Does your girl crush like you back? (For lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals)

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I know a lot of quizzes about crushes are for straight people, so I'm making this one based on my experiences as a lesbian. Please note that this will not be 100% accurate!
Feel free to share your answer and feedback in the comments!

  • 1
    Do you know her sexuality?
  • 2
    How often do you two talk?
  • 3
    How well does she know you?

  • 4
    How did you two meet?
  • 5
    How often do you two get together?
  • 6
    If you were to ask her out, how do you think she would respond?

  • 7
    If you two are going somewhere with a few friends and only one seat/place to sit is left, would she sit with you?
  • 8
    Have you ever gone to her place/Met her family?
  • 9
    This is unrelated to the test, but how are you enjoying my quiz so far?
  • 10
    What answer are you hoping for?

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694 days ago
She likes me as a friend :(
694 days ago
This is extremely accurate so I have already asked her out before doing this quiz and my bff said nothing basically when I did she just said well and I asked if we were still best friends she said ofc and my quiz said she likes me as a friend.
695 days ago
@emery: I'd say shoot your shot, because she seems to like you. But we know that sometimes straight girls flirt for fun. Also, as a queer person who's been physically bullied and socially isolated, please just be careful! Best of wishes and good luck!
696 days ago
okay so i have a crush on my best friend, but im not exactly sure of her sexuality. she tells people that she's straight, but she's told me that she might be bi. We also flirt a lot. we flirt in dms, and in a group chat that we're both in. At first, i thought the flirting thing was just a joke, but it's been going on for a while. we've also been flirting privately, and not just around the people in our group chat. she also knows that im gay. i feel like she might like me back, but im not sure. advice?
702 days ago
It says she likes me. This is kinda bringing up my confidence ima ask her if she likes me/or anyone ima get on later and update. Apart from that this is an awesome quiz 💖
708 days ago
she likes me!! i'm so happy
722 days ago
Stilljustafriend it’s the same for me but the other way round. Also she said she doesn’t want to date anyone yet as we are to young
722 days ago
i like my close friend and shes also bi which is neat but shes also aro/ace and just doesnt like people from what i know so theres no way she'll like me back :/ i think i'll still tell her someday bc if nothing else itll make her think more highly of herself and i just want her to feel nice ya know. hopefully it doesnt ruin our friendship and she likes me back. a girl can hope.
722 days ago
my friend i think shes getting the hint that i like her she actually notices when i try to flirt a lil i dont think she like me iv been friendzoned
722 days ago
i tried to bring up gay in a game we were playing and we were making characters and i said ''and this one should be gay'' so she responded to ''eww that's soo gross no.'' it really hurt me. dose my best friend think im gross? im really sad...that hurt...
724 days ago
Says shes too shy to talk to me wich could be a sign cuz she doesn't rlly talk to me like she talks to other ppl. Shes moody. Anyways I realised how much I friendzoned one of my old best friends lol.
726 days ago
she likes me :O
726 days ago
she likes me as a friend💔
726 days ago
She likes me :) I want a future with her. Haha
735 days ago
yep, I was friendzoned.
735 days ago
:( but good quiz
735 days ago
I was friendzoned
735 days ago
friendzoned..... please kill me-
736 days ago
This seems pretty accurate, thanks!
736 days ago
my girl crush usually notices me but never directly talks to me, im not sure how she would like me, i think she just doesnt know me, but this is a really great test, keep up the good work 😊