Does Your Crush Like You? (for gay girls)

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Does the girl you have a crush on like you back? Take this quiz and find out.

  • 1
    What is your age difference?
  • 2
    Is she gay?
  • 3
    What is your current relationship?

  • 4
    Does she ever stare at you?
  • 5
    Do you have friends in common?
  • 6
    Is she nice to you?

  • 7
    How long have you known her?
  • 8
    How much do you like her?
  • 9
    Do you honestly think that she likes you?
  • 10
    Also, how old are you guys?

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11 days ago
I rlly want to ask my crush out but idk… she is so cute. Quiz says she likes me. I HOPE SHE DOES
46 days ago
100% agree. Also totally random but I think films are bad examples just stick with reality! It’s always when something bad is about to happen when someone tells their crush they like them. You only live once so just tell them!
46 days ago
@?? if u think she likes u and the test sorta confirm it then go take ur shot shawty (good luck if u do!!!)
46 days ago
@Ur mom: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! Go you! (And her too :-)
48 days ago
ive taken a few more tests like this. All saying yes she likes me, idkkk
49 days ago
51 days ago
52 days ago
52 days ago
Awww hope the weekend goes well!
54 days ago
@🌸 Yeah we r still doing ok! I don’t have any classes with her this semester so we were gonna hang out this weekend but she couldn’t go. I think we might be rescheduling tho!!!
54 days ago
Oops did not mean to send twice🤦🏻‍♀️
54 days ago
Awwwww thanks :-) It sounds like a lovely soulmate problem story to me! 🥰 Hope you and her are still ok!
72 days ago
Thanks for responding to my comment lol. It’s been a while since they broke up and she’s doing better after the breakup. I now know that they drifted apart and it ended mutually (sorry i’m bad at words) I’m pretty sure she might have liked me for a bit before she started dating her ex back in april. Also another thing i forgot to say is that when we hang out and stuff with our other friend (her best friend) she only ever acts (nicely) clingy to me. It’s hard to describe but yeah. (also the cuddleing had been going on long before she started dating her ex)
another thanks for responding!!!
86 days ago
Hi Ur mom! Your story is very nice so I want to say thanks to EVERYONE who opens up about this sort of thing. So you say that you have liked your best friend for two years but she is breaking up with her girlfriend. The vibe I get is that she might of felt that she doesn’t like her and so she is breaking up with her. Also she could of figured out that you like her and the fact that you are her best friend is also overwhelming. Now you say that she is cuddling with you so I think maybe it might not be romantic. She probably wants somebody she trusts like a shoulder to cry on. Although there is always a possibility she could like you so it could be romantic. If you ever want to go further then take things slowly because she has just broken up with her girlfriend after all! So you could gently drop hints that you like her but for now the right thing to do is make her feel better.

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99 days ago
Hi i have a crush on one of my best friends. I took the test and it says she probably likes me but idk. we talk every day and hang out when we can. i’ve liked her for two years on and off and i don’t know how she feels. she’s breaking up with her girlfriend soon and idk if it’s because of me or genuine lost feelings. we do cuddle when we hang out but i don’t know if it’s platonic or not? any help? ;-;
113 days ago
I totally understand your situation because I was literally in the same one a few months ago. I told her that I liked her and she was all apoligetic and stuff because had to reject me because she's straight. But we've actually become much closer friends which is weird. I'm sorry this advice isn't very good but I guess maybe just wait it out and you'll get over it one day. Or you could tell her, because if she fake flirts with you she'll probably be accepting. And also how long ago did she say she was straight because that could have changed? Sorry for being unhelpful XD.
130 days ago
My crush might be in love with a fictional character so yea
136 days ago
Basically, we tell each other everything, I am one of her longest friends (4 years now), she's the first person I go to whenever I need someone, she always comes to me when she needs someone, she texts me back instantly, we talk every day, we're both single, we'll have those 'accidental' touches all the time but she said that she thinks she's straight. Also we fake flirt but she does that with everyone I think. With us it's more casual like we can just sit in her bed together and chill with light conversation, we don't have to do anything. She's my person but I seriously think it's just a friendship kind of thing like seriously. Can anyone help me out lol?
136 days ago
I need help lol can anyone give me sum advice
136 days ago
I think shes straight, weve been friends since 6th grade (we're sophomores now) and we basically live together and tell each other everything. Idk but all I know for sure is that I'm in love lol