you get the idea what your crush might think of you.

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    First of all, what is even her orientation?

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155 days ago
thanks this test helped i think
168 days ago
i told her i like and then everyone knew and now my 'bestie' (not the gurl i like) dont wanna be friends w/ me cuz im gay like what 'bestie' is she and the gurl i like is still friends w/ me tho but she has a bf -_- x_x
325 days ago
She likes me but is shy… my crush isn’t shy at all.
423 days ago
all my quizzes say she likes me, also all my friends… idk tho, not sure if she likes me 🫠
721 days ago
She loves me but she's shy! 😌😊
774 days ago
Thanks you’re welcome too!
775 days ago
@ 🌸 tyyyyyyy i think i'll just wait sum more time and see what happens like you said
787 days ago
Also about the getting over part. You can’t really get over her easily because that is just one of the last stages of having a crush. It happens when you realise that there is a strong reason for you not to like her, for example like you said, she has already got a girlfriend. I am not saying you should give up liking her because she sounds quite nice so probably see what happens???
787 days ago
Hi! If you want to look at some advice then you can look at the quiz called ‘Does she like me back-LGBT’ created by ‘Anah’ because I commented to your comment 😊 (that is of course unless you haven’t seen it).

Also you can talk to me whenever you want :-)
788 days ago
(well i'll write it again) it's very confusing- so many tests say she likes me or might like me. but she has a girlfriend and i think she really loves her. i don't wanna ruin this and I am really happy for her but it also hurts. i'm trying to get over her but it doesn't work- why did i have to fall for her- does anyone have any tips how to get over her?? well sometimes i kinda think she does like me back- well that she likes me but also her girlfriend.. i know it's ridiculous. but like when we watch a movie or at school in the breaks she puts her head on my shoulder or on my legs or i do. or she puts her arms around me and lets me sit on her legs (not in a seggsual way). it confuses me a lot.. why are girls so confusing- pls help if you have any advice for me-
788 days ago
bruh- I wrote a long text and this website just deleted it- should I start writing it again??
845 days ago
so I've known this girl for about a year now, but only in the past few weeks did we start texting a lot. Like a lot. Every hour at least. Then, last night, she told me that she loved me and I told her that I liked her too but wasn't interested in a relationship. Which is true. But I feel like I might've f-ed up. She said she's fine with it and that we can stay friends and I'm not even sure if she wss interested in dating in the first place. Idk where I was going with this honestly. Anyways, do u think she hates me?
897 days ago
I have a huge crush o my best friend but she keeps sending me mixed signals, like in the lunch room I catch her staring at me or when we're taking the bus home she falls asleep on my shoulder, but she keeps sister zoning me!
898 days ago
Yeah I’m sorry I have asked for help on a lot of these quizzes, sorry for being annoying😅
899 days ago

Sorry just vibing here I am in no way straight
899 days ago
Listen, "BroadwayManatee" I've seen you on all these quizzes, saying that same thing. Try to ask a close friend or the internet for flirting tips (bc im a gay calamity i cant help with that)
other than that, be happy becuse school is almost over and time for sumer where you can spend time with her
922 days ago
Hey can someone give me advice? I have a crush on a girl named Nora. She’s pan and single. We talk about every week and hang out sometimes, but the last time I asked to hang out she left me on read. We have a ton of stuff in common, and agree on practically everything. If the circumstances were more normal, I might make a move, but we just go to virtual school together and when we hang out its just over FaceTime. I’m definitely not going to ask her out before we see each other in person, but how can I get to know her better and flirt with her so that we’re still friends when we meet in person?
Pls respond, I’m desperate here!
1017 days ago
1041 days ago
MichelC -
Ur right😂
1041 days ago
Flirt back,get closer to her and you'll see,she prob. likes you. Good luck!